A Secret Garden

"In all my garden's length and breadth
I like these common things
A sturdy, low-branched apple tree
Where, daily, a finch sings;
The clematis that trims: the fence
With garlands of white lace;
The maidenhair and Ostrich ferns
That fill each shady space;
The fragrance of quaint mignonette
When touched with evening dew
And best of all I like grass pinks
Like those my mother grew."
My Choice by Velma D. Bates
Mamatella and I ended our girls-only, mini-vaca with a lovely walk through the local gardens followed by a leisurely brunch. My mother is the most loving, understanding, gracious person I know. Many thanks for being such an excellent role model and for being my wonderful mother. Cheers to our great weekend getaway!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. Beautiful images...as well as the poem :)
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Those gardens are gorgeous!


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