Soooo much snow!!! And ice.
Another snow day!?! That smile says it all. Our neighborhood watch:
Down here in Dixie, snow isn't really in our vocabulary. Normally everything shuts down the moment we *think* we might get snow. But we missed all the cues this time and it was a total lock down. I am so thankful I work close to Squeak's day care so I could walk to get her. I am so thankful my husband works close to us and we were together quickly. I am so thankful for all wheel drive. I am so thankful for friends that let Stewart out when getting home wasn't looking possible. I am beyond thankful we were safe and made it home. We thoroughly enjoyed our snow days in the warmth of our home. Squeak thrilled us with rolling over which was HUGE and so fun. Missing work is hard, but the stand-still of time has been so lovely, refreshing, and necessary. We are enjoying every bit of it. Xoxo-BLC

Happy FIVE Months!!!

Time could not move any faster! Squeak is FIVE MONTHS!?! How did we get here so fast!? She is just the most fun. Four months was my favorite month thus far, but I feel like it keeps getting better and better. We have fought our second baby cold - so sad, go away germs. She can sit up on my lap and reach for things. She also can roll both ways ... almost. :) We loves colors, lights, Stewart, and laughs. She is chomping down on those fruits and veggies (wearing most of them, but oh well)! We are beyond thrilled that she is our baby girl. We love her to the moon and back!!! Xoxo-BLC #thesqueakmonthly


Happy Monday!!!

Happy Monday!!! Look who came to visit me at work!?! It cannot be a bad Monday with a visitor like this. She was such a cute, tired, butterball ... I would have taken her home if she wasn't already spoken for. I've been back to work for three months now and still love being a working mama. It's tough, but very good. I have to plan a little better (prepare bottles and lay out clothes the night before) and be more protective of my time at work (less watercooler chit chat). Otherwise, its just about the same as before. Working moms: do share ... how do you make work work!?! Xoxo-BLC

Squeak ♥ Boo

 Squeak loves BOO!!! And she was super concerned when Stewart walked into her room and showed interest in Boo. Apparently sharing Boo isn't an option. :) Xoxo-BLC


Ordinary Days

These days I live for our sweet, plain, ordinary days.
After we put the baby to bed, Stewart curls up with me on the couch.
His toys litter the room and, even if for just a moment, I try to be still.
Sit still and savor that even though we are sort of a mess, I love our ordinary days.
 I am a busy body, worker bee, fun-seeker by nature. 
But this year, of all years, I want to slow down. Be ordinary. 
This verse is the call of my heart:
Be still, and know that I am God; 
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! 
—Psalm 46:10
I am so glad someone reminded me that "babies don't keep."
I laid Squeak down on our bed to snuggle for a minute and she fell to sleep.
She had me pinned. Normally I would do laundry, dishes, housework, etc.
But I just laid with her through her whole nap. Stewart did too.
I need to be still more often.


Bess Frans

These two are besss fransss. See Exhibit A (top left): Squeak grabs for Stewart. See Exhibit B (top right): Stewart looks at Squeak. See Exhibit C (bottom left): Stewart thinks Squeak needs some sugar. See Exhibit D (bottom right): Stewart lays lots of wet ones on Squeak. She just squeals with delight. Meanwhile, I say "nooo Stewart." But really, I love it. Xoxo-BLC


RIP Sophie the Giraffe

We had what I consider a "first of many." Baby Squeak has Sophie, Stewart wants Sophie for himself, Stewart snatches said Sophie when no one is looking, and next thing we hear ... Sophie dying and Squeak crying!!! I am certain this will not be our last causality and why not learn sharing a little early!?! Good news for Squeak: I had an extra Sophie stocked away just in case. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Update: RIP Sophie II ... we are currently on our third.


Doctor, Doctor

As a working mom, unexpected doctor trips are hard. I take Squeak to day care and my husband picks up. We have a loose deal that if she is sick in the morning, I take her and if she is sick in the afternoon, he takes her. After our ski trip, I was worried about her lingering cold and the possibility of an ear infection. So we woke up bright and early for the first available doctors appointment. Good news: she is a-okay (phew) AND we made it to day care/work at our normal time. That's a small miracle! I am so thankful for a wonderful pediatrician who sees us just because and, most of all, for a healthy baby Squeak!!! Xoxo-BLC


Happy MLK Day!!!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to you and yours!!! To commemorate the King, let's talk about dreams. My dreams include: honoring the Lord, growing old with the one I love, a houseful of children, and serving other's in every way possible. Also, I dream of a green, peaceful earth where humanity lives without conflict. Those are my dreams!!! So, do share: what do you dream about? And I #regrammed Lilly Pulitzer's MLK quote on Instagram and Lilly favorited it ... how dreamy is that!?!!?! Xoxo-BLC


Good Skiing

Does it get any better than this!?! And the pictures just don't do it any justice. So. Much. FUN!!! Xoxo-BLC



I love Vail. I only have Park City and Telluride to compare for westward skiing, but it's great skiing. The slopes are gorgie and it's HUGE. Being MLK weekend, it is FULL. We have had a few loooong waits on the gondola. Once we got up the mountain, the crowd thins out. I am a careful skier and I love love love that it has tons of greens (I'm a chicken!). I did make it down a black and some blues. My favorite part of the mountain: far right. And my favorite part of vacation and skiing: my partner. My husband is just the best. He is my best friend. He is my better part. He is my most fun. I just love being with him. Spending time with him in God's creation isn't too bad either!!! I am beyond blessed to walk this life with him. He makes me a better person and is my center. I am so proud of him and beyond thankful to be his wife. I think of vacation as an investment in us. It's important to get away from it all and remember what is most important. Xoxo-BLC

Date Night!!!

Trying to get a picture of the three of us is sometimes tricky stuff!!! Two of us are SOOO excited about date night. The other ... not so much. Bless her heart!!! She fell asleep soon after we left. :)
We were sooo lucky to go on date night while on vacation (thanks MOM!!!). We drove from Lionshead Village to Vail Village then whisked up the gondola to 10th Restaurant. Brrrr it was chilly!!!!!!! It was so fun seeing the village all lit up. The restaurant was super - the food was ah-mazing (our waiter was super funny) and ambiance was resort chic. We sooo loved sitting by the window and watching the snowplows groom the mountain. It was something else!!! Xoxo-BLC


Ski Bunny

We nested in Lionshead Village at Vail Spa and Condos. As such, we started each day at that gondola and dinned lunch in that village.
Mamatella doesn't ski (get a crane - haha) and was BEYOND gracious enough to watch Squeak so that we could ski. Squeak was in good hands and we had fun on the slopes.
We met Mamatella and Squeak for lunch each day which was just lovely. I love the mid-day break from skiing. There is nothing like fresh powder then relaxing and then getting after it for a few more runs.
I think Lionshead Village is so quaint. It looked like how I expect a European ski village might looks. It wasn't super crowded and there was tons to do (iceskating! coffee shops, shopping, dinning, etc.). Xoxo-BLC


New Places ... New Faces

Baby Squeak was too cute. Today was her first plane ride, train ride, and bus ride. Ha! Obviously we flew to Colorado, rode the train to the luggage terminal, and rode a bus to get to the rental car company.  She wasn't impressed with the train ride (above) and she wasn't impressed on waiting for the rental car (below) but she was making super cute faces in new places!!! Xoxo-BLC

Traveling with a BABY!!!

The best advice I have found on traveling with a baby: JUST GOT FOR IT!!! It's no easy feat but I really believe the first time is the hardest - it's that leap. I read Oh Joy's blog on traveling with a toddler and WOW did that help us gear up. Squeak is really the perfect age. She can't quite sit up by herself, but has pretty good head control. She sits comfortably in our lap but doesn't reach for anything. She is easily entertained and still sleeps a fair amount. Our flight out was in the afternoon and we ALL took cat naps. It was a full flight so she sat in my lap. The flight was 2.5 hours-ish and that was perfect for her feeding schedule. I was worried about the cabin pressure and changes in altitude - that didn't seem to bother her one bit. And --- planes are noisy. So while a fussy baby is maddening to the rows in front of and you behind you, it doesn't disrupt the WHOLE plane. Everyone around us had ears in looking at their i-thingies and during our fussy spell (almost 20 minutes - ack!) it was a relief that no one else seemed to notice - I sure did - ha! I never ever check a bag, but I did this time. I packed Squeak and I in one bag and brought more than we needed (too many toys ... rookie mistake). I don't know if I could have done it without my husband - it's a LOT to manage solo. The one thing I would change: when they say families with little children can board early ... that means board early. I thought let's not get on until we absolutely have to but early is better. Bottom line ... I cannot wait to take another family trip. I would do it again and can't wait to!!! Xoxo-BLC



Baby Squeak's Baptism!!! It was just the sweetest day and one of my favorites by far.
I am so blessed by baby Squeak and it was so wonderful to welcome her into the faith.
My biggest prayer for her is knowing Jesus and always walking with Him.
We arrived at the church early to get pictures but totally forgot - ha!
And then we took every picture with a phone. #fail
We were so blessed to have so much family in town and so many friends attend.
It was really beyond special.
My favorite part of her baptism: my dad baptized baby Squeak.
I was so worried our church wouldn't let him.
Our church is Presbyterian and my dad is a Methodist minister.
I fretted and prayed about it ... and our ministers were ALL for it. Such a blessing!
Baby Squeak literally screamed, fussed, and cried the entire time.
I didn't realize it until later, but she was running a low grade fever.
I'm 99% it was from teething, but nonetheless ... bless her little heart!!!
I think four months was the perfect age. 
She can hold herself up enough but is still super baby and cuddly.
After the lovely service, we dined at one of our favorite brunch spots with 25 family and friends.
It was a great time of fellowship and celebration.
Hymns: "O Love that Will Not Let Me Go"
"The Heavens Declare Thy Glory"
"Hallelujah, What a Savior"
"The Church's One Foundation"
"Be Thou My Vision"
Welcome to the faith lovebug Squeak!!!
We love you to the moon and back. You could not be more precious to us.
Our hope is to live out our faith and that you may not know one day without Jesus as your Savior.


THE Dress

I have a thing for clothes. Especially special occasion clothing. I think a dress can make an event. 
Baby Squeak's Baptism was quite an event. I have never been so excited.
I knew THE dress needed to be perfect. Baptism at our church are so sweet and gorgeous.
A sweet friend gifted us the day gown above. 
Squeak sported this en route to the church and to her brunch afterwards.
For her sweet baptism, she sported this precious gown by Embroidered Heirlooms.
I had the TOUGHEST time picking out just one. Jane was beyond helpful picking THE dress.
Picking between batiste and silk was my first battle. I finally decided on silk. It's winter! And it reminded me of my wedding dress. It's formal yet simplistic and chic. The lace just wasn't sitting right with me and this gown sold me with the PINK ribbon. And the ribbon is changeable. I was tempted to put a pink cross (or monogram!) on the front chest, but I resisted. I had Janet put a white ribbon in just in case we wanted to use this for a boy one day. THE dress fit Baby Squeak perrrrfectly and she could not have been any cuter!!! Xoxo-BLC


Fruits and Veggies

Did someone say BANANAS!?!?!

 At our four month check up, the doctor gave us the green light to introduce fruits and veggies. Squeak isn't a BIG eater, but she is a pretty good eater. She has consistently gained weight and been a healthy baby - we are so thankful and blessed about this. She isn't so sure about the spoon and the colorful food, but we are still trying. We started with sweet potatoes and then bananas. Sweet potatoes were sort of a bust, but bananas bring a lot of excitement! The video shows Gigi feeding her ... and the boys are watching football - ha! Squeak LOVES the TV (we aren't even in the running for parents of the year). Any tricks of the trade to get your baby to eat those yummy fruits and veggies!?! I'm all ears!!! Xoxo-BLC