Prep Yourself with Country Club Prep

 Rarely do the "he" and "she" in our household agree on a one-stop-place to shop, but I think we have found the solution: Country Club Prep!!! I first met CCP through Elizabeth McKay, who is one of my most favorite designers everrr. They carry her line and sooo many wonderful preppy collections.
We made out like bandits: "he" walked with three ties, cummerbund/bowtie set, and fishing shirt. "She" walked with TWO pairs of shoes. And we might have to share the koozies. :)
We both sported our favorites immediately:
"Country Club Prep’s mission in business and in life is to find the best preppy designers out there and to bring them to you under one metaphorical roof. When you’re looking for something preppy - ANYTHING PREPPY - visit CCP first. It’s our job to carry that item, but if we don’t, guess what - we’ll tell you where to find it. Your complete satisfaction is just that important to us." The best part: if there is a brand or designer that you want CCP to carry ... just let them know!!!
 Country Club Prep is currently hosting a $1,000.00 giveaway. That's a new summer wardrobe!!! To enter, jump to their website and enter away. You have until July 4th so hop to it!!!
Dish: have you prepped yourself with CCP before!?! What are your go-to-staple-favorites!?!
Happy shopping and fingers crossed you win that 1k giveaway.


Sprinkled with ♥

We verrry much enjoyed our second and final baby shower this weekend!!!
It was in my husband's hometown and such a sweet day. Above: aunt-to-be, moi, and gma-to-be.
Below: the lovely hosts!!! These ladies know how to throw a party and it was so much fun.
My sister-in-law made the most precious melon baby!!! Isn't it cute!?! 
The food and decor was perrrfect.
Celebrating our little peanut has been sooo much fun!!!
We are so blessed to have the love, support, and excitement surround this baby.


Bump Pillow

Stewart seems to think my bump makes the perrrfect pillow these days. He was resting on it recently and the baby kicked. Stewart looked at me like: "can you please sit still." I wish he understood in some small way that there is a baby coming soon. His world sure is about to change. Until then, I'll sneak in as many puppy snuggles as possible!!! Xoxo-BLC


Beach ... what beach!?!

We stayed at our friends gorgeous new beach house and oh la la was it FUN:
It was so much fun we hardly left but for wedding festivities and food runs.
Beach ... what beach!?!? Who needs a beach with a pool like this.
I hate to admit it, but my toes didn't even touch the sand.
College bess frans! The four of us dated throughout college ... and married our college sweethearts.
It is really fun being friends over the last 10 years and I can't wait for the life chapters ahead.
We had so much fun celebrating our Clemson friends that married this weekend.
I've never been to a Sunday wedding but it was so lovely.
There something special about holding it on the Lord's day. 
Cheers to their love, laughter, and happily ever after!!!


Isle of Palms

We woke up super duper early and headed straight for the the coast!!! 
We have a wedding to attend to this weekend and everything is just better at the beach.

I love car rides with my love - its a great time to catch up and enjoy each others company.
We nested at Isle of Palms with two college besties and are sooo excited about this trip:
to see the "I dos" and to catch up with much missed friends.


Happy ... Happy ... HAPPY!!!

Happy First Day of SUMMERTIME!!!
Woohooo and chin chin to the looongest day of the year.
So much fun in one day is almost TOO much!!! Enter Lilly's contest ... or the Pink Pelican:
And this was too much fun not to share: don't blink and you can actually SEE baby kicking!!!
Baby clearly likes summertime and LILLY!!! :) Me too baby, me too.
So dish: did you celebrate the first day of summer!?! Did you sport Lilly while celebrating!?!
Happy happy happies to you and yours!!!


THE Bangles

Mamatella was recently shopping at On A String and visiting with Anne and Christine,
when they introduced her to THE BANGLES!!! They generously sent her home with
four for me and OH MY WORD --- I think they are to die for and I just love them to pieces.
You can shop the set above called: the Rosemary Bangle Set.
As you can see up close below: there is a mint green, coral, neutral clover,
and charmed bangle. I have been wearing these NONE stop.
Of course I wore them to a friends baby shower and what do you know:
the mom-to-be and grandmother-to-be were BOTH sporting
THE BANGLES by On A String.
I just cannot get enough of these sets. They are perrrrfect for stacking with each other or other bracelets/watches. I highly suggest jumping over to On A String --- if you live in Charlotte, see them in Myers Park, if don't: shop online anytime!!! Many thanks to Anne and Christine for THE best bangles and I just love them to pieces.


Happy Father's Day!!!

"I guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hampered; when you run, you will not stumble. Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life." Proverbs 4:11-13

Happy Father's Day!!! I am wishing Ale, Daddy, Ale's padre, my brother-in-law, and all my uncles a very very very HAPPY PADRES DAY!!! Also, I am verrry thankful for and miss verrry much the fatherly, unconditional love of my stepdad and grandfather. You all are/were the best example of Godly, loving, kind, strong,  humble, leaders, and FUN fathers. I don't ever remember a time where you lost your temper or raised your voice --- something I have learned to treasure and is a rarity. Thank you to the moon and back for ALL you have done, do, and continue to do. And thank you for always acting like another mug or tie was JUST what you wanted most in the world. I wish I could be with each and every one of you all, but I will be thinking of you and missing you each and loving each of you. Enjoy your day celebrating YOU!!! Cheers to you and your father's. Xoxo-BLC


Baby Update

Here is our little peanut at 20 weeks ... which was quite some time ago, but better late than never:
I had three ultrasounds because I apparently didn't drink enough Coke or eat enough chocolate to get our bean bouncing. My husband and in-laws came for the first visit and the tech couldn't see major organs or the gender (which was no problem since we want it to be a surprise). Four weeks later, the second ultrasound cleared everything but the legs and feet. Of course the next four weeks were filled with every worry under the sun of what could be wrong with the legs and feet. But the last ultrasound appointment showed everything was perfect. My mom went with me to that one and it sure was fun seeing our baby up close, heart beating fast, and kicking away. I am beyond thankful to have this baby growing in my belly and cannot wait to meet him/her soon!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Do you think its a BOY or GIRL!?!? I thought it was a girl until two months ago and now I am convinced it is a boy. My mister thinks its a girl ... who will be right!?!


Spoiled Stewart

The best part of Stewart's day everyday is our evening walk. He LOVES it. It's not always the highlight of my day ... but sometimes it is. I definitely unwind on our walks and enjoy the fresh air.
 I know Stewart was an "old dog" when he came to live with us, but we did teach him new tricks: sit, stay, drop, shake. He knew a few things like not getting on furniture ... which we've totally ruined.
What we cannot seem to break him of: jumping on house guests and the excitement pee. Maybe it is just the Springer in him, but I am convinced we can at least break the jumping on house guests. He weighs almost 60 pounds (yes, he is a HUGE for the breed) and could knock you over without much effort. Its absolutely obnoxious. Of course he is perrrfect when its just us at home, but I hate feeling like I need to restrain him or put him up when company comes over. Why can't he just be as he always is with us!?! So any dog-whispers have any tricks for "down dog" and "no leaks please"?!?! Xoxo-BLC


Lillified Maternity Shorts ...

I've been up a creek about maternity clothes. Until now, I've been able to wiggle by with bigger sizes and forgiving cuts. But well into my third trimester, maternity clothes are a must. My biggest complaint: there aren't any cute maternity clothes and the semi-cute ones are ridiculously expensive. Basics aren't really a problem: Gap, Old Navy, and ASOS have that covered. I've shopped some at Rosie Pope but find the fit off (and the price high). I do LOVE More of Me Maternity ... but she is still on hiatus (PLEASE COME BACK SOOOOON!!!). If you know of any maternity-musts, pretty please share!!!
One of my favorite summertime staples: Lilly shorts!!! So I decided to go Martha Stewart on three pairs of Lilly shorts to help me build my summertime-third-trimester-wardrobe. I traced my oh-so-comfy Old Navy maternity jeans on each pair of shorts. For the two pair on the left, I used microfiber tank tops and cut off about half the tank. For the pair on the right, I used the belly band. The tanks are cheaper, but both worked just the same. The hardest part was stretching the microfiber fabric to match the cotton shorts --- I used the back of a chair and pinned away. I was shocked that each pair took less than 15 minutes. So dish: any other beginner sewing tricks to help make it through the last trimester?!? Don't forget to dish if you know of any super cute maternity lines!!! Xoxo-BLC


Fully Booked

I use to read ALL the time. They say law school graduates never read the same because all that reading burns you out. I am determined to prove that wrong. I read the most right when I finished college. I lived alone in a carriage house without cable or computer. I worked as a paralegal by day and at Lilly in the evenings/weekends. I checked out all my books from the same library my mom use to stroll me to as a toddler. Currently, I've tried to shift from watching less TV (now that Gossip Girl is dead ... what is TV!?!) to reading more and here is the result:
My closest friends started a Bible Study (best idea ever) and we read "The Gospel of Ruth" by Carolyn Curtis James. I reallllly enjoyed it and will never ever look at the book of Ruth the same. I highly recommend you dive in. I devoured the most recent Sophie Kinsella book "Wedding Night." She is my favorite author and of course I loved it ... but my favorite is still a toss up between Twenties Girl and the Shopaholics. 
 On my first OB visit, my doctor handed me a preggers book that could make an insomnia sleep (even though I still have plans to read it). I opted for Rosie Pope's "Mommy IQ" book instead and it was verrrry informative. I read it entirely on our ski trip opting for the Kindle version to keep our news mum. While at the beach, my bestie Effie recommended Melanie Shankle's "Sparkly Green Earrings." I am half way through and have laughed, cried, and thoroughly enjoyed. If you are preggo, these two are must-reads in my book.
 Next up: "The Power of the Praying Wife" by Stormy Omartian (because I need to pray for my sweet husband more) and Jen Hatmaker's "An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess" (do I even need to say why ...).  I am hoping to read more serious books while still slipping in my is-this-for-teenagers/this-is-funny-and-dumb/hi-Nicholas-Sparks-I-missed-you. Dish: what are your favorite books!?! Must reads? New reads?!! After I posted Heaven Is Here, you all made quite a few good suggestions in comments/emails/tweets that were much appreciated. Xoxo-BLC


Family Matters

Above: my in laws, us, BIL/SIL, and cousins. We had a full house this weekend and I loved every minute of it! Each of our four bedrooms were occupied and we had guests coming and going left and right. My mom, in-laws, and SIL/BIL were too sweet to travel into town for our baby shower weekend. The festivities were so much more fun because they were here and staying with us. Also, we had friends stop in Friday night and all Saturday afternoon. Then cousins came over for breakfast on Sunday. I want everyone to come back every weekend and keep the fun times coming. I feel beyond blessed to have such a sweet family and wonderful friends. My heart is full. My prayer to God is that I am always blessed with a full house!!! Xoxo-BLC


B is for Baby Shower!!!

All of my friends and family were far too generous with gifts. I still cannot get over it.
One of the hostess gifts: the precious lamb painting below. I just LOVE it and it's perfect in the nursery.
I am so thankful my mom, SIL, and MIL, Galebo, could make the trip. 
It was so special to have them all there and I know they are sooo excited about our bambino. 
Below is a picture of most hostesses. I still cannot get over the fact that 25% of the guests were from out of state. And I stilllll cannot get over how many people came ... I am beyond touched.
The grandmothers and aunt-to-be. Aren't they sweet!?!
This picture is definitely going to be framed and in the nursery. :)
I don't think a girl could have better friends. I am so thankful for these friendships that I have made in childhood, college, law school, and just one way or another. They have walked with me through seasons of joy, happiness, sorrow, ups, and downs. I am so thankful to celebrate this season of joy with them and look forward to the seasons to come!!! Xoxo-BLC

Showered with Lots of Love

My sweet friends threw me the most ah-mazing baby shower!!! 
I had the BEST time celebrating our little peanut with family and friends.
I was completely blown away by the hostesses. 
They completely out did themselves and every detail was perrrrfect.
Instead of unwrapping each present, each guest took a present whether theirs or not, and we all opened at once. Then everyone went around the room saying who the gift was from and what it was. I have seen this done at showers before and LOVED it at my own - plus, I'm not sure of all the proper names of baby stuff (burp cloths look a lot like swaddle blankets right now ...) 
From the silver to the china, it was so much girly fun. And the food was divine!!!
They know I am aiming for a lamb themed nursery and there were lambs everywhere: from the invitation, to the banner, to the cupcake toppers, even one of their presents: a precious lamb painting.
One of my favorite shops made the cupcakes and oh-my-word are they TDF. I could eat 100.
Do you spy the lamb cupcake topper above!?!
Princess Grace was sweet enough to let us invade her house for a Saturday. She was such a good sport and melted every guests heart --- just look at that face!!! I am sooo touched by my sweet friends generosity to host and throw such an ah-mazing baby shower. I have never had such a fun time at a shower or been so impressed with each detail. I feel incredibly blessed to welcome this baby into our friend family!!!