Meet the "She" in TCSK

Hiya there and welcome to TCSK!!! I am BLC. It stands for Betty Lou Cindy. It is NOT my real name, but a pet name I picked up in childhood. Here at TCSK I talk about the company I keep, wearing it well, and living a colorful life.

A little history lesson about moi ... I was born and raised in the great city of Charlotte, North Carolina by my wonderful parents (all four of them). I have two older, wiser sisters. I am a Christian and love talking about my faith. I spent my childhood attending private school during the school year, at Camp Lurecrest on Lake Lure, NC in the summertime, and cheering on Duke University sports year-round. I left Charlotte, NC for college with a suitcase stuffed full of cocktail dresses. My freshman year of college, I traveled all over the southeast playing college tennis. Wanting to trade my tennis dresses for those cocktail dresses, I stopped playing tennis and thoroughly enjoyed being just a Clemson University student. I studied economics, but preferred my Kappa Delta socials. I also met a certain Kappa Alpha that stole my heart sophomore year. We fell in love, graduated from Clemson, and both moved to the same city, my hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina. Post-college, I picked up half-marathon running and worked as a paralegal for two years before heading off to law school. Halfway through law school I married that college sweetheart and I have been in wedded bliss ever since (except when he uses words like "shopping" and "budget" in the same sentence). I graduated law school, passed two dreadful barzams, and work as an attorney. We adopted a sweet springer named Stewart - he teaches me so much about grace. Then the Lord blessed us with the most precious gift: a baby girl!!! She goes by "Squeak" on TCSK and is the most precious baby. We love her more than words and think she is perfection.

Well that sums it up. I am thrilled to have you here and I hope you visit often!!! So watch me and the company I keep as we live a colorful life and wear it well!!! Xoxo-BLC

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