Pitch Perfect

I grew up going to Knight's baseball games and loved it. While in college, I went to plenty of Clemson baseball games. Then, I also worked at the Lilly shop in Greenville and saw the town build their minor league baseball stadium downtown. The whole "if you build it, they will come" is so true because I have never seen so many business men flock by the shop when The Greenville Drive threw their first pitch.

Mamatella came to town for a long visit and our Sunday School class had planned to all attend the baseball game. Of course I dragged her along and it was loads of fun. I do think ballpark food is just better when pregnant (and I ate my weight in food truck happies and hot dogs). I am looking forward to a lot of summertime baseball games to come!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Believe it or not, I know you cannot see the bump above, but that shirt was too tight and has been retired until post-baby. I do think it is funny how some angles you can hardly tell and then others is like WOW. :)


Oreo Ice Cream

Over two years ago, my sweet friend Linds made this ah-mazing dessert at her dinner party. And it was sooo ah-mazing I haven't forgotten and just snagged the recipe from her. I've made it twice in one month and see no stopping in sight. I assure you this is just better than store bought oreo ice cream!!! It's easy peasy to make and sooo refreshing in this summertime heat. I've had a lot of questions about preggo cravings and I hate to disappoint, but I'm not really having any. I do eat a lot of ice cream ... but I think it has more to do with the "preggers hall pass" (i.e. a few more treats  allowed since booze, good stinky cheese, etc. are off limits). I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!!! Xoxo-BLC


Salt Water Waves

This ended up being my favorite day spot:
Look at that bump!!! Has it gotten bigger since we got here or WHAT!!! 
I'm just thankful my Lilly tankini still fits.
 This view is paradise, don't you agree!?! I didn't know the Atlantic could be so crystal clear blue.
 The sandmasters next to us on the beach created this mermaid and she stayed around ALL day to play.
Tis so sad to pack up and head home. It's been an ah-mazing babymoon. I am so thankful for the opportunity to take this one last trip just us - we've had the best time and it's been so much fun. While I hate to leave, I am sooo looking forward to being home after a five day hiatus from our furbaby Stewart - I cannot wait to squeeeeze him!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Happy Memorial Day!!! Today and always we reflect, miss, and thank those and their families who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and our country. You are missed and will never be forgotten. Godspeed.



 For our last night in Palm Beach, I made reservations at the much raved about Buccan ... or so I thought. I accidentally made those ressies for two weeks from now. Ooopsie daisy. Thankfully the Flagler Steakhouse at The Breakers squeezed us in and it was such a lovely evening. It's located at the Golf Club and I could just move into their clubhouse. It almost made me want to pick up golf again!!! Tis sad our babymoon is coming to an end but it has been the most fun! Xoxo-BLC

Cruising ...

We took a beach bike cruising around Palm Beach and here are our routes:
This was my view most of the time ... only I was usually much further away from him:
It was terrifying riding without helmets but the road was only busy for a minute.
We found our new home above ... #dreaming!!!
We found a few bike paths ... and then we found: LILLY's MANSION!!! It's for sale ...
I found out when we returned our bikes at The Breakers that they had two Lilly cruisers ...
you just have to ask for them. I know for next time!!!
I was on the lookout for alligators as we passed two golf courses and the bayside ... no luck!!!


A Fine Nine

Nine years ago today Ale and I started dating. I am so thrilled to be his other half and I love him to the moon and back. I cannot believe we will be adding to our duo this year and am beyond excited to meet our little bundle of JOY. Cheers to a fine nine and many many manyyyyy more to come!!! Xoxo-BLC

Pool Thirty

Today we opted for the "silent pool" which plays relaxing music and verrry peaceful.
I found the mocktail list and ordered a pomegranate something that was delishhh.
I devoured the new Sophie Kinsella book and Ale read paper after paper after paper.
The silent pool forbids phones ... but that didn't stop you know who ... 
Cheers to pool thirty ... a little rest and relaxation just good for the soul!!! Xoxo-BLC

C. Orrico's Lilly Land

A visit to Palm Beach isn't complete without a trip to the local Lilly store ...
I've shopped C. Orrico online and oh la la do they have everrrrrry bit of the Lilly line. It was so fun seeing it ALL in one store. Again, not much fits the belly ... but it's still fun to look.
 My husband was so patient and clearly wins husband of the year award after I made us stop here. :)
 Don't you just love the Lilly couch? I actually have ooodles of this exact fabric ... 
... don't tempt me to try this at home ...
I was verrry impressed with the Lilly sale selection - they had LOADS of inventory on sale. If you are hunting for a piece from Resort or Spring, give the shop girls at C. Orrico a call ... they just might have it on sale!!! Xoxo-BLC


Don't Be So Taboo ... Or DO!!!

Whisked by a quite taxi ride to Worth Avenue, we window shopped before dinning at Taboo.
Old friend Murphy's New Law made the dindin recommendation and I am so glad she did.
It was delishhh. While there,  a sweet old lady asked me if we were having a boy or girl.
I told her we were keeping it a surprise and she said: "Well I know for sure it's either a boy or a girl."
It was such a funny exchange and it tickled me so.
Our stroll on Worth Avenue passed over Via Mizner ... calling all Lilly lovers: where it ALL started with that juice stand!!! This area was so precious and had such amazing shopping. If I lived in Palm Beach I don't think I would ever shop online or go to another mall again. Xoxo-BLC

SPF 15, 30, and 70

We hit the beach for some toes in the sand and waves crashing ...
... and the best part: a cabana boy sets up the lounge chairs and brings cold drinks.
The water was chilly ... but the sun was hot so it was quite refreshing!!!
The "no pictures please" pose:
Sending you and yours a pocketful of sunshine without any SPF needed!!! Xoxo-BLC

Lilly Pulitzer ... at The Breakers!!!

The Breakers resort has plenty of shops, but my favorite by far: The Lilly store!!!
Nestled in the cute courtyard, it's itty bitty but still has one or two of everything.
Not much of anything fit over my growing baby bump, but it sure was fun to shop anyways.
And I might have stopped by more than once or twice (or three times!).
I stopped counting the Lilly dresses I spied in Palm Beach shortly after we arrived ... it's literally the Land of Lilly and everrrrrrywhere you turn *bam* there is another Lilly dress. So fun! Xoxo-BLC


Fishie Fishie

The first evening in Palm Beach, we explored the premise,
 hit the pool, and stayed at the resort for dindin.
 We choose the Seafood Bar ... mostly to see this much talked about fish tank bar.
It was worth all the hype and then some.
Just look at those fishie fishies!!!


We perched poolside to soak up the Florida sunshine and it was divine!!!
The baby bump didn't catch many rays ...
... but the baby alligators sure did!!! The lizards are the biggest I've everrr seen.
The Breakers has multiple pools: infinity pool, kids pool, the silent pool ...
Each pool overlooks the ocean which is the best of both worlds: water without sand!


Happy Space

The moment we walked through the doorway ...
... we knew we would be comfy in this happy space!!!
Our room was on the top floor and had quite an ocean view.
The decor is just my taste and I wanted to take it all home with me.
From the coral back chairs to pineapple curtain rod, not a detail was missed.
And look at our welcome plant, Lilly magazine (how did they know!?!), 
and marg mocktails!!! That's it, I'm not leaving.
We caught a glimpse of other rooms and the blue rooms were also just gorgie.
Next time we move, I might just have to replicate this room into the mix ...

The Breakers

As we end the second trimester and enter into the third, we found it the perrrrfect time to hop on a plane and head off for a little babymoon!!! We haven't taken a proper just us trip since our honeymoon (gasp!!!) so this was much needed and anticipated.
I didn't want to leave the country or head anywhere remote just in case this baby makes an early appearance. So we picked Palm Beach, Florida as our destination and the place to stay: The Breakers!!!
The Breakers is a little slice of heaven on earth. The decor was to die for and I could just move in for good. One thing I learned on my Greece trip: the best way to explore a new place is to get lost. And that we did --- this place is HUGE and why leave when it has everrrrrything on site!?!
Even the ceilings were well decorated! It could transport you straight to Italy as if you were walking through the Sistine Chapel and little angels could float down at any moment.
Looking back I cannot believe I suggested this, but I did ask my husband if he wanted to cancel. The forecast predicted thunderstorm and rain ALL day every day without any sunshine. A babymoon without sunshine!?! Nooo. But my husband reminded me that it's Florida and rainshowers never last all day every day. And he was right! We actually had no rain and could not have asked for better weather!!! Xoxo-BLC