Stewart + One Year = ♥♥♥

One year ago today, Stewart came home to live with us. I cannot imagine our lives without him. He has been such a fun, loving addition and just makes our lives much more colorful. We had adopted through the English Springer Spaniel Rescue (ESRA) and couldn't be happier with the process. Stewart has learned to sit, shake, drop, and stay. We are still working on down --- he just wants to greet everyone with a proper hug. He wasn't use to sleeping in the bed and fell off a few times last February. I'm happy to report he no longer falls off and thinks the w-h-o-l-e bed belongs to him. He is at the perfect weight and heartworm free. I am so thankful for this furbaby and would encourage anyone wanting a pup to adopt one --- even an older guy like Stewart!!! Xoxo-BLC


L is for LOVE

This Valentine's I made an itty bitty special request of my husband: all I want is a box of chocolates. No dinner. No flowers. Nothing but a box of chocolates. OH MY GOODNESS did he find the BIGGEST box I've ever seen. He knows how to make me swoooon!!! Wishing you a day of hugs, kisses, ♥, chocolate, and loads of love, looove, L-O-V-E. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC


Bess Frans

Circa 2006 we alllll lived in the same town. Two years later, we were scattered. I so wish we in the same place, but it's been such a blessing to have bess frans in our neck of the woods. We don't want them to leave but cannot wait for our next visit. Xoxo-BLC


Having a Ball

It's that time of year in our town where there is ball after ball after ball and it's SOOO much fun!!!
This year we made sure a few of our college best friends were in town.

One of the most fun events from this ball, the photo booth!!! We were repeat offenders.

We had a ball raising money for a great cause, spending the evening with friends from near and afar, and spending a night out on the town in style!!! Xoxo-BLC


Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you and yours!!! Dish: who are you pulling for!?!
Is it the 49ers above? 
:: GAP Leather Leggings :: Carrie Dunham Clutch :: 49ers Pashmina ::
:: Tory Burch Flats :: JCrew Tunic :: Elizabeth McKay Fur Vest ::

Or the Baltimore Ravens below!?!
 :: Elizabeth McKay Dress :: Ravens Number One Finger :: Lilly Pulitzer Pashmina ::
:: Ivanka Trump Bootes :: Carrie Dunham Tote ::
Our tradition is cheer on the teams, eat too many dips, and laugh at the commercials with our Sunday School class. I hope you enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!!! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Groundhog Day!!!

I could not be MORE thrilled that Phil the Groundhog predicted an early SPRING!!! Best news ever. To celebrate, let's eat cookies. The above recipe is from groundhogday.org. Is it TOO early to pack up all this winter gear!?! Xoxo-BLC

February!?! Already ...

Hiya there!!! Pardon by January absence. Time FLEW by and I just cannot believe it. Besides skiing in Telluride, here is the round up:

1. We celebrated a lovely THIRD anniversary. I cannot believe its been three years since our wedding. We celebrated with dindin at a swanky Italian restaurant and it was divine. I feel beyond blessed to spend day in and day out with the love of my life. He is so much fun to walk in life with and brings me joy, happiness, and loads of love.

2. We got sick. Like sicker than sick when sick gets sick. I've never been so sick. I feel like I finally came back to the land of the living. Two weekends on the couch, one day off work, two doctor visits, and too many boxes of tissues to count, I think we have weathered the worst of it.

3. We went to the farm with Recipes From Newlyweds. It was BEYOND fun. I do feel insanely guilty because I think we shared out kooties with all our friends. Sorrrrrrry!!! Stewart had the BEST time and sort of behaved ... he didn't run away so we count that as a plus.

4. Impossolutions. I still haven't made New Year's Resolutions. I usually have them nailed down in January and I just don't know if I can make any this year. The last two years have been so focused on passing two bar exams, getting the perfect job, and setting up our residence, I feel like this year just needs to be filled with laughs, relaxing, and FUN.

So there you have it. You didn't miss much ... but I miss YOU!!! I hope your January has been much more colorful, healthier, and funner than mine. Xoxo-BLC

PS: I just took down the Christmas tree which shows you how behind I really am. Only to put it back up in 42 weeks and 6 days ... :)