Get Carded

I just adore correspondence. Whether sending or receiving, I swoon over darling pictures, clever wording, and the creativity each card brings. I should really buy stock in Hallmark!!! Without further ado, from my family to yours ... wishing you a very Merry Christmas in cards!!!

Our Big Family 2010 Christmas Card (John 1:14):

<---- Here it is!!!

Per sissys request, we snapped this photograph over Thanksgiving and I am sooo glad we did. It is our last big family photograph with everyone pictured. We miss Paparazzi sooo much!!! Sissy also sent a darling photograph card of her sweet family of four. 

Our First Married Couple 2010 Christmas Card (Luke 2:11-14):

<---- Here it is!!!

I couldn't resist using a wedding picture as our Christmas card. We debated taking down the Christmas decorations at the church, but I am so glad we did not!!! I think it made our card a little more punchy. :)

My dear in-laws had a wedding bell theme: a picture from our wedding and another to announce the engagement of my sweet sister-in-law!!! Is it April yet!??? My padre and stepmom sent a super cute Christmasy palm tree card and it made my day. Chin chin to sending Christmas cheer one card at a time!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. R,

    I am so behind in blog reading. I had no idea of your loss. The Christmas card must mean the world to you! Will you email me your mailing address? conoil@yahoo

  2. Nice picture of the big family and your so sweet and romantic of the wedding picture.

  3. Absolutely LOVE both cards. Love the wedding picture, gorgeous!

  4. I am so glad your family had the opportunity to be together and capture such a wonderful memory.


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