Flat Out Success

Do you read Sheridan French's blog!?! If not, you should. It's awesome for so many reasons and she is fixing to launch her website in one month. Let the online purchasing begin!!! Back in December, she blogged about jeweling heels. While I love a good pair of heels, I had a favorite pair of flats that where halfway to shoe heaven and I thought jeweling just might save their sole.
I purchased these peep toe patent flats after my first year of law school as part celebration for having a big-girl-clerking-job and part as a dire need of work appropriate shoes. They were well loved, worn too often, 100% comfortable, and a fixture in my wardrobe. Now, they just look tired. Until ...
My tools included jewels of all sizes from a local shop (about $15.00), a glue gun, and reggae music just for fun. I intended to cover the shoes tip to toe in gems. However, the tips and toes looks so darling jeweled, I decided to put the glue gun down and let 'em be. 
I do believe this DIY project saved these soles from shoe heaven. I think they are darling, just as comfy as always, and now the perfect pair to dance the night away!!! Many thanks to Honestly WTF for inspiring Sheridan French for inspiring me ... talk about a flat out success. Chin chin to DIY, saving a favorite pair of flats, and shared inspiration!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. LOVE the jewels on the HEEL too, I wouldn't have ever thought of that!

  2. oh wow! those are adorable! you did a great job :)

  3. Love! I have that same pair of flats and I lurve them, but I think mine need a little jeweling too!

  4. Those turned out so well! You creative little thing you!!!!


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