Soooo much snow!!! And ice.
Another snow day!?! That smile says it all. Our neighborhood watch:
Down here in Dixie, snow isn't really in our vocabulary. Normally everything shuts down the moment we *think* we might get snow. But we missed all the cues this time and it was a total lock down. I am so thankful I work close to Squeak's day care so I could walk to get her. I am so thankful my husband works close to us and we were together quickly. I am so thankful for all wheel drive. I am so thankful for friends that let Stewart out when getting home wasn't looking possible. I am beyond thankful we were safe and made it home. We thoroughly enjoyed our snow days in the warmth of our home. Squeak thrilled us with rolling over which was HUGE and so fun. Missing work is hard, but the stand-still of time has been so lovely, refreshing, and necessary. We are enjoying every bit of it. Xoxo-BLC

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  1. I love that picture of the baby and dog at the window. So sweet. Yay for rolling over! H.G. almost has that down but she keeps getting her armed pinned. I love that ball, I must get it, what brand is it?


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