Week of White

I am not a part of nor a fan of the Fashion Police.
Who made up these ridiculous rules!?
Anyhoo, I will be wearing white allllll week long.
White pants, white skirts, white dresses, etc.

I have my fingers crossed this will cure my white fashion needs ... until the season changes and I can wear winter white! :)

Are you a stickler for fashion rules and regulations!?


Date with Dateline

I have a date with Dateline tonight and my fingers are crossed my sissy Lala will be featured! Lala, a clinical directer of autism genetic research, was filmed months ago working with an autistic child. Tonight's episode discusses the relationship between child vaccines and autism. What a great debate! We are soooo excited to see Lala on TV ... again (the first time she was on the West Wing)! Cheers to you sissy!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Shouldn't NBC change their peacock to this super cute dude!? :)



What a lover!
Mommatella's fur-baby, Joeytella, warms my little heart.
Do you have a special furball to love!?


Foxy Browser

I thought I sufficiently Lilly-fied my computer with adorable backgrounds. However, I surfed the Lilly Pulitzer blog where I met the printed internet browers. Oh my word!!! Does it get any cuter!? Now if I could just figure out how to pink-ify my MacBook ... teehee. Xoxo-BLC


Practically Perfect In Every Way

My family and friends are practically perfect in every way. They have been so sweet to leave voicemails, emails, handwritten notes, blog comments, texts, and surcies regarding the engagement, starting my 2L year, or both. I have been anything but practically perfect in my performance of returning their love-lines. The shame! I'm off to tackle that to-do-list, which is on a super cute notepad (a surcie from a bff). Cheers to you my wonderful family and friends! Xoxo-BLC


<>< <>< <><

Do you see what I see? Stepmadre snapped this photog of <><'ies frolicking on the shoreline. How divine!? Xoxo-BLC


Luggage Love

CJM at Murphy's (New) Law and I played for swaps!! The lovely Teddi at Jewish Girl in Wasp's Clothing hosted a monogrammed swap and oh la la la did we have fun fun fun! CJM, my blog-bff, thrilled me to pieces with monogrammed pink luggage tags. I literally squealed with excitement! I cannot wait to jetset and use the duo. Maybe this was a hint to visit her above the Mason-Dixon line!? Tee hee. Many many many thanks to CJM for swapping with fun and to Teddi for hosting such a great event. Cheerio! Xoxo-BLC


The Three B's

It's rush season! I signed, sealed, and delivered my Kappa Delta recommendation letters and am now crossing my fingers the girlies receive bids. My favorite rush memory: the three B's. The forbidden conversation: the Bible, boys, and booze. Whatever was I suppose to talk about with those eliminated?! Don't worry ... I cheated and chatted about the three B's like it was going out of style! Do you have a favorite rush memory? Xoxo-BLC

PS: Have you seen the "SororiTEES"? Too cute! :)


Dress Stress

When Mommatella flew in this weekend, we hoped to say Yes to the Dress. We lost count. Possibly 50 or more? And no luck. This is dress stress. Any advice?! Xoxo-BLC


Bill to the Rescue

Remember my fretting in this post? They are free, safe, and home at last. Welcome back Laura Ling and Euna Lee!! Xoxo-BLC


Blue for Brutus

It was hard to leave this face ... but girl trips cannot last forever. Huffy's precious fur baby Brutus looked as blue as we did. I miss you girlies and look forward to seeing you in ClemTech to pull for our favorite Tigers. Cheers until then! Xoxo-BLC


Mr. Bean

Bff's Stell, Effie, and Huffy at the infamous Bean. I heart you girlies. Xoxo-BLC


Keeping Up

Recognize the two brunettes? We did!!! And oh la la is one about to pop with a baby. I wasn't going to watch their new show, but now I am sort-of-kind-of-really tempted to. Maybe I'll just shop at Dash instead. Hehe. Xoxo-BLC


A Blue Angel Sky

The Blue Angels were also at Lake Michigan for the Air and Water show. Aren't they fabulous? Please pardon the sideways view (anyone know how to fix this?). Xoxo-BLC


Laid Out

Oh la la did we have fun laying out on Lake Michigan. And the best part ... no sharks on this beach!! Xoxo-BLC


Sitting Pretty

Sitting pretty with the Chicago skyline as our view.


Dress Rehearsal

The girlies booked a visit to Ultimate Bride and oh la la did I have fun fun fun dressing up! I felt just like Carrie ... Carolina Herrera gown and all. Thanks lovebugs for skipping the Cubs game for this dress rehearsal! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Birthday Pookie!!!

Happy Birthday Pooooookie!
I love you ...
And miss you ...
And wish you ...
The very very very best birthday EVER!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Wish my future sissy-in-law HAPPY BIRTHDAY too at Life in Fun Size.
PSS: And, how cute is her fur-baby (my favorite tortfeasor). :)


Splish Splash

Michelle at the Stuttering Shell guessed right: we're playing in Chi-TOWN! Xoxo-BLC


Leaving on a Jet Plane ...

I'm on vaca with these super fun girls ... guess where we are:

Clue #1: I have never been to this place.
Clue #2: The river here flows backwards.
Clue #3: It is one of these four destinations.

Cheers! Xoxo-BLC


On the Move

I helped M&B pack up. My definition of helping: no heavy lifting, packing approximately 4 boxes, and making tons of funnies. My favorite "moving moments" [1] seeing our belongings on a double wide tractor trailer. And, [2] a mover telling Mommatella: "Ma'ma, I do this for a living and I am really good at it." Cheers to helpful movers! Xoxo-BLC


Home Stretch

My childhood home will belong to another child soon. The parental units are moving (remember this post). Tres sad!!! The good news: home is where the heart is. Xoxo-BLC


Save the Date

It's official: we have a wedding date! Paparazzi shot our Save the Date picture in front of our church (and in the pouring rain). Too bad Ale wasn't tickled pink about the font color I chose. Tee hee! :) Xoxo-BLC


The Hardware

Many thanks to all who asked to see my engagement ring! Of course I am in-ring-love with my new hardware and enjoy showing it off at every opportunity. Ale did a fantastic job and I could not be more happy!!! I have the man of my dreams and the ring to match, what more could a girl want!? Xoxo-BLC



FUNemployment: (n.) who said working isn't fun and games!? I finished my second summer clerkship today. The good news? I secured employment for next summer and I managed NOT to appear on Above the Law (despite the fact I mistakenly charged a large LexisNexis fee to the firm .... whoopsies). Cheers to no responsibilities until school starts! Xoxo-BLC


In the Hoop

Oh la la, hula hooping never looked so fun! Xoxo-BLC


Make New Friends

Blog Question: with the Google Friend Connect gadget, what does New Friend Request mean? Is there a difference between Followers and Friends? Clearly I am sooo technologically challegned. Help! Xoxo-BLC


Preps at Play

Did you catch Bravo's NYC Prep? If not, think: Reality TV meets Gossip Girl. Well, the recent episode features the prepsters playing at Lilly Pulitzer. Where else would such preps play!? Tee hee. Xoxo-BLC


Background Check

This might come as a shocker: I belong to the LP Facebook Fanclub. There I found the most adorable backgrounds. These colorful prints add the perfect amount of computer cheer! This screensaver and the pictured background make my computer smile. What does your computer sport? Xoxo-BLC


Over The Moon

Many thanks for your congratulations and well wishes!! Ale and I are thrilled to pieces. Per your request, the story: Ale ditched his boys-only weekend plans (four states away) at 4AM on Saturday morning. At about 9AM he broke into my place and disturbed my slumber- scaring the hebbie-jebbies out of me! When I finally registered who he was, he lowered to one knee, said sweet things, and the rest is a blurrrr! Talk about the greatest surprise ever. I cried, he laughed, and we are tres happy. I am completely over the moon in love with him. Many thanks to my parents for giving their permission and blessing. Also, thank you Jade for making it happen without a glitch! Cheers to the upcoming wedding bells! Xoxo-BLC


The Proposal

He asked and I said yes yes yes yes yes! Details to follow. Xoxo-BLC