Chasing ...
Hearing ...
Catching ...
Swatting ...
Mosquitos. Ick!
Hello summertime bugs!


Happy Birthday Stepmadre!

Happy Birthday Stepmadre!!! I love you and am wishing you the very best day. Enjoy your day with Lala and Happppppppy Birthday! Xoxo-BLC



Many thanks to Katherine at Just Lovely for the photographic tag! The rules: open your first photo folder, find the 10th picture, post that picture with the corresponding story, and tag five others. My madre snapped this photograph of me at The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. last summer. I still love the zoo as much today as I did at 5 years old! I tag: One Flew Over the Henn's Nest, Murphy's (New) Law, Life In Fun Size, Such a Loverly Life, and Tripping Down the Aisle. Get photogenic! Xoxo-BLC



Race day! Mommatella and I laced up and booked it 3.1 miles to finish our first 5k together. Shall we say the first of many 5k's together!? I hope so!! I am proud of my hip madre for going the distance!! Xoxo-BLC


Civil (Dis)Obedience

The Hens' neighbor neglected a phonebook on their roof for months. Talk about an eye sore!

So when we swung by the Hens and they weren't there to play, we decided to play a practical joke ... their roof needed a phonebook too, right!?

We were caught red-handed. Oh well! We love you three!!! Xoxo-BLC


Tie One On

Drum roll please ... the winner from the Post. No. 200 giveaway is ... Petunia in Paradise! Congratulations Petunia!!! Petunia's blog is just precious and I know she will sport the Lilly Pulitzer Jubliee Scarf verrrry well. You know the drill, email me your addy and leave the rest up to me. Special thanks to alllll my followers and everyone who commented!!! I am blown away by how many participated- I ditched the old-fashioned way of pulling names out of a hat and used random.org. What a looooovely surprise!? Return July 1st for another giveaway, hosted by Stella & Dot! Cheers again to 200 and many many many more posts to come! Xoxo-BLC


Ice Scream

Many thanks to Olive My Life! for hosting this fabulous giveaway!! I am soooo exciting about winning that I am screaming for neapolitan ice cream to accompany this "Fudge Is My Life." Thanks E for sharing what you call a little jar of heaven!! Be sure to visit Olive My Life!, such a darrrrrrrling blog. She even has another giveaway going on; be sure to enter. Much love E! Xoxo-BLC


More the Merrier

At TCSK, everyone is welcome. The more the merrier! I apologize for momentarily privatizing my blog and have no intention of controlling who stops by for a visit. In all fairness, you should know I use Google Analytics, the big brother of the blog world. I had a slight panic and then realized, what the hay! So come one, come all! Xoxo-BLC


Roll Call

Phew! I just added blog rolls and oh la la what fun. The categories are ... Keeping Company With (real life friends with blogs), Lilly Lovers With, Talking Legalese With, Wearing It Well With, and Chit Chatting With. I am too embarrassed to admit how many blogs I read and tired before adding them all. If you where mistakenly left off or want to be in a different category, let me know and I will be happy as a clam to amend. Cheerio for now! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I am wishing Daddy, Paparazzi, G-dad, Ale's padre, my brother-in-law, and all my uncles a very very very HAPPY PADRES DAY! I wish I could be with each and every one of you, but I will be thinking of you and missing you each. Enjoy your day celebrating YOU!!! Cheers to you and your father's. Xoxo-BLC


Sweet Tee

Par Four.
Only it was more like ...
The PGA or LPGA won't be calling anytime soon, but Ale and I had a great time golfing around. We played relatively well, drank lemonade, avoided bumper carts, and filled up on sunshine! Did you enjoy your Saturday!? Xoxo-BLC


Happiest Hour

Oh la la! I am loving prints titled "I Only Count the Happy Hours" by Lilly Pulitzer. The darling prints have the following cutie pie names: Seeing Double, The Spins, Happiest Hour Patch, and Out to Lunch! Cheers to saying YES to happy hour and NO to crappy hour! Xoxo-BLC


Must Love Dogs

Spa treatment. Photograph session. Exercise class. Sounds like the perrrrrfect day to me ... count me in! All I need is a puppy. How precious is this video!? Don't forget to love the fur-ball in your life. Xoxo-BLC


Tickled Pink

Many thanks to Very Married for a verrry darling koozie! I just love this pink, green, and glow-in-the-dark koozie that reads "The Company She Keeps." VM is uber talented and extremely thoughtful. Thanks again to VM and all who participated in the Koozie Swap! Oh la la was it fun!! Xoxo-BLC


The Rolling Stones

What do you get when you cross Rolling Stone with Elsa Peretti's bean pendant? A kidney stone. Boo hiss! My doctor is a fan of the "wait and see" approach. And she wonders why I have white coat effect. Ick!!! Now I am officially tough enough to roll with the STONES. Call me Mick! Xoxo-BLC


Picture Perfect

Start digging or start snapping for a LILLY-fied photog!
Find alllll the details and more HERE!
Cheers to living the pink and green life!


Girls Having Fun!

Girls just want to have fun, and fun we did!!!
We lunched and sunbathed with the one and only Pookie!
I miss you three and had just the best girls-only weekend. Xoxo-BLC


Sticks and Stones

My best memories from Clemson include Ash and Apsy. We let the fun times roll again with a weekend getaway, no-boys-allowed style ... sweet Charlie was the only exception. See his new bracelet!? He sort-of-kind-of-might-of broke his leg, just to be the life of the party of course! And a party it was, ER vet included. Cheers to getting this fur-party-animal well soon! Xoxo-BLC


Post No. 200

Yaya for my 200th post! Time to celebrate with a g-i-v-e-a-w-a-y!!! To enter to win the above-pictured Lilly Pulitzer scarf, simply leave a comment before 06/24/2009. As with every Lilly Pulitzer piece, there is a story behind this scarf ... "this limited edition scarf was designed exclusively in celebration of our 50th Anniversary - the Jubilee! Find both "50th" and "Lilly" hidden in the print of this amazing collector's item." Many thanks for reading TCSK and cheers to the 200th post!!! Xoxo-BLC



Homesick Medicine (n.): M&Ms, Smarties, and so on! I never once was homesick as a tiny camper until I heard of these magic pills, then I was alllll sorts of homesick (for allll the right reasons of course). Summer blues!? Don't be a pill, get your candy on! What is your favorite placebo for kicking the blues!? Xoxo-BLC


More Than Words

Nerd alert! But oh la la is it fun to make your own crossword puzzle HERE!Happy hunting the following delish dinning places: Taverna, Tei Tei, Mi Cocina, Hattie's, Social, The Grape, Fearing's, Coal Vines, and Goff's.
See the full list at DailyCandy! Xoxo-BLC


Oooh boy!

Boys will be boys. Clearly Ale is "working" super hard in his "office" with quite a view. I so want his big-boy-broker-job. Don't you?? Xoxo-BLC


Snail Mail

You entered to play here, you grabbed your partner there, and now it is time to snail mail your koozie! Many thanks to all who participated. You made my first swap soooooo much fun and I have loved participating in yours as well. Maybe we can do this again sometime!? Toodles for now, I am off send my snail mail to Very Married! Xoxo-BLC


Match Point

Congratulations to the French Open winners, Federer (*shocker*) and Kuznetsova! This has me completely geared up for Wimbledon and US Open. Should there be a last minute cancellation, count me in ... a girl can dream, right!? Xoxo-BLC

PS: How cute is this Henry Brown bag? My madre and I sport Vera Bradley ones and oh la la are darling. Many thanks to Ale's madre for gifting me mine. Playing in style surely helps my game. :)


High Five

Many thanks to Social Climbers, Cancer Sucks, and Mes Petit Choux for tag teaming me. The top five things I loooooove about summer are: [1] slipping into Jack Rogers, [2] practically living in shift dresses, [3] umbrella covered tart fuel, [4] attending outdoor concerts, and [5] vacations/staycations with family and friends! My five tags are Good Gals, Inc., Love Being a Nonny, Full Circle, Murphy's (New) Law, and The Luckiest Mrs. Cheers to you and yours as we enjoy summmmmmertime! Xoxo-BLC


I'm On A Boat!

No flippie floppies, gators, or falling out! SNL anyone!? Xoxo-BLC


Lilly Palooza

You had me at Lilly.
I will be drooling to go.
Until next Fall. :)
Did you go?
If so, make me green.
Green with envy.


Happy Birthday Lala!

Happy Birthday to my big sissy Lala!
I am sending all the *winks* in the world your way today!!!!
I loooove you and hope you enjoy YOUR day!!!


New York Minute

If you had a New York Minute today, what would you do!? I would be at Lilly Pulitzer's Mini-Pink-Palace on Madison Avenue rubbing shoulders with Brooke Shields!!! Charity, Lilly Pulitzer, New York, Brooke Shields, Town & Country ... oh la la!!! New York Minute Cheers to you and yours! Xoxo-BLC


Lovely Will Do

Many thanks to BonBon Rose, Pink Is My Signature Color, Plan Acourtingly, Trent Family Life, and College Belle for this lovely blog award! Much appreciated you two! The rules are: [1] Mention your tagger and [2] Pass it on to 15 other lovely blogs. Oh allll the blogs I read are lovely and here a few favorites: Sweet Tea Diaries, Chocolate and Wine, Good Gals, Inc., Pink Madras, The Monogrammed Nest, Just Lovely, Such a Loverly Life, Polka Dots & Protein Bars, The Pink Tutu, The Luckiest Mrs., DC Prep, Pink Julep, Just Another Day in Paradise, Just Add Water, and Pink Monkey. Play along if you'd like! Xoxo-BLC