Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you and yours! I hope it is super spoooookie. Xoxo-BLC


Ghost of a Chance

For Halloween this year, I proposed that Ale and I go as Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. Ale said no no no no no no. How rude!? Or should I say, typical-Chuck-move. Well, instead, Ale is "going as himself" (aka Karen Carpenter). Well well well, it will be my treat to trick him into looking "Chuckish" if he really must wear his own clothing. How Blair of me!? What are you wearing for the festivities? Cheers to the many scares to come. Xoxo-BLC


My Little Pumpkins

Aweee! My sweet nephews are my little pumpkins this year.
Who is spooking your heart strings this Halloween!? Xoxo-BLC


Fully Engaged

We have officially announced our engagement.
And this is our ...
engagement announcement photograph.
Once again, shot by Paparazzi!! :)


Sweet Treat

Many thanks to the lovely Chic & Pink and Personalized Sketches! This Icing on the Cake Award is much appreciated and I cannot wait to pass it on to my sweet-blog friends. I am tagging Lola's Journey To and From, The Sweet Southern Life, Love Being a Nonny, Good Gal Inc, and anyone else who wants to play along! Thanks for sweeting up my day!! Xoxo-BLC


Me = Hosed

Me, a fashion risk-taker? Not so much. I love fashion. I even love fashion-risk-takers. I just don't do trendy well. Point in case: I wore leggings with a cutsy dress three years ago for a night on the town in Charlotte and more than one person asked if I came from Jazzercise. Fashion failure! Anyhoodle, Who What Wear recently inspired me purchase a pair of patterned tights. If Whit can do it, I can do it too, right? After wearing them ALL DAY with a work-appropriate dress, Ale asked me if the patterned tights were part of my Halloween outfit. Um, nope. Should I try them again? A different pattern? Or not at all? Off to Jazzercise! Kidding. Xoxo-BLC


Wedding Belles

I had wedding festive day because Ale's belles (his sweet sister, aunts, and cousins) hosted a girls-only dessert bridal shower in my honor! Being the Lady Clutz that I am, I dropped my very first present: a casserole dish and, thankfully, it did not break. How embarrassing!? Anyhoo, the desserts were almost too beautiful to eat and the girlies planned the decor around our wedding colors. How lovely? Many thanks to my lovely hosts and the wonderful guests for such a fun fun fun shower. Xoxo-BLC


Flight of Fancies

My oh my did I have a flight of fancies today! Ale's family friends threw a magnificent engagement party at his hometown airport. As the sun set behind the twin-seater planes, the hosts served hot apple cider as we took in the gorige hanger --- decorated to the nines with flowers and pumpkins. From the company to the music to the dinner to the toasts, the night was unforgettable. Many thanks to our wonderful hosts and all who fly on our side. Xoxo-BLC

PS: I failed to mention ... this is where Ale learned to fly! While I have met his flight instructor many times (I just love him and his family), I have never been to the hanger or laid eyes on the little planes. It was great to see him and his flight instructor in their element.


Copy Cat

Lilly Pulitzer played copy cat and just relauched the "originals." This line mirrors the 1960's beginnings ... when it all started with a juice stand and a simple shift dress. Cheers to (re)living life in pink and green!!! Xoxo-BLC


Bright Lights, Big City

Kate Spade is hosting a trip for two to the city that never sleeps. Enter HERE!!! This four-day-vaca includes gallery hopping, local eats, shopping, and daily surprises. All of that might require some sleep, so Kate reserved a room at The Carlyle. Oh la la! And, just for entering you will receive 20% off. Cheers to living in Kate Spade shoes (even if for just a weekend getaway)!! Xoxo-BLC


Tini Bit of Fun

Eeeeek ... the bachelorette festivities are scheduled!!!
I am sooooo excited about having a tini bit of fun fun fun with the girlies!
Is it time yet!? Xoxo-BLC


KD + LP = <3

LP has done it again ... read my mind! Meeting a KD is like meeting a Lilly Lover, we automatically have something in common. I am tickled pink about these new lillyfied KD wallpapers. Download your greek letters or fun patterns at the LP Facebook page. Xoxo-BLC


Beautiful Dreams

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt
Keep dreaming. Xoxo-BLC


Low Key

One week ago the minister's sermon included a charming story about keys: two unlikely friends met for coffee. One put his keys on the table and the other asked, "do all of those keys fit to something you own?" After agreeing the keys fit to his house, car, boat, and so on, the other asked, "are you sure you own them or do they own you?" A week later I am still applying that question to myself: do I own my stuff or does it own me??? Cheers to pursuing a low key life! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Ohhh and a special happy birthday to my future mother-in-law! :)


Love & Theft

I think this is just wild: Olive My Life, Polka Dots & Protein Bars, and I attended high school with Eric from Love & Theft. I remember the first time I heard their song on the radio. I was clerking this summer, riding in the car with an attorney, and I flipped out (think-pre-teen-boy-crush-squeals). Totally professional. Anyhoo, I am so proud of Eric and the band. Cheers to Love & Theft for making the BIG TIME! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Oh, and another thing ... one of the back up guitarists from the Jimmy Fallon performance is playing at our wedding!! :)


Curious You

You are curious ...
1. Post-graduation, I will formally name my law school.
(Hint hint: it is one of the oldest law schools and has turned many many many Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Governors, and the like.)
2. I am a registered Republican who enjoys talking politics with Democrats.
3. BLC = Betty Lou Cindy. I "named" myself as a tiny tot and my family humored me. Thankfully, my parents did not make a formal name change. :)
4. I am 25 years old.
I was curious too and your responses were tres interesting. Thanks for playing along! Xoxo-BLC


Topped Off

Many thanks to Our Three-Ring Circus and Good Gals Inc. for the Over the Top Award!! I just love their blog and I cannot wait to play along. The rules: use only one word, pass along to six favorite bloggers, and tell 'em you did so. Here goes! 1. Where is your cell phone? Purse 2. Your hair? Long 3. Your mother? Elegant 4. Your father? Strong 5. Your favorite food? Apples 6. Your dream last night? Pleasant 7. Your favorite drink? Milk 8. Your dream/goal? CEO 9. What room are you in? Bedroom 10. Your hobby? Tennis 11. Your fear? Unhappiness 12. Where do you want to be in six years? 2015 13. Where were you last night? Here 14. Something that you aren't? Mean 15. Muffins? Blueberry 16. Wish list item? Fur 17. Where did you grow up? Charlotte 18. Last thing you did? Sleep 19. What are you wearing? PJ 20. Your TV? Hillacious 21. Your pets? Joeytella 22. Friends? Wonderful 23. Your life? Colorful 24. Your mood? Calm 25. Missing someone? Yes 26. Vehicle? Clean 27. Something you're not wearing? Earrings 28. Your favorite store? Belk 29. Your favorite color? Pink 30. When was the last time you laughed? Sure 31. Last time you cried? Unsure 32. Your best friend? <3 33. One place that I could go over and over? Paris 34. One person who emails you regularly? DailyCandy 35. Favorite place to eat? Home. I tag my most recent followers: The End of the Beans, I Can Boil Water, The Updated Preppy Handbook, DC GOP Girl, Observations of a Token Yankee, and Reasonably Swanky. Top it off ladies! Xoxo-BLC


Maid a Promise

I maid a promise to my lovely bridesmaids. As a seven time bridesmaid-vet, I wanted a fashionable, comfortable, affordable, fun, elegant, classic frock. After round two of dress stress, I settled on this Nicole Miller's Mocha Satin Gown. Isn't it lovely? Gorgie dress for tres gorgie girls. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Don't you think the bridesmaids can cut it off and totally wear the dress again? Teehee.


Fashion Forward, Partie Deux

Ms. Sheena Matheiken continues her fashion forward pledge to wear the same dress for an entire year. Why? To promote sustainable fashion and support education in her native land. Her daily fashion posts are very creative and inspiring. Even CNN thought so (watch the video here). Cheer her on by supporting monetarily or donating clothing/accessories. Chin chin to a fashionable cause! Xoxo-BLC


In 1492 ...

Columbus sailed the ocean blue! Happy Columbus Day to you and yours!! Xoxo-BLC


Curious Me

I am curious ...
1. Where do you think I go to law school?
2. Do you think I am a Republican or Democrat?
3. Do you know what BLC stands for?
4. Do you think I am under 25 or over 25?
Are you curious too? I'll post answers on Friday. Xoxo-BLC


Jack 'o' Juice

<---- New decor. Yep, I'm festive. Time for a pumpkin shake:
2 oz. Pumpkin Pie vodka
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
½ oz. simple syrup
Splash of orange liqueur
3 large ice cubes
Blend. Sip. Mmm. Xoxo-BLC


Pink Bubbies

October + Pink + Bubbies =
Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
This month I want to remember my grandmother who lost her battle to breast cancer and honor my Grams, a four-time survivor. I hate cancer and cannot wait for the cure. Until then, remember to check your bubbies, shop pink, and go the distance in your local Race for the Cure. Cheers to fighting cancer! Xoxo-BLC


Even Foxier Browser

I thought I sufficiently Lilly-fied my computer with adorable backgrounds and printed internet browers. Then, I met Google Chrome Themes. Oh my word!!! Does it get any cuter!? Now if I could just figure out how to pink-ify my MacBook ... teehee. Xoxo-BLC



I am having a case of the wedding woes. I am overwhelmed. I am having a moral hangover about spending mula and inconveniencing everyone involved. I have real worries too. Grams is in and out of the hospital. Also, my mom and her friend have been on my heart. Her friend's son unexpectedly passed last Saturday. He was my age. How small do my wedding woes seem? Very very very. Woe is me. Xoxo-BLC


Sho-pu`ho-lik, Partie Trois

I am in a total giggle fit over this song!!!

First, there was the book series about me.
Then the movie about me.
Now a song!? Teeeeeheeeee.
I am in stitches! Xoxo-BLC


Tag Team

Many thanks to Just a Girl, At The End of The Day, College Belle, and Doodle and Me for this blog award! Your blogs are just too cute and I am thrilled to accept. Da rules: List seven unknown things about you and pass the award on to seven bloggers. Be sure to tag them so they know and can share ... be Kreativ! Here goes: [1] I want to meet the Queen of the Jungle: Lilly Pulitzer! [2] I also want to meet a president (past, present, or future). [3] My parents told me I could change the world; I still believe them! [4] I am determined to be a social worker if the lawyer shoe doesn't fit. [5] I failed to keep my impossolutions. Grrr! [6] I really loathe shots. [7] I suffer from deja vu. I tag Life in Fun Size, Lola's Journey To and From, Olive My Life!, Viva LAS Lacey, Polka Dots & Protein Bars, The Duncan Dialogues, and The Sweet Southern Life. Xoxo-BLC


The Lilly P "Joo-ba-lee"

EEeeeek ... the Lilly Pulitzer Jubilee Warehouse Sale is coming up!!! Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 19th through Saturday, November 21st. Details may be found here. Tell me, are you tickled pink and green to be going?! Or are you just plain tempted for now!? Xoxo-BLC


The (Insurance) Company She Keeps

Dear NY Life,
You borrowed my blog title. Then butchered it. It's not the company you keep. It's the company she keeps. Are we even talking about the same company? I think not. For now, the green lizard insures me. That is my kind of company. :)


Badgering the Witness

Oh la la did Jacqueline and I have fun fun fun participating in our first trial competition. My only hiccup: the judge scolded me for badgering the witness. Me!? As if! I could neeeever do that. Hehe. Opsy daisy! Xoxo-BLC


Roll With Me

Stop spinning ponytails and roll with me! Velcro rollers are proof that God loves us. I could not live with these baby blues. I just dry my hair, pop these suckers in, and voila!! The best part: velcro rollers are sold everywhere and cost approximately $10.00. Good hair makes for a g-r-e-a-t day. So, do you roll!? I do! Xoxo-BLC