Full House

I don't know about you, but every Friday in my household circa 1990 tuned into TGIF and Full House was by far my favorrrrrite show. DJ and I would have been BFFs. 
We hunted down THE Full House house. Do you recognize it!?!
We also went to the most memorable cityscape in San Francisco. 
Aren't theses houses gorgie!?! And the view: stunning. I couldn't get the song "Everywhere You Look" out of my head. Xoxo-BLC

City by the Bay

Today we explored ALL over San Francisco.
First stop: Tartine for breakie. Just look at the selection!!!
Next we headed to the top of the crest and took in the view.
It helped seeing the city all laid out like a map. And the hills: WOW!!!
We couldn't resist a hop on the trolley!!!
Ale gave it a thumbs up ... :)
My take on San Fran: it is one hip city. The people are cool. The places are cool. The weather ... it's cool. The whole place is just cool. Xoxo-BLC


Out and About

Before heading to dindin, I couldn't help myself and snapped a picture of the palm tree. I just didn't expect San Francisco to have PALM trees. If they have palm trees, how come they lack a Lilly shop!?!
 We dined at A16 and it was delish. I ordered the ink squid pasta and all I can say is: well I never tried that before. It was rather tasty and just as the waitress described: very oceany.
We could not have had more fun with this group of friends. It's such a joy that our husbands enjoy each other's companies just as much as the girls do. We definitely miss the friends that moved away, but I think this just calls for more couple trips!!! Xoxo-BLC 


Our wonderful hosts said any trip to San Francisco would be amiss without visiting Sausalito and I couldn't agree more. What a charming place!?!
We walked through the town, into shops, art galleries, and, of course, an ice cream parlor before heading to this bay front watering hole.
We watched the boats rock, the boys play bocce ball, and the sun set.
I thought the colorful shore houses were too cute for words. 
I can just imagine falling asleep to the sway of the bay ...
Even the drainage signs are cuter in Saulsalito!!! Who could ever dump into drains knowing the fishies (and seaaa lions) live there!?! Xoxo-BLC


I Sea Lions!!!

My parents visited San Francisco earlier this year and one of the things my dad said was a must-see: the sea lions!!! Truth be told ... you can smell them before you see them. S-t-i-n-k-y!!!
Look at this one all by himself. Such a cutie!!! I'm jelly of his tan. 
Pier 39 was quite the scene. It was crowded ... not just with sea lions.
They were cute all packed in there. Some nuzzled, some fussed, some sunbathed.
I couldn't believe I caught two of them kissing. How cute!?!
Per usual, my dad was right: the sea lions were a must-see and I am so glad we made the trip down Pier 39.  Of course I wanted to take one home, but I couldn't pick just one. Xoxo-BLC


The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge was a big WOW moment for me.
It's absolutely stunning, sooo big, and the view is just beautiful.
Girl picture: Recipes from Newlyweds, our host, and yours truly.
The temperature difference from wine country to the city was something else.
And the windy. San Fran might rival Chicago for the Windy City title.
When Beantown Prepster and I were at the Acropolis last Fall, I had the same feeling. You see pictures of this monstrosity and then to see it in person, all I could say was WOW!!! Xoxo-BLC


Vine and Dine

For our last day in wine country, we took it easy peasy.
We waved ta-ta to the vines and dined at this southern food inspired dive:
This diner had a Cherokee, NC bumper sticker which warmed my heart.
Don't we look ready to see San Fran!?! YES please.
I am going to miss these wide open spaces. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Happy Memorial Day weekend!!! Today we especially reflect, miss, and thank those and their families who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and our country. You are missed and will never be forgotten. Godspeed.


POP ... in Sonoma!!!

 We started the day off relaxing at our house in Glen Ellen, California (near Sonoma). We had a late breakfast at the Fig and then our driver for the day picked us up. Safety first. :)
First we headed to Gloria Ferrer vineyard. The best part of Gloria Ferrer: their bread and butter is sparkling wine. POP!!!I love bubbly and I thought theirs was especially delish.
The Va de Vi was my favorite. Also memorable: Blanc de Noirs and Blanc de Blancs. Their vineyard was by far the most impressive. It reminded me of the fields and fields of grapes we saw in Temecula Valley eons ago. I could take in this view ALL day.
Next we headed to Gun Bun (or Gundlach Bundschu). It might have been all that bubbly, but their wines were very very very yummy.
I tried one of their preselected flights and it did not disappoint. My favorite here was Vintage Reserve (but it was really tough to choose).
I could have spent ALL afternoon on their patio --- look at the view of the lake + vineyards. It was just stunning. We headed for a quick bite to eat and then landed at Hawk's tasting room.
Apparently a lot of vineyards did not have on-site tasting rooms but set up shop in more populated areas like Sonoma Square. It was a fun way to taste different wines from all over Northern Cali.
We had four other friends from Clemson that just so happened to be in Sonoma --- what fun!?! 
 Those four and our hosts happened to be members at Sebastiani so we met up there to finish our cellar hopping. 
 Later that night we dined at The Girl and The Fig. It could not have been a more fun day and night: the weather was perfect, the company was superb, and we could not have had more fun. Xoxo-BLC


California Dreaming

Remember this going away party? Well the only way to fight the blues of friends that move away: visit them!!! We hopped on an earrrrrly flight, landed well rested in San Francisco, picked up everyone, and drove straight to wine country. First stop: Napa Valley.
I've been to California countless times, but never ever northward of Los Angeles.
Oh-my-goodness is this place so gorgeous and it's still very laid back.
We headed straight to Pina, a vineyard recommended by friends who just visited Napa.
 The wine at Pina was delishhh. Next, we headed to Frog's Leap which ended up being my all-time favorite winery. How precious is the kitty cat warming by the fire!?
Frog's Leap had a great, relaxed open porch and a welcoming atmosphere.The grounds there looked divine, but the torrential downpour prevented a full tour. We stayed inside with the french doors open to the porch.
 Once the rain broke, we made our last stop in Napa at Cosentino. Most wineries close around 4pm and this one stayed up later which fit our schedule best. The first picture was taken in their barrel room. Never have I ever seen such BIG barrels.
Everyone we talked to told us we must eat at Mustards. And they couldn't be more spot on. It was worth all the hype and then some. I might even dare to say its the best meal I've ever had.
Just look at that lemon meringue pie!!! I don't even like lemon meringue and it was gooood.

We had a fun-filled, packed first day and we couldn't be more thrilled. Good company, good wine, good food, good times ... what more could a girl ask for!?! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Eight years ago today Ale and I started dating. I am so thrilled to be his other half and I love him to the moon and back. Cheers!!!


Atlanta + Lilly = ♥

My husband and I had a night's layover in Atlanta before we headed to the west coast. I always love Atlanta because of our great friends that live there and there is so much fun to be had in that town.
And the town just got better: Phipps Plaza now has it's very own Lilly Pulitzer storefront!!! I saw the picture above on Lilly Pulitzer's blog and thought it looked ah-mazing. And it didn't disappoint!!!
When the shopgirl (who was too cute for words) placed me in this dressing room, I did a quick twirl before I tried on the Lilly duds. It's just such a fun room!!! And the shells are REAL.
I had the Little Mermaid song "Under the Sea" stuck in my head before I had the first frock on. Which Lilly did I buy!?! You'll just have to wait and see!!! Many thanks to my ah-mazing husband: we had planned to go to the Braves game and he skipped it to take me here. How self-less and what a wonderful surprise!?! He is the best. Now go go go to the new Lilly storefront --- you won't be disappointed!!! Xoxo-BLC


Whip My Hair Spoof

I'd like to file this under: things I never thought my managing partner would introduce me to.
Matty B ... you could NOT be any cuter!!! 


Hats Off!!!

A very BIG congratulations to Pineapple and Pearls and The Merry Mermaid who won the Smathers & Branson "I'm In Stitches" Giveaway!!! You two get to pick whichever in-stock needlepoint hat you wish. How will you ever pick!?! Email me at thecompanyshekeeps@gmail.com to collect your winnings. Many thanks to all who entered and to Smathers & Branson for graciously co-hosting this fabulous giveaway!!! I think hosting giveaways is just as much fun as winning one. Chin chin!!! Xoxo-BLC