The Breakers

As we end the second trimester and enter into the third, we found it the perrrrfect time to hop on a plane and head off for a little babymoon!!! We haven't taken a proper just us trip since our honeymoon (gasp!!!) so this was much needed and anticipated.
I didn't want to leave the country or head anywhere remote just in case this baby makes an early appearance. So we picked Palm Beach, Florida as our destination and the place to stay: The Breakers!!!
The Breakers is a little slice of heaven on earth. The decor was to die for and I could just move in for good. One thing I learned on my Greece trip: the best way to explore a new place is to get lost. And that we did --- this place is HUGE and why leave when it has everrrrrything on site!?!
Even the ceilings were well decorated! It could transport you straight to Italy as if you were walking through the Sistine Chapel and little angels could float down at any moment.
Looking back I cannot believe I suggested this, but I did ask my husband if he wanted to cancel. The forecast predicted thunderstorm and rain ALL day every day without any sunshine. A babymoon without sunshine!?! Nooo. But my husband reminded me that it's Florida and rainshowers never last all day every day. And he was right! We actually had no rain and could not have asked for better weather!!! Xoxo-BLC

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