Gobbled It Up

Back from the Roman Holiday. It was a time to give thanks and be glad in it.  I am thankful for a healthy family, entertaining  friends, and good times.
I am also thankful for national security and our troops. The celebration and tryptophan hangover required breaking out the fat pants. I had my cake (and turkey, and pie, and stuffing) and ate it too. When in Rome ... do as the Romans do. Xoxo-BLC


Touchdowns and Tailgates

I prefer Lilly gowns to touchdowns, but who can turn down a good tailgate? In my house, football is close to religion. This is cliche considering my father is a minister and a former college football player. The family will be there cheering for Duke. Ale and I are pulling for Clemson too [Tigers, I really need you to win because I already purchased my bowl outfit ... for the tailgate of course!] Go Devils and goooooo Tigers! Xoxo-BLC
Duke v. UNC Clemson v. USC


Shop in Spiked Heels

Happy Black Friday!! Yesterday, I hope you ate like no one was watching. I did! Today, I hope you will shop like the bill isn't coming. I will! See my two suggestions below. Support the economy and shop your heart out! Xoxo-BLC
Shop PINK and sample 
new fragrances by 
Lilly Pulitzer!

Holiday's making you bitter? Good! 
Bitter is the new black according to Jen Lancaster. 



Happy Thanksgiving Day! I am off to Rome for the festivities. Check back next week and I will dish about all the happenings. Until then, run in a Turkey Trot, watch the Macy's Parade, and, of course eat, drink, and be merry with your family. Enjoy! Xoxo-BLC


Advice Amy

Move over bff, there is a new girl in town. Advice Amy isn't your mother's Ann Landers or your  aunt's Dear Abby.  She could be my new bff.  First, she
responded to my desperate email before my bff returned my pleading call. And, her advice was very useful. Aussy, your advice was too ... Amy's was just better. Need a quick fix for that itching problem? I highly recommend my new bff, Advice Amy (adviceamy@aol.com). Xoxo-BLC

PS: I would give you my old bff's number, but Amy's in the business of advice.  


Short and Sweet

Welcome to The Company She Keeps! I am thrilled to have you here. The purpose of this blog is selfish. And, I mean it, completely selfish. I will document the company I keep, my colorful life, and how to wear it well. The posts will be short and sweet. After all, I want you to keep coming back. For now, happy trails! Xoxo-BLC