Swap Till You DROP!!!

You know what trumps shop till you drop!?! I'll tell you: swap till you drop!!! Almost two years agoRecipes from Newlyweds and I hosted our first ever Clothing Swap Soiree. Oh-my was it FUN!!!  
So we did it again ... a few weeks ago. There is something about Springtime that makes me want to dig deep in my closet and clean it out. And there is something about being pregnant and not able to wear half your wardrobe that makes you want to purge it allll. This swap is the perfect way to weed out those unworn clothes and send them to a happy home.
It's just more fun shopping friends closets and that's why I updated TCSK II with all the items that still need a good home. Lilly, purses, shoes, oh my!!! Happy shopping to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC

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