Pacific Wave

Must all good things come to an end???
Sunsets ... summertime ... vacation. :(
Waving goodbye to the Pacific!!! Xoxo-BLC


Cellar Hopping

Visiting California wouldn't be complete without a wine tour! We headed to Temecula Valley and visited three vineyards. My favorite sips were White Merlot and Almond Champagne.
We lunched in the Barrel Room at Wilson Creek --- a must!!! I heard it through the grapevine that a certain BFF wants to go to Napa Valley for her bachelorette party. After visiting Temecula,  I am sooo ready!!! Cheers! Xoxo-BLC


Down the Rabbit Hole

After a delish dindin downtown, we ventured to the Gas Lamp district for cocktails. 
We happened upon Syrah, an "Alice in Wonderland" themed venue:
We "fell" down the rabbit hole (entering through a hidden door) into wonderland. Roots fell from the ceiling, plant pots made walls, playing cards popped up everywhere --- Charles Dodgson would be proud. It really was magical! Off to take advice from a caterpillar!!! Xoxo-BLC


Casa del Pendio di Collina

We nested at the lovely Four Seasons in Aviara. 
Our view entailed the sensational hillside. Looks like Italy to me!
The dry 75 degree weather made for perrrrfect laying out conditions. 
And, the pool had underwater speakers ... well, I never!!! 
I had the best time parked poolside and chit chatting up a storm with my favorite Los Angeles friend. It was such a treat to see her and it was wonderful catching up ... in person!!! Miss you much LMK!!!


What a happy (lunch) hour!

A trip to San Diego would not be complete without meeting the fabulous Muffy Martini!!! We met at Fashion Valley, where else!? We lunched ... and I could have stayed there for hours and hours and hours. We chatted about everything under the sun. She was just divine!!! She was so tickled by my southern accent ... and I by hers. After lunch, she took me to her Lilly Pulitzer shop. When we walked in, the shopgirls greeted her by name --- too cute!!! We browsed and talked about our favorites from the Fall line. Aren't you just in love with Fall? We are!!! I had the best time meeting Mrs. Muffy and to honor her ... a little martini recipe! Cheers!!! Xoxo-BLC


This Wild-LIFE!!!

Once before in San Diego, I visited the zoo. Or so I thought ... I actually visited the Safari Park! 
So, we headed to the best zoo ever ...
"Let me out!!!" Poor turtle. 
Just hanging out with monkeys!!!
"You don't say! Hipposterious!!!"
PINK! My favorite color. :)
The zoo was sooo big ... we needed a lift!!! Xoxo-BLC


Route 101

Driving down the scenic 101 with the top down. Route 101 spans the Pacific coastline. 
I find it just gorgie and absolutely breathtaking. Xoxo-BLC


Greetings from sunny San Diego!!!

We are ready to soak up that famous southern California sunshine!!! Xoxo-BLC


1. Fly in color!

Did you know flying in style can be comfy too!? I do not want to waste one minute in the hotel room changing into resortwear to start our vacay. So I am wearing the pictured Andover dress while flying up, up, and away to our travel destination. I usually read a book/magazine or watch a movie or catch up on sleep during plane rides. Since we have a looong flight to the west coast, I might do all three: read, movie, and sleep too! I am allll packed and sooo ready to go!!! I hope you enjoyed this packing segment as much as I did. Ciao and see you when we return. Xoxo-BLC

PS: I am pleased to announce the winner of Devon Baer's Poppy Belt is A Boston Belle! Woohoo and congratulations KAC!!! Please email your addy to Devon at devonbaer@aol.com. Many thanks to ALL who participated and a very special thanks to Devon Baer's for graciously hosting this giveaway. Cheers!!!

PSS: Oh and if you want a postcard from moi while I'm away, but you haven't sent me an email yet ... you're in luck because it is not too late!!! Shoot me an email at thecompanyshekeeps@gmail.com by this Saturday. I will be checking emails via Blackberry. :)


2. Suit yourself.

A day by the sea is a MUST when summering!!! Since I can never pre-decide, I will pack a bikini, tankini, and one piece to suit myself on our sea-date. Shades, hat, suncream, flips, towel, magazines, book, and a tote to carry it all!!! Oh and of course a cutsy tunic coverup. Choosing whether to wear a swimsuit or a power suit will be no brainer this week!!! Hello sunshine. Xoxo-BLC


3. Just bead it.

Frills make any outfit better!!! Frills include baubles, totes, shades, and footwear. My favorite baubles right now are BIG bangles and loud necklaces! My second carryon will be a MONSTER of a purse. A small clutch will also make it into my luggage for easy peasy outings. Dark shades and comfy, but super cute shoes always complete an outfit. Don't you agree?! How do you make your outfits pop while on vacay!? 


4. Looking for the man in the moon.

Since the weather can be so unpredictable, I always pack in l-a-y-e-r-s!!! I carry a teeny tiny umbrella for the unexpected rain showers. For those breezy, moonlight nights, I usually skip the cardi and opt for a pashmina instead. I always pack TONS of pashminas in a rainbow of colors. I think pashminas help me search better for the man in the moon. Ha! Xoxo-BLC


5. Sweet dreams are made of these.

As you know, I am unpacking to re-pack for our next getaway. I am so excited!!! I thought a little packing segment would be rather appropriate. I must pack efficiently because I refuse to check my luggage. Silly me, but sooo true. Lilly sent these packing tips before and I am adding my two cents. Here goes ...
Sleeping well on vacation is a must!!! I find sleeping in a foreign bed is tough enough. I always pack my most comfy PINK sleepwear --- the kind that makes your eyes heavy after slipping into. Yawn!!! If that doesn't do the trick, I sometimes cheat and take Simply Sleep. Zzzz. Sweet dreams are made of theses!!! Do you have any sleep hints up your pajama sleeves? Xoxo-BLC


Going Postal

While traveling this week with family and looking forward to traveling next week with Ale, I started thinking about going postal! Let me explain: as a child, my parents frequently mailed postcards home when traveling. I would squeal and jump for joy when their postcards arrived (and I still very much enjoy mail - hehe). If I traveled with my parents, I would always carefully select the prettiest postcards for my family and friends. And, I often still buy postcards to send or keep. Call it a habit, but sending and receiving postcards is sooo much fun!!! So, next week, Ale and I will be traveling FAR away (think west coast) to rest and relax before bidding summertime farewell. While there, I thought it would be a hoot to send my family, friends, and blog readers postcards!!! Yes, I want to send YOU a postcard!!! If you want a postcard from moi, please email me your addy at thecompanyshekeeps@gmail.com. I will reveal our travel destination and wish you a wild rest of summertime. Giving mail is just as fun as receiving!!! Cheers to going postal. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Ash, I still have your postcard from Uganda on my refrigerator. Yes, three years later. Many thanks for sending my way and much love!!! :)


Fruit Stand

After leaving the coast, we just had to stop at a local fruit stand.
North Carolina born and North Carolina bred (just like me!!!), these watermelons are sure to be sweeeeeet. Local just taste better. What local crop do you break for!? We brake for NC watermelons!!! Xoxo-BLC


Tour de Southeast

I loooove to travel.
Today starts "Tour de Southeast"!
Five days, four states.
I will visit two BFFs,
two grandparents,
uncles, aunts, cousins,
and spend LOTS of time with my parents.
What could be better!?
I don't "do" road trips well.
But this is a road trip I refuse to miss!!!
Off to see the BEST of the southeast.


Cookie Monster

For as long as I can remember, one of my favorite past times is making cookies with my sweet madre. 
From rolling out the dough to watching the oven bake to frosting with care to 
shake-shake-shaking the color sugars, it is just sooo much fun!!! 
Joeytella oversees that no cookie burns ...
We usually make cookies for Christmas or Easter and give most away to family, friends, and neighbors ...
 But with upcoming travels, we thought, why not!? 
A cookie or two on the road and a plate for those we visit just seemed appropriate. 
Mmm!!! Sugar frosted cheers to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC


Happy Friday the 13th!

I've posted this before ... but Friday the 13th doesn't happen but every so often!!! Here is the re-post: "Happy Friday the 13th to you and yours! In my family, we happen to like Friday the 13th. On Friday, November 13th, 1998, I skipped school due to the flu-bug. Then the call we had been waiting for CAME! I missed the festivities, but my parents said they drove faster than race-car-drivers to the hospital where my oldest sissy gave birth to a beautiful-blonde-hair-blue-eyed boy. Cheers to the 11-year-old beautiful-blonde-hair-blue-eyed birthday boy: Friday the 13th is YOUR DAY! Enjoy!!!" I'm off to play with my BFF Apsy on this glorious Friday the 13th. I hope yours is extra spookie!!! Xoxo-BLC


Belt It Out: Devon Baer Giveaway!!!

Yes, it is time for another giveaway on TCSK!!! Devon Baer Designs graciously is giving away this belt to one lucky TCSK reader. Woohoo!!! I am a HUGE fan of Devon Baer's collection.
Devon says this about the Poppy Belt: "Go glam in this bold, colorful, candy-esque belt. Pile this playful and bright patterned belt over any outfit and your good to go! The geo patterned fabric is 100% cotton. The vibrant colors pair perfectly with the black lacquer elephant rhinestone encrusted buckle. This belt is adjustable with inside velcro. The velcro adds comfort and easy wearability. The belt width is about 1 3/8" wide. Custom sizing is available." 
In our email correspondence, Devon also said, "I'm totally in love and hopefully you and your readers will be as well!" Ohhhh yes!!! I am totally in love too. I have the perfect black dress that needs this extra pop of color! Don't you!??
To enter to win, just leave a comment. No blog? That is okay, just leave your email address. For an extra entry, "like" Devon Baer on Facebook and leave a second comment. Please leave a comment for each entry because the winner will be picked via random.org. All entries are due before August 23rd, 2010. As always, many thanks for reading TCSK and a HUGE thanks to Devon Baer for hosting this wonderful giveaway. Best wishes!!! Xoxo-BLC


Born to be WILD

Hi parrots, I am a parakeet (aka a child of Jimmy Buffett fans)!!!
Spotted! Giraffes necking.
Delish H20, eh?
I had a zoo-ific time walking on the wild side. Xoxo-BLC


Puppy Love

Remember this post: http://thecompanyshekeeps.blogspot.com/search?q=brutus? There I introduced our newest family member, my granddad's furbaby: Brutus the English Bulldog!!! He is just too cute for words. 

Look at Brutus's BIG smile! And, those pups played ALL day at Grandad's house. Brutus might weigh twice as much as Joeytella, but Joeytella still let Brutus know who is boss. That might not last long!These two pups have stolen my heart!!! Cheers to puppy love. Xoxo-BLC


"Football Season"

It's only pre-season football and this has already happened:
Mary Phillips always says it best. The remote belongs to Ale until Super Bowl weekend.
Let the football games begin! Xoxo-BLC


Pitch Perfect

On a whim, a pair of our Clemson chums invited us to jet to Atlanta, Georgia for the Braves game. 
We wanted to catch-up with these friends and what better what than to get out of town together!? 
I have never packed so fast in all my life!!!
Our tickets were in the 755 Club which meant a great view plus a-i-r--c-o-n-d-i-t-i-o-n!!!
Both the Braves and the San Francisco Giants played a great game ... and the Braves won!!! Woohooo. Sara Evans performed a concert in Turner Field afterwards. She has such an amazing voice!!! We then left Turner Field to celebrate the win in Midtown. We had a blast getting out of town and catching up with our dear friends while watching the Braves. Cheers to wonderful friends, spontaneous trips, and great games!


Don't walk ... RUSH!!!

I have mentioned this before, but it's worth mentioning again: when I meet a Kappa Delta or a Lilly-lover, we automatically have something in common!!! I could chat up a KD or LL alllll day long. Sooo when Lilly Pulitzer recently released this sorority line:
I squealed with delight! Kappa Delta colored my college experience. Mamatella was a KD and I just had to be one too!!! The KD in her taught me to strive for what is honorable, beautiful, and highest. I have lifelong friendships and a passion for philanthropy because of KD. Lilly's would support such an organization! I have many BFFs kin to Tri-Delt, Kappa, and DZ (hiiiii SIL). We are sooo excited about this sorority line. So, don't walk, RUSH is right around the corner. Cheers to going Greek! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I am helping the local KD chapter with Rush this year and the Rush Chair is a MAJOR Lilly Pulitzer fan!!! A Kappa Delta, Lilly-lover ... does it get any better!? :)


Case Closed

My lovely friend, Murphy's (New) Law, sent me a surprise surcie not too long ago. I squealed with delight when I saw the package and jumped for joy when I saw who the package was from!!! I heart you CJM! From the box to her handwriting to her kind note, everything was just darrrrrrrrrrrling!!! So, one of the items included was this case. I am absolutely obsessed!!! I think everyone should have one, whether to hold make-up or miscellaneous purse items. I am using it as a camera case. It holds my camera, battery charger, and camera cord. And it is the perrrrrrrrfect fit!!! My camera has never traveled sooo well!!! How does your camera travel!? And, my camera travels everywhere with me. CJM, I truly truly truly appreciate your generosity and, even more so, your sweet friendship!!! Maaany thanks!!! Chin chin.Xoxo-BLC

PS: A while back, commenter Rosemarie asked what type of camera I use: a Cannon PowerShot. It is easy to use, little to carry, and very durable. I just love it. :)


Winner's Circle

Congratulations to CALillyLover!!! According to Random.org, you are comment 101 and that makes you the winner of The Pink Pelican's Lilly Pulitzer Towel Giveaway!!! Many thanks for entering and I hope you enjoy enjoy enjoy. As you all know, I visited The Pink Pelican on my weekend getaway with Mamatella. I did not realize until I unpacked my bag on Sunday that The Pink Pelican sent me away with a surcie: my very own Lilly Pulitzer towel!!! I absolutely LOVE it and the story it tells!!! Many many many thanks to The Pink Pelican --- for spoiling me rotten and for graciously hosting this giveaway. Also, I truly truly truly appreciate all the readers who entered. Be on the lookout for the Devon Baer giveaway coming soon!!! Pink and green cheers to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC


Trunk Show Shopaholic

Is there anything better than a good trunk show!? As a trunk show shopaholic, I think not!!! 
Especially when it's a Devon Baer trunk show ...
Calling all Rhode Islanders and nearbyers, you are cordially invited!!! Don't you wish you could attend? 
I do too, but we can shop our hearts out online at www.devonbaer.com
Happy Shopping to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC

PSS: And, the next giveaway on TCSK will be from Devon Baer!!! Woohooo. :)


A Secret Garden

"In all my garden's length and breadth
I like these common things
A sturdy, low-branched apple tree
Where, daily, a finch sings;
The clematis that trims: the fence
With garlands of white lace;
The maidenhair and Ostrich ferns
That fill each shady space;
The fragrance of quaint mignonette
When touched with evening dew
And best of all I like grass pinks
Like those my mother grew."
My Choice by Velma D. Bates
Mamatella and I ended our girls-only, mini-vaca with a lovely walk through the local gardens followed by a leisurely brunch. My mother is the most loving, understanding, gracious person I know. Many thanks for being such an excellent role model and for being my wonderful mother. Cheers to our great weekend getaway!!! Xoxo-BLC