One Month

Squeak is ONE MONTH today!!! I can hardly believe it. Time is FLYINGGG. She is absolutely precious. She has grown out of her newborn diapers and her teeny tiny clothes no longer swallow her up. Squeak still makes the most adorable squeaky noises. You can even catch her smiling or giggling which melts my heart. We just love her to the moon and back!!! She is so much fun and my best girl. Chin chin to the months to come!!! Xoxo-BLC #thesqueakmonthly


Fall for TCSK II

Ta-ta to summertime ... a little closet clean out ensues on TCSK II.
Mostly Lilly and sizes range from XS-12.
Happy Shopping!!!

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Ta-ta Summertime ...

I realllllly hate to bid summterime farewell.
Being preggo alllll summer, I didn't get to sport my favorite frocks.
It pains me to pack them up until summertime 2014.
Till then ... I will keep on summering at heart!!!


Squeak Photolove

Miss Squeak could not be any cuter!!! She makes the most precious little baby noises. I love every bit of her. From her precious faces to her sweet snuggles, I never want to forget or miss a minute of it. Xoxo-BLC


Full ♥Heart♥

These two make my heart 100% full!!!


Rub A Dub Dub ...

Rub a dub dub ... its Squeak's first bath in her big-baby-girl-tub!!!
 She loved EVERY minute of it!!!
All *squeaky* clean after her bath. I just love her to pieces!!!


Baby + Dog = ♥

Stewart is definitely my furbaby and I have been sooo worried about how he would handle our new bundle of joy. I am not sure he ever understood that I was pregnant. We boarded him while we were in the hospital and a few days after returning home.
 My husband picked Stewart up from the boarders and let him sniff a swaddle blanket with Squeak's scent.  When he arrived home and there was a BABY on his turf, Stewart was not so sure. We let him smell Squeak and he is really into giving her kisses ... like too many kisses. We have progress to make!
 One of our friends visited and brought Stewart this toy ... it MADE his day. And mine!!!
I feel like I fuss at him a lot more --- he wants to lick Squeak every time she is in her swing, bouncer, or rock 'n play. Her first words might be "no Stewart" ...
One thing that helps all three of us cope: WALKS!!! Stewart lives for our daily walks and I love them too. I haven't mastered Squeak and Stewart all by myself on a walk, but that is this weeks goal! Wish us luck and dish if you have any "adjusting puppy to baby" advice!!! Xoxo-BLC


Miss Squeak is a ...

VIRGO!!! I don't look to the stars for answers, but Lilly posted this super cute summation of virgo and I thought it was too cute not to post since Miss Squeak is a virgo.
 Squeak is following Lilly's advice and breaking the sleep-training-rules!!! :) I cannot wait to see her personality unfold and it will be FUN to see if it matches the above description. Xoxo-BLC