HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Six Months ...

 Happiest of half birthdays with baby Squeak!!! I cannot believe she is six months old. We are half way to the one year marker --- that is just wild. She is the most fun. She laughs and giggles and smiles and coos. It's all just too cute for words. She can almost sit up without tipping over and rolls both ways. She started sleeping on her side, stomach, and back (formerly just her back), which is scaring the daylights out of me. She is eating tons of fruits and veggies (loves pears!) and drinking water in addition to her formula. Squeak's chunky legs are so squishy and loveable. And good news: that bald spot is filling in with gorgeous hair. We love you more than words baby Squeak!!! Xoxo-BLC #thesqueakmonthly


Family Matters

It's my dad's 60th birthday this week!!! He didn't want us to make a super fuss about it, but we couldn't help but c-e-le-b-r-a-t-e!!!
Baby Squeak loves him! His beard provides endless fun and it helps that he is super funny. 
We found another baby whisperer - my sissy!!!
Furbaby Toby and Squeak had a BALL together.
She even shared her toys. :)
Gigi sure is fun too! All smiles.
We look a lovely walk around their neighborhood.
Most of all, we just enjoyed each others company.
Gigi hosted a sip'n'see and it was so fun having her friends meet baby Squeak!!!
Is there anything sweeter than a baby laughing!?! Many thanks for such a lovely weekend to my parents and wishing my daddy the HAPPIEST 60th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Xoxo-BLC



Roadtrips sure have changed!!! Missy was peachy perfect for *most* of the trip. That smile makes every minute of travel so much better. Xoxo-BLC



Sinner? Saint? I don't know about that but twinkle in eye sounds right. :) I do think up too late and fun parties sound like my cup of tea. I wasn't suppose to be a pieces, but I'm glad I am. Fingers crossed this is one of the best years! 30 sounds like a good time for the BEST!!! Xoxo-BLC

Ash Hoffman + Monogram = ♥

You have heard me RAVE about my college bestie Ash Hoffman mannnny times on TCSK, but I just can't stop. She is so talented and I am so proud of her - she isn't afraid to follow her dreams and that is just the best. She made Squeak a monogram necklace and its to TDF!!! We even tasted it and mmm mmm its divine. Many thanks for sending my way and we (yes, me too!) promise to sport it well!!! Xoxo-BLC


The Hunt

Boys will be boys. They went on what looked like the most ah-mazing hunt. It was a quail trip they won at an auction to support the homeless in our town. All for a good cause! Even better. And the pups on the farm looks so precious. The one pictured looks a lot like our Stewart!!! I am so thankful my husband had time to get away with his buddies and do something he loves. Xoxo-BLC


Happy Valentine's Day

I play this silly little game with my Lilly agenda: putting God in the mix. Take February for example: the agenda says, "He loves me ... of course he loves me." Mine says: "God loves me ... of course He loves me!" That's with the help of a PINK sharpie. :)
Valentine's Day is just more fun with baby Squeak!!! My cousin-in-law told me about Smocked Auctions on Instagram (I am slightly obsessed) and when the Valentine's Day smocked dress appeared, I couldn't help but get it for her. She was too cute for words all dressed up. Her classroom had a little party that was so much fun and she gifted little valentines to her classmates. Oh so fun!!! Our Valentine's Day celebration looked a little different this year: we picked up take out from our favorite Italian restaurant and spend the evening with our loves ... Squeak, Stewart, and us! Valentine's Day will always be a little more special: one year ago today we told our families that baby Squeak was on the way!!! I hope you had a love filled day with your loves. No matter how many or how few loves you have in your life, remember Gods always loves you. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC

Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. —John 15:13


This Face

This face is just my favorite! Xoxo-BLC



Just a
Tory Burch
Kate Spade
Ralph Lauren
and so
Happy Shopping!!!


More WINTER!?!

Say it ain't so: more winter!?! 
We just survived snowmogaden down here in the South 
and another six more weeks just seems unbearable. 
So instead of celebrating Groundhog's Day ...
I'm going with funnies from any other animal!!! 
Wishing you and yours SUNSHINE sooner rather than later. 


Hipster Baby

Hipster baby hat --- too cute for words!!!
Stewart approves. Duh!