Imposs'o'lu-tions: (n.) New Year's Resolutions. Love 'em, hate 'em, and I still make 'em and, sticking with tradition, I am committing to them on last day of the month. Drum roll ... here are my 2012 resolutions:
1. Increase my faith. I want to grow closer to God and share my faith more with others.
2. Eat chocolate every single day. As a self-professed sugar-a-holic, I refuse to limit my sugar intake this year. I plan on enjoying life more ... one Hersey kiss at a time. This one should be a shoo-in, doable resolution. :)
3. Say I love you more. It never goes out of style when said to the ones we love.
4. Slow down. Life has picked up it's pace since I started working this big-girl-attorney job. I want to slow down, appreciate life, and really enjoy every bit of it.
5. Laugh at more funnies. Bahahahaha!!! Belly laughs are good for the soul.
6. Work hard at work. I want to work efficiently, effectively, and give this year my all.
7. Learn to say nooo. Ever heard the phrase, "stop me before I volunteer again." That's me!!! Since I cannot do everything well, let me practice saying no, no, no, noooo, no, no, no, nope, NO!!!
8. Pass my neighboring state bar exam. Fingers crossed lightening strikes twice!!!
9. Give more. More of my time, money, and energy to the things that really matter.
10. Travel to ... I want my husband and I to take a trip just because. :)

PS: I resolve to support my husband on his impossolutions too: he wants to learn Spanish and read the entire Bible this year. Can we say over achiever!!! :)


Walking in Memphis

When I think of Memphis, I think of ... the song "Walking in Memphis" ...
... really good music and delish food ...
... quacking ducks ...
... and of course the Peabody!!! Our view of the river from our room was beautiful by day and evening. We stayed at the Peabody many moons ago when our bride was a birthday girl and oh la la was it just as fun the second time around. Xoxo-BLC


Wedding + Elvis = ♥

It's a college chum's wedding day and I could not be more thrilled to celebrate her, her love, and her happily ever after. I posted a picture of the bride and ELVIS on Facebook. Hop there to see!!!
Above are two of my college besties you might recognize: The Sweet Southern Life and Skipper,
our most recent newlywed. We left our beaus at home and had the best girls-only weekend.
It was one of the most fun weddings and I felt oh-so guilty for not having my husband there to celebrate.
I wore my go-to-stample-little-black-dress by Lilly Pulitzer with a fun one-shoulder ruffle. Of course I needed a pop of color and what better way than accessories!?! I wore a Noble House Designs and Loren Hope necklaces. I thought it might be too much ... but then I realized it was JUST enough.
Shoes never make it into pictures and what an important part of the outfit!?! AML asked if they were Loubs and I was like who!?! Ha! They do have a fun hot pink sole, but these kicks are Paris Hilton's finest. Also, Lola's Journey To and From wore the most ah-mazing sparkly tights at Skipper's weddings and I happened upon a pair at Walmart ... too fun for words!!! Off to dance with Elvis ... Xoxo-BLC


Dorothy Said it BEST:

I do believe Dorothy said it best: "There is no place like our NEW home!!!" We are fiiiinally all moved in, every box unpacked, and loving our new home. Such an occasion requires an announcement, don't you agree!?! Who better than Ashley Brooke Designs!?! ABD custom designed this Wizard of Oz inspired moving announcement. Isn't it divine!?! And the envelope is even cute and sparkly. I just SWOON!!!
When we were itty bitty, my middle sissy's childhood icon was Judy Garland. As such, I idolized Judy just because my sissy did. My favorite Judy film had to be The Wizard of Oz (duhhh) but Meet Me in St. Louis was a close second. Anyhoo, I believe moving announcements should be more playful and FUN. Our first moving announcement were right after we married (click here to see). This round, I contacted Ashley Brooke Designs and she thrilled me to pieces with this whimsical moving announcement. I am certain there is no place like our new home. Come visit ... just follow the yellow brick road!!! Xoxo-BLC


Flat Out Success

Do you read Sheridan French's blog!?! If not, you should. It's awesome for so many reasons and she is fixing to launch her website in one month. Let the online purchasing begin!!! Back in December, she blogged about jeweling heels. While I love a good pair of heels, I had a favorite pair of flats that where halfway to shoe heaven and I thought jeweling just might save their sole.
I purchased these peep toe patent flats after my first year of law school as part celebration for having a big-girl-clerking-job and part as a dire need of work appropriate shoes. They were well loved, worn too often, 100% comfortable, and a fixture in my wardrobe. Now, they just look tired. Until ...
My tools included jewels of all sizes from a local shop (about $15.00), a glue gun, and reggae music just for fun. I intended to cover the shoes tip to toe in gems. However, the tips and toes looks so darling jeweled, I decided to put the glue gun down and let 'em be. 
I do believe this DIY project saved these soles from shoe heaven. I think they are darling, just as comfy as always, and now the perfect pair to dance the night away!!! Many thanks to Honestly WTF for inspiring Sheridan French for inspiring me ... talk about a flat out success. Chin chin to DIY, saving a favorite pair of flats, and shared inspiration!!! Xoxo-BLC


Pursuit of Pretty

When I was itty bitty, my dad and I would pop in Carly Simon tapes (yes ... tapes ... I am an 80's baby after all) and sing as loud as we could to "You're sooo Vain." I still love that song. It reminds me of being young and carefree. While I wouldn't wish vanity on anyone, I think we all suffer from it a tad. I believe its okay to fight vanity and simultaneously pursue pretty because pretty really comes from within. As such, I want my beauty regimen to be less vain and more young, carefree, fresh, simple, and, above all else, easy peasy.
I have super sensitive skin so finding the right product is uber important. In the morning, I use the Aveeno positively radiant scrub and their positively radiant SPF moisturizer. In the evening, I use the Aveeno foam wash and gobs of Cetaphil. I also use a prescription anti-age cream to fight those law-school-induced-wrinkles and another cream to fight my psoriasis (which I still cannot properly spell without looking up).
I am a total makeup-aholic. Yet my daily makeup routine only includes powder, blush, mascara, and lipgloss. For glam nights, I fussie up by adding lipstick and eyeshadow. Revlon has become my staple to-go brand for just about everything. However, I never leave a visit to Sephora empty handed. I don't wear foundation or concealer, so I am picky about my powder. My all time favorite use to be Supernatural by Philosophy, but it's a tad expensive and I swear Revlon's ColorStay Aqua has the same coverage.
  A poppy blush color is really important to me. Right now I adore Revlon's Roseberry and for fancier occasions I dab on YSL blush (it smells divine --- really it smells pretty). As for mascara, I cheat on my favorites a lot. My all-time favorite is Trish McEvoy lash curling - it never smears or flakes. For everyday, I adore Revlon's Fabulash or Revlon's Luscious, which should be called the "fifty-yard-lash." As for pouts, I swear Revlon's lipgloss and lipsticks have the same pigment and color options as Chanel. I dare you to agree!!! So dish, how to do you stay vain-free while pursuing pretty!?! Xoxo-BLC


The Mane Event

Every summer in my childhood included a stay at Camp Lurecrest. There my cabin five camp counselor bestowed some of the best beauty advice: it's all about the hair. Good hair = good day. Off hair = off day. I honestly like my hair the way it is naturally: straight and chocolate brown. I dither back and forth about shampoo and conditioners. Sometimes I pop for Fekkai or Living Proof, but L'Oreal, Aussie, and Neutrogena remain staples. Remember my dirty little secret? 

Well I still use dry shampoo and I have tried them ALL. My favorite: Suave. It's the cheapest and works the best. As for hairdryers, I once used a Chi, but now I prefer Hana and my old trusty PINK Revlon. Hana definitely makes my hair smoother and silker, but the Revlon blows hotter, thus a quicker result. I almost always use a round brush followed by a curling iron and velcro rollers. From pinning the rollers to pinning my pouf, I could not do my do without bobby pins. A few years ago my dishwasher broke and the handyman identified a bobby pin as the culprit. How did that happen!? And are we sure it was my fault!?! Guilty as charged. So, there you have it: BLC's mane event!!! Xoxo-BLC


Belle of Baubles

Have you met Loren Hope!?! She is certainly the belle of baubles in my book.
Her upscale, contemporary, handcrafted line is DIVINE.
Below: Morocco Necklace, Stud Earrings, and the Elizabeth Necklace.
I cannot stop wearing the Morocco turquoise necklace. It matches EVERYTHING!!!
Above I have it paired with my Noble House Design statement necklace.
I literally have worn it everyday since receiving it --- hit tee and jeans to cocktail -- it fits.
I could not just pick ONE of Loren Hope's items and these earrings tied for a must have.
These studs have the perrrrfect amount of sparkle and oh la la are they comfy too.
The Elizabeth necklace below is quite the statement. It looks substantial ...
... maybe even heavy, but it's not!!! It is beyond chic and much lighter than it appears.
I am a fan of Loren Hope and how could you not be after reading this: "Jewelry design has always found a way into my life. One of my fondest memories as a little girl is playing in my Grandmother's thrift shop. She would let me plunder around for hours and I would take apart all sorts of old jewelry and re-assemble the baubles into new works of art. I am also a huge fan of vintage jewelry. I have always been intrigued with antiques and relics from our past... the colors, craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail in vintage jewelry are constant inspirations for me." Loren Hope's line is beyond fun, chic, effortless, and comfortable!!! I ♥ Loren Hope, don't you!?! Xoxo-BLC


Fish Out of Water

This Lilly-fied Scorpion Bowl reminds me of our favorite college dive and their fishbowls.
Such a fun, germ-filled cocktail that I couldn't resist re-sharing!!! But remember, sharing is a must or that next-day-headache is sure to pinch like a Scorpion. Xoxo-BLC


Walk Like A Pro

Oh la la!!! One of my childhood friends is living the dream and working as an actress in Hollywood. She's already a pro in my book!!! The clip is perfectly stopped at her portion --- she is in the navy top running. How fun!?! I'm am beyond proud of her for living her dream and it's beyond fun seeing her on TV. Xoxo-BLC


Pink Out Pout on TCSK ...

From this ...
... to this ...
The Company She Keeps is participating in a PINK OUT POUT. 
I'm pouting over SOPA and PIPA. A world without TCSK ... oh how sad!!!
Read more here and tell me your thoughts. Xoxo-BLC


Dream Weaver

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to you and yours!!! To commemorate the King, let's talk about dreams. My dreams include: honoring the Lord, growing old with the one I love, a houseful of children, and serving other's in every way possible. Also, I dream of a green, peaceful earth where humanity lives without conflict. Those are my dreams!!! So, do share: what do you dream about? Xoxo-BLC


Happy Friday the 13th!!!

I've posted this before ... but Friday the 13th doesn't happen but every so often!!! Here is the re-post: "Happy Friday the 13th to you and yours! In my family, we happen to like Friday the 13th. On Friday, November 13th, 1998, I skipped school due to the flu-bug. Then the call we had been waiting for CAME! I missed the festivities, but my parents said they drove faster than race-car-drivers to the hospital where my oldest sissy gave birth to a beautiful-blonde-hair-blue-eyed boy. Cheers to the 13-year-old beautiful-blonde-hair-blue-eyed birthday boy: Friday the 13th is YOUR DAY! Enjoy!!!" Happy Friday the 13th to you and yours ... I hope yours is extra spookie!!! Xoxo-BLC


Home Run

Just look at those smiles!!! We are ear to ear in grins because we just hit a home run ...
... if you guessed we are moving, you guessed right. We just bought a cute bungalow and I couldn't be happier with our new home. Since we married two years ago, we nested in a one bedroom, one bath 700 square foot condo. Talk about snug, but such a good experience!!! Nonetheless, I am thrilled to have more space, a yard, and a good hood to call home. Xoxo-BLC

PS: If you live in our neck of the woods, oh-my-goodness do we have a good realtor.
We are giving him an Ale and BLC sammie above!!! :)


Any Guesses!?!

Any guesses as to what we might be doing!?! Hint, hint. Xoxo-BLC


I ♥ Clemson

We are beyond excited that Clemson played in a BSC bowl ...
its a bigger deal than I understand and I am thrilled its in Miami!!!
Of course I wish the scoreboard didn't work/stopped working/couldn't count that high.
Orrrr that the Tigers actually played well. Bigger and better hopes for next year!!!

All in all, I wouldn't have missed this game: another chance to cheer on the Tigers,
support my college, and visit with college chums that live all over the country.
We had so much fun with the couple we went with and I was elated
to run into one of my college best friends. How did I not know she would be there!?!
We decided the Train concert was the highlight. I mean just look it it!!!
A sea of orange, fireworks, good music, what's not to love!?!
I cannot wait to see the Clemson Tigers in Fall of 2012!!!
Until then ... THE REMOTE IS MINE!!! Bye college football.


On Jungle Time

My sissy had just visited and highly recommended Jungle Island.
Me ... visit a zoo!?! YES PULEAZE!!! I looove the zoo.
 Hiya pink ladies!!! If I lived in a tropical climate, I would want a pet flamingo.
Or a whole flock of 'em!!! Aren't they gorgie!?!
It wouldn't be a visit to the jungle without MONKEYS!!!
They were putting on quite a show; especially the orangutans with their blankets.
Look: a LIGER!!! So they dooo exist. We overheard the zookeeper saying:
this one escaped once before. YIKES!!! Visiting Jungle Island was remarkable.
You can hold parrots, play with monkeys, ride sumo sized turtles, and so much more.
Chin chin to taking a walk on the wild side!!! Xoxo-BLC


Miami HEAT

We hopped on a plane, headed south, and could not wait to 
be in the land of sunshine, palm trees, and ocean waves!!!
Last time I was in Miami it was January, it was a bachelorette fest,
This trip we were celebrating our second anniversary, seeing my sister,
catching up with college friends, watching the Tigers play ...
... and oh-my-goodness is it f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g!!! Like why did I even pack
bathing suits!?! Thankfully South Beach is quite festive from shops to
parks to eateries to gooooood people watching. Off to play!!!


It's Our SECOND Wedding Anniversary!!!

Ale is two years into serving his WIFE sentence!!!
On this day last year, we promised to love, honor, and cherish one another forever.
We picked up carry out dindin and packed, packed, packed. We are Miami bound bright and early!!!
I also might-have-sort-of-did put on my wedding gown just for kicks ...
... evidence of such is on TCSK Facebook page. :)
I am beyond blessed to have met, fallen in love, and married the love of my life.
Cheers to our love, laughter, and happily ever after!!! Xoxo-BLC


Welcome 2012 ... Happy New Year!!!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!!! May this be your best year yet!!! Xoxo-BLC