Rainbow Row

This New Year's Eve I'll be celebrating in the lowcountry! I have a gorgeous dress, pink champagne, and wonderful friends to welcome 2009. This past year has been amazing and I want to thank you for making it so memorable. Cheers to you and here is to wishing you a happy, healthy, and colorful New Year! Xoxo-BLC


Stir It Up

Coffee makes me happy. Really happy. You cannot imagine my excitement when I found the "I am not a paper cup" porcelain mug. It looks just like a white paper cup, but is reusable (go green), microwavable, and dishwasher safe. DailyCandy then leaves me an email with the coffee cup cuff tempting me. I mean, you can cuff your mug (to keep the hands from singeing of course) or wear it as jewelry. Practical and stylish. Love it! Get your drink on, coffee drink that is. Xoxo-BLC  


Class Act

Instead of a class ring, my parents gave me the most gorgeous pearl ring for high school graduation. Everything about it was lovely. But ... during my senior year of college, the pearl fell out of the ring. I was devastated. I called home in tears. As college graduation neared, I could not stand to ask my parents for a class ring after loosing the pearl. My sweet parents replaced the pearl as a graduation present. The pearl ring is even more stunning now. I resolved to buying myself a class ring upon completion of law school. Little did I know, Ale and my parents teamed up to pop for it as a Christmas present. I am so tickled!!! Thanks for making Christmas 2008 very special. Xoxo-BLC


Party Like It's 2009!

Thank you K at Good Gals Inc for my fourth blog award! You are generous and fabulous. I truly appreciate your blog friendship. Here goes ... "Rules: a. You must be a true lover of the New Year to receive. The person who gave you the award must also heart the New Year. b. List five loves about the New Year. No limit beyond five. c. Pass on, as many peeps as you like. And, let 'em know! d. Don't forget to tag the awarder!" 

5. I am loving that I am not overdosing on sugar.
4. I am loving that I have a blog and blog friends.
3. I am loving that I made my law grade goal.
2. I am loving that I am still living my dream and keeping it colorful. 
1. I am loving that my family is healthy, happy, and full.

I'll be passing this one on to ...

Congrats girlies and keep 2009 positive! Xoxo-BLC



Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook, owes me years of my life back. I resisted joining until my sophomore year of college, and thereafter, I was toast. Until now. Blogging consumes my internet-fun-time and I cannot even tell you the last time I logged onto Facebook. Does this mean I am un-facehooked? I hope so! Xoxo-BLC


Shop in Fussy Flats

Happy Second Black Friday! So, were you naughty or nice? Either way, today is a new day and your slate is fresh. I suggest you color it by shopping your little heart out. And, the deals are expected to be outrageous. Eeek! How exciting? Below are my anticipated stop spots. Xoxo-BLC


Merry Christmas

Today is magical, because I believe ... "For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11 (KJV). I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy! Xoxo-BLC


Christmas Eve

The Eve is upon us. Are you as excited as me!? Ale and I are leaving work a tad early to surprise my father. He is leading the Children's Service this afternoon and we want to be there first hand. The service is always so precious. Last year, the biblical characters where "hidden" in the pews. As the children found the characters they were to bring them forward. The little girl who found baby Jesus refused, and I do mean refused, to give up baby Jesus. She kept saying "this is my baby Jesus." I love it. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Eve. Enjoy! Xoxo-BLC


The Mistletoe Party

Cocktail dress, check.
Bow tie for Ale, check.

Snogged eggnog, check.
Chocolates for the host, check.

Holiday cheer, check.
Expected kiss, checkkk.

Mistletoe, check check check.


Deck the Halls

Christmastime always makes me reflect. The pink room to the right, taken from the White House during the Reagan era, reminds me of my mother's formal living room. Her formal living room is pink and holds the family portraits. My favorite is of my mother as a child. The story of her portraiture begins with my grandmother taking painting classes. Unbeknownst to my grandmother, her art teacher had snapped a picture of my mother at a flower market and began painting the picture. My grandmother recognized the subject in the painting as my mother from the purse she was carrying. My grandmother convinced her art teacher to finish the piece as a commissioned project. Now it is decked on the pink wall. When I enter the formal living room, I am reminded of our laughter, conversations, and cheer that have taken place amongst the portraits. That is one of my sweetest holiday memories. Xoxo-BLC


Feliz Navidad

Confession: I loathe most Christmas music. How horrible? To restore your faith in me, here are my top five Christmas songs that I can listen to over and over and over again (especially on July 25th ... I love celebrating Christmas in July)! What are your absolute favorite Christmas songs? Do share and get festive! Xoxo-BLC

1. Silent Night by Il Divo
2. White Christmas by Michael Buble
3. Ave Maria by Josh Groban
4. Mele Kalikimaka by Jimmy Buffett
5. Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano


Fa La La La

Phew! Ale and I made it. We are back in Rome to kick off  the celebration. We start our first round of Christmas. I woke up early (I blame the cold I picked up) and I could hear the rain outside. How lovely? I am looking forward to a lazy day filled with amazing company, great food, and heartfelt gift exchanges. Tis the season to spread the festive cheer! Xoxo-BLC


Lunch Bunch

After college graduation, my sweet friends and I always met for Lunch Bunch on Fridays. We would dish about our big girl jobs, the boys in our lives, and the social festivities. It was such a fabulous way to kick off the weekend. For the past four months I have managed to miss every Lunch Bunch. Ick! I blame law school and differing time zones. Today, I am thrilled to rejoin Lunch Bunch and dish with all the girlies. See you at our favorite spot on the dot! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I couldn't resist tagging Ladies Who Launch. Such a cute name for such a magnificent company. 



Maid-zil-a (n.): The perfect bridesmaid. Hehe! Here is my bridesmade how-to-guide: (1) When you hear she is engaged, send her your favorite bridal magazine to wet her appetite. (2) Appease her mother and grandmother by throwing her an elegant bridal shower. (3) Let her pick the destination, then plan a bachelorette party beyond her wildest expectations. (4) Finally, give a killer toast at the rehearsal dinner. My first blog follower (Thanks Kirby!), Good Gals Inc, created a super cute company when she could not find her nearlywed friend the perfect gift. I can relate! Below are a few of my staple gift ideas to further make the bride-to-be one happy camper. Enjoy! Xoxo-BLC


Fling with Earrings

My dear friend Ash is remarkable. My favorite story I tell on her all the time goes like this. After college, she jetted off to Africa to volunteer. I had always described her as the friend who would give me the shirt off her back. And, I still do (because she still would). When it was time for Ash to return to the States, she left everything she had brought with her in Africa. And I mean everything. She truly has a heart of gold. Anyhoo, I am so excited to support her new venture ... jewelry making! I own the gold pair pictured and I absolutely love them! If you too are interested, email me I'll give you the 411. Best of luck Ash! Xoxo-BLC


Love Affair

I absolutely adore Lilly Pulitzer (the icon, the clothing, the story ... all of it)! Lilly Pulitzer is an inspiration for me and I dream bigger because of it. You can read her story here. When I wear Lilly, I know it is going to be a great day (and I wear Lilly often). So, when Trisha tagged me on the Lilly Blog, I felt like a kid in the candy shop. Thank you Trisha and everyone at the Pink Palace for making my life more colorful! Xoxo-BLC


The Firm

Eeeeek! I am squealing with excitement. I am returning to the firm today for my holiday break. While fellow students are off skiing or baking under the sun, I will be billing. Billing time that is. And, I couldn't be happier. I have missed the girls, water cooler talk, and the workload. Thanks for having me back! Xoxo-BLC


Tack-i-fied Festivities

For as long as I can remember the Hens and the Tills have each thrown an annual "Tacky Christmas Sweater Party." Unfortunately, I have never attended ... which is bizarre because I never miss a party if I can help it! Well, this year, my 1L class threw an ugly sweater party Friday night, so did the Hens, and the Tills threw theirs Saturday night. In order to make up for lost time, I attended alllll three. And what a blast! I would especially like to thank my mom for her gracious contributions (*cough* the sweaters *cough*). So, are you attending your share of tacky sweater parties? Tell me about it! Xoxo-BLC


Air Supply

I fly home for the holidays today. Yeah! I am looking forward to hugging my M&B, laughing with my D&D, shopping with my sisters, kissing Ale, and enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of home. I am cleared for take off! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Do you think the airport will stamp my Lilly Pulitzer Jetsetter Passport? I hope so! Tee hee.


Finally Finals Finalized

Yippieeee! I am officially a 1L and half. I can hear Neil Armstrong saying, "That is one small step for man, but one giant leap for" BLC!! Woot woot. The problem to my left was NOT on my exam (that I recall). Hehe. Time to be merry! Xoxo-BLC


Get Carded

Spoiler alert! But, by popular demand, here it is, my Christmas card! The inside reads, "Have a sweet holiday." How adorable!? Sujean Rim of DailyCandy illustrated the card for the Robin Hood Foundation. The best part, the proceeds support the foundation's cause: poverty in New York City. According to Ghandi, "Poverty is the worst form of violence." You can help fight poverty this Christmas by donating food/clothing/money, volunteering at your local soup kitchen, praying for those in need ... be creative, there are a million ways to lend a helping hand! Xoxo-BLC


Sport This

My competitive sports include: shopping, tennis, shopping, distance running, and shopping. Where do I get my competitive edge? Oh, that is one secret I will never tell. Regardless, the Pink Palm just marked Lilly Pulitzer's Fall Collection 80% off. Eeeek [me, shrieking with excitement]! Here is my must-have-list:

Tote: $100.00; Boots: $100.00; Sweater: $72.00; Headband: $30.00; Cuff: $92.00. Could this be any cuter? Xoxo-BLC



Sho-pu`ho-lik (n.): Me. The book series about me. The upcoming movie about me. See here, this blog is even about me.

I am looking forward to the 2009 movie release. Woot woot! If my bff's and I popped champagne at the premiere of SATC, does this mean we will be dressed to kill for this viewing? I think so!! Xoxo-BLC


Game On

Question: How many monopolies would complete me? 
Answer: All of the below. 

Get your game face on, I am after the Breakers, Boardwalk,
Duke Chapel, and Death Valley. Xoxo-BLC


Bedside Baptist

My stepmadre made a funny [click here and you can too]. My plug for the week: find a lovely church to call home. Sundays add a little pep in my step. I rarely miss a Sunday service, whether it be my regular Methodist church or Bedside Baptist (it starts whenever you wake up). Just remember, God and you time is i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t! Xoxo-BLC


Secrets Out

Can you keep a secret? I can. But ... I have managed to convince everyone that I stink at secrets. Why? I hate being liable. What if I spill the beans? What if someone else does and I catch the heat? Too risky in my book. I like gossip just as much as the next girl. But since, oh November 25th when I entered into the blogosphere (and blabbed about it), no one has told me a secret. As if I would blog about it! Nonetheless, it is time to exercise my secret-keeping-ability. I am on a mission to find a secret and keep it! Wish me luck. Xoxo-BLC

PS: The book pictured by Sophie Kinsella rocks!


Tag, You're It

I love playing tag!

What is your motto in life? 
To lead a colorful life and wear it well.

How do you spend your money? 
On Lilly Pulitzer, of course! 

What is your favorite past time? 
Summers at Lake Lure

How do you relax? 
Long runs followed by a bubble bath. 

What do you covet? 
A wagoneer, circa 1984.

Now its YOUR turn! Ready? Set. GO! Xoxo-BLC


I heart the 80's

It's true. I really love the 80's. The under-appreciated decade deserves a little love. Sample the mini-playlist below by clicking here! Xoxo-BLC
1. Hot Blooded by Foreigner 
2. Under Pressure by Queen
3. Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry
4. Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar
5. Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton 

PS: Ugh, so what they aren't ALL 80's songs ... 


The Break-Up

Breaking-up is hard to do! And, it's true. We broke-up. Lesson from Brit-Brit well learned. Womanizers will never work out. You see, all my friends have been with David. Multiple times. For example, here is a picture of my frenemy Kate with David. They can love him all they want, but we are through! Yurman, this yuppie is over coveting you. Xoxo-BLC

PS: I am keeping the jewelry you gave me. 
PSS: And, you might resurface on my Christmas list someday. 


Oh, Brit-Brit

Happy Birthday Brit-Brit! Cheers to your womanizing ways. Xoxo-BLC
FYI: Viewer discretion advised. Brit-Brit tworkz it at ...


Shop in Furry Slippers

Happy Cyber Monday! Help cure this so called "recession" and keep shopping. Maybe even while working ... hello online shopping. The perk, your mail will include more than bills. Below are my favorite online sites. Do your duty and pump the economy! Xoxo-BLC