New Year, New Look

Kick that old Christmas tree to the curb ...
... it's 2013 and it's time for a facelift!!! TCSK new do:
Chin chin to 2013 and may it be the best yet!!! Xoxo-BLC 


Ta-Ta Telluride ...

It's hard to leave Telluride. I see why people come visit and never leave.
I have a feeling this isn't our one and only visit ...
... so until we meet again ...
... ta-ta for now Telluride!!! Xoxo-BLC


Night Caps

Our first night we hopped on the gondola and rode it from Mountain Village into Telluride. We walked the town and enjoyed the scene. We dinned at Smugglers and felt like family when we left.
On our second night, we ate a swanky, but cozy, Italian restaurant called Rustico. It was realllly delicious and I swear my plate of pasta was growing. We were so tired from skiing we didn't make it for a night cap.
The last night we ate out, we drove into Telluride and shopped for a surcies. We then watched the X-games and the locals cheer for a Telluride competitor who did sooo well. We dinned at Brown Dog Pizza. I don't know how I lived this long without Detroit style pizza. I've already looked at our local pizzeria and NONE serve it. Therefore, we are on a mission to have Brown Dog Pizza open a location near me. I am mad at you people from Detroit keeping this secret for so long ... Xoxo-BLC

Slippery Slope

We hit the slopes bright and early and skied our hearts out allllll morning. We started with the same slopes and then did Village Bypass a few times. We dinned half way down at this lodge:

I am beyond thankful for s-a-f-e skiing. No one in our group suffered any major spills or injuries. What a blessing!?! And, you-know-who is giving this whole skiing thing a thumbs up after conquering a blue on day two!!! Can a pencil in next year's ski trip!?! Xoxo-BLC


Snow Angels

Confession: my husband has never ever been skiing. Why not learn in Telluride!?!
 While I've skied my whole life, I am nothing to brag about --- with age I've lost speed and guts. As such, we signed up for a private lesson.
I planned to laugh at the beginner, but there was nothing to laugh at ... he was a natural and took right too it. I am still beyond impressed that he learned to ski.
 And he skied well ... like better than me!!! Our instructor Bill was ah-mazing. He helped us learn the mountain and lifts. It was so clutch having his guidance.
We met up with our friends for lunch and skied until close with them. We really enjoyed Double Cabins and Galloping Goose. Both were looong double greens and beyond picturesque. Xoxo-BLC


Fur Friends

Do you spy what I spy!?!
We had just hopped out of the hot tub and freshened up for dindin when ...
... we spied these three furry fellows!!!
Telluride deer definitely look a little different than those in Dixie.

Log Cabin

We nested in a huge, snowed in log cabin on the Mountain Village side of Telluride.
 I wish I had taken more pictures inside: it was perrrfectly decorated to be a cozy cabin.
 The scenery surrounding the grounds had me in awe of God's creation.
 Isn't it gorgie!?!
 We decided the birch trees look silver in Telluride. How pretty!!?
If I never leave, you know where to find me ... Xoxo-BLC


Telluride, Colorado

Friends of ours invited us to go skiing in Telluride, Colorado and I could not have been more excited. I haven't been skiing in FIVE years and have been itching to go ... especially out west. Telluride is nestled in the southern left corner of Colorado. I had never been, but I had definitely over played Tim McGraw's song Telluride in high school.

In Telluride, the snow falling down 
Standing there alone in that sleepy little town 
In her eyes, my world came so alive 
I never will forget the day she said goodbye 

Telluride, the snow falling down 
I was waking up in that sleepy little town 
In her eyes my world came so alive 
I never will forget the moment she arrived 
In Telluride 

It is by far the most beautiful snowscape I've ever witnessed. Did you know the snow capped Rocky Mountains on your Coors beer can hails from Telluride? I didn't either and wow as it breathtaking. We flew into Montrose and had an hours ride to take in the snowy scenery. I could have driven for hours and hours. We hoped onto the gondola at Mountain Village and ate lunch at Tomboys at the base of the Telluride mountain ski slope. I could get use to traveling by gondola!!! Xoxo-BLC


Happy New Year and Welcome 2013!!!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!!! May this be your best year yet!!! Xoxo-BLC