Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Happy New Year's Eve from the Clemson bowl game:
I am looking forward to ringing in the new year with my favorite Clemson chums. 
Bye-bye 2010!!! Xoxo-BLC


Cocktail Soiree

I believe New Year's Eve beckons a festive Coctail Soiree!!! I always look forward to a celebrating the old year and properly welcoming the new year. This year, we will be cheering on the Clemson Tigers at noon, having a small sit down dinner with our closest friends, and attending a large cocktail party at the day's end. I plan to wearing the Lilly Pulitzer Sondra dress with a chubby fur to shoo the wintry chill. Many thanks to Mrs. Walsh of St. Louis, Missouri for inventing the cocktail party; it's still as ever as fashionable 93 years later!!! Do you have festive New Year's Plans!? Cheers to meeting the New Year with funnn!!! Xoxo-BLC


2010: What a year it has been!!!

In looking back over the past year, 2010 has been ...
Best because ... We married on January 2, 2010!!!
Worst because ... We bid farewell to my stepdad and aunt. I absolutely loath to cancer. Booo!!!
Colorful because ... of The Company She Keeps and YOU ... her readers!!!
Adventurous because ... We traveled to Holetown, Barbados; Charleston, South Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Huntsville, Alabama; San Diego, California; Savannah, Georgia; Auburn, Alabama; and ALL over North (and South) Carolina!!!
Unexpected because ... I never imagined I would make real life friends via TCSK. Murphy's (New) Law, Muffy Martini, Beantown Prep, and Monograms and Manicures have made my life much more colorful.
Fashionable because ... I visited the Pink Palace and saw Lillyland first hand. Oh la la!!!
Sporty because ... Although I ditched distance running, I picked up spinning (my knees are thanking me).
Educational because ... Law school taught me more law and Bible Study taught me more grace.
Unforgettable because ... I have an a-m-a-z-i-n-g family and very step of this year I walked with Ale, the love of my life, by my side. :)
Wishing you a yours a memorable 2010 and all the best in 2011!!! Xoxo-BLC


Let it SNOW!!!

Living below the Mason-Dixon Line means this rarely happens: 
 Can you spot Joeytella? He loved the snow!!!
Meet out snowman:
I hope you had a white Christmas too. Xoxo-BLC


Merry Christmas!!!

Today is magical because I believe, 
"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11 (KJV).
I am wishing you and yours a happy, happy and a very merry, merry Christmas!!! Enjoy this day. Xoxo-BLC


Welcome Home ...

My adorable nephews highly anticipated this welcoming home ... 
... don't you just feel the warm fuzzies?!?!? Hehe. 
Welcome home just in time for Christmas.


Reindeer Games

Joeytella Versace didn't feel like reindeer games, 
but the newest addition to the family did ... Meet Jackie:
Isn't he darrrrling!??? We love him very much. 


Elfing Around

Last year,
Joeytella Versace 
dressed up as a 
This year,
he didn't feel up to the usual
To lift his Christmas spirit,
his fur-girlfriend gifted him this precious elf costume.
Elfing around makes everyone smile!!!
Isn't he a darrrrling elf!???
We think so.
Even though his grin might not completely agree.
Do you dress up your furball too???
Joeytella wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!


Get Carded

I just adore correspondence. Whether sending or receiving, I swoon over darling pictures, clever wording, and the creativity each card brings. I should really buy stock in Hallmark!!! Without further ado, from my family to yours ... wishing you a very Merry Christmas in cards!!!

Our Big Family 2010 Christmas Card (John 1:14):

<---- Here it is!!!

Per sissys request, we snapped this photograph over Thanksgiving and I am sooo glad we did. It is our last big family photograph with everyone pictured. We miss Paparazzi sooo much!!! Sissy also sent a darling photograph card of her sweet family of four. 

Our First Married Couple 2010 Christmas Card (Luke 2:11-14):

<---- Here it is!!!

I couldn't resist using a wedding picture as our Christmas card. We debated taking down the Christmas decorations at the church, but I am so glad we did not!!! I think it made our card a little more punchy. :)

My dear in-laws had a wedding bell theme: a picture from our wedding and another to announce the engagement of my sweet sister-in-law!!! Is it April yet!??? My padre and stepmom sent a super cute Christmasy palm tree card and it made my day. Chin chin to sending Christmas cheer one card at a time!!! Xoxo-BLC


Thank You For Being A Friend

From your gorgie flowers to heartfelt letters to sweet emails, comments, and tweets ... I just want to say:

Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow

And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
You would see, the biggest gift would be from me
and the card attached would say:
Thank you for being a friend!!!

Yes, I went Golden Girls on you!!! I feel your love, prayers, support, encouragement, goodwill, and so much more. Andrew Gold said it best: thank you for being a friend to me. Xoxo-BLC


Beyond Blue

A week ago today, my stepfather passed up to Heaven. We are beyond blue. There are not words to describe how much we loved him nor words for how dearly we miss him. I am struggling with never hearing him say "hey baby love" again or not having him at my law school graduation or him never meeting our children. I keep playing this video over and over just to hear him say "ready." Paparazzi told us Fourth of July weekend was the best weekend ever. I agree!!! We formally bid him farewell this week alongside many family and friends. My sister delivered the eulogy and here is a portion: "Dad would want each and every one of you to know that God’s love is unconditional. No matter if you are black or white, Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Baptist or Hindu, relatively rotten or relatively good, God loves you and desires a relationship with you! The Bible says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. My Dad too! The story of Christmas is not exclusivity or judgement, it is redemption and acceptance. For it is not God’s will that any should be separated from Him. God provided a solution to sickness and death and cancer! He came to Earth in the form of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, He lived a perfect human life, was sacrificed on the cross for our sins, and was raised from the dead. He conquered the grave. It is for this reason that through faith in Him, we can all be with God in glory for eternity. That’s where my Dad is!" While this is by far the toughest thing I have ever endured, I do have a comfort and peace that only comes from the Lord. As my Grams would say this is just "bye-bye for now." Xoxo-BLC


Home for Christmas

This is our circa 1993 Christmas picture.
I laugh every time I look at this photograph.
Allegedly, everyone wore Christmas sweaters ...
Even our sweet pup Lucky. :)
Without going into much detail,
my stepdad entered hospice today.
I cannot believe this is my life.
Ale and I talked about freezing time over Labor Day.
I wish we did.
I finished three of my law school finals.
I took incompletes in the other three.
Law school can wait.
Everyone is home.
And I cannot think of anywhere I would rather be.
I am finding my comfort in the Lord, 2 Cor. 1:3-4,
in my amazing family,
and my colorful friends.
This will be a tough Christmas.
I plan on keeping my chin up, enjoying our time together, and making lots of funnies because laughter is always the best medicine!!! Xoxo-BLC