Mills House

We nested at the Mills House for the weekend.
 We looooved it. I loved loved loved the pinkness ...
 It was chic and comfy ...
... centrally located to everrrrrything ...
... I really could just move in!!! I mean look at that china cabinet!
The Francis Marion is one of my favorite Charleston hotels ...
but it has a new rival: hello Mills House!


The Wedding

My husband's childhood best friend married today and oh was it FUN!!!
 The pair were engaged in Paris on the love lock bridge ...
so how cute is their "guest book"!?! Everyone signed a lock.
 The wedding was at the Miles House which was stunning.
The courtyard provided the perfect outdoor venue 
and the Barbadoes Room provided the perfect indoor reception.
No wedding is complete without DANCING!!!
It was so much fun being a part of their BIG day.
Cheers to their love, laughter, and happily ever after. 

The Straw Market

I bolted really quickly before the wedding for a quick shop thru ...
 Charleston's famous Straw Market! The baskets and flowers are gooorgeous.
It was such a fun, lively site to see.
I purchase a sun hat and the biggest ice cream cone ever.
I could have spent ALL day on Market Street ...
but I definitely saved more to explore next time.


King Street

We made a weekend trip to Charleston for two favorite friend's "I dos."
 Any visit to Charleston isn't complete without visiting the mothership:
Palm Avenue is one of my favorite Lilly stores. :)
I walked out empty handed ... boo hooo ... but still a happy place.
 My husband was sweet enough to stop on King Street immediately - 
even before checking into our hotel.
I took a second, longer stroll later that weekend and saw the perfect vacay home:
 And doesn't this library make reading look even better!?!
I walked what felt like ALL of King Street during my second stroll.
But I had a mission: Glaze. It was worth the hike and the donuts were TDF!!!
If you are Charleston bound, King Street strolls are a must! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Earth Day!!!

Greeting Earthlings!!! According to Mary Phillips, go green or else: no more wine. Gasp!!! Wouldn't that be awful??? Not that I'm currently drinking any wine but to be without forever and ever ... nooo.
I adopted LP's motto: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Some of my favorite green tips: free the lint bunnies, curtail junk mail, reuse everything, and carry a water bottle. So please share: what you are doing to make this a greener Earth? Cheers to a better and greener tomorrow. Happy Earth Day to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC


Spring Cleaning at TCSK II

A little Spring cleaning just happened at TCSK II.
From vintage Lilly dresses to sparkly TOMS, these duds need a new home.
Happy Shopping to you and yours!!!


Crawfish Boil

It was Recipes From Newlyweds second annual Spring Break partay complete with a crawfish boil.
Stewart did receive an invite back even after his incessant tree trimming last year ...
... but we left him at home since he is such an escape artist away from home. I am digging spicy foods these days and the crawfish boil was divine (the brussel sprouts retained the most spices ... mmm).
This spring break partay was WILD!!! And ooodles of fun. Just think: a colorful pinata, cave man irrigation systems, loads of laughs, cute pie dogs, and delish food. Can't wait for next years!!! Xoxo-BLC


Believe in BB Cream

I love love love makeup and could spend hours in the make up aisle. As a self-professed make-up-aholic, I am always up for trying a new product. I usually give a trend a whirl, but stand by my go-to, simple, fuss-free routine. One new trend that is quickly becoming a staple: BB cream. I first tried L'Oreal's BB cream thanks to the Vogue sample. My take: it blends well but made me oily. Next, I tried Estee Lauder's BB cream. My take: the lightest color was way too dark and I'm not fair. Lastly, I tried Rimmel's BB cream and my take: LOVE it!!! It's lightweight, great coverage, easy to apply, and inexpensive. So dish: do you believe in BB cream!?! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I posted my make-up routine last year and not much has changed. I do wear a lighter powder when sporting the BB cream. Also, Revlon discontinued Rosenberry blush (WHY!??!!?) and now I'm getting by with Chanel's Rose Initial until I find a cheaper fix. I also added Estee Lauder's night repair serum to my nighttime routine to hopefully fight those laugh wrinkles. :)


When Life Hands You Lemons ...

In a recent issue of Town & Country magazine, there was a sweet article by Mary McCartney. She shared many things, especially a lot of memories with her mom, and one of them: Linda's lemon drizzle cake. I love to bake and knew I had to try this recipe. I am not the biggest lemon fan, but I haven't met a cake I didn't like so I gave it a whirl. It is mmm mmm delicious. It's very refreshing for springtime and just the perfect balance of lemon with cake. I didn't feel well at all during my first trimester and I learned verrrry quickly that carbs were best suited on the tummy until the afternoon. As such, my regular go-tos were shooed out and I have gotten tired of muffins, bagels, cereal, and the like. I'm creeping up on my third trimester and you couldn't pay me to dare anything but carbs for breakie. Only my grandmother would approve of this, but I think this lemon drizzle cake is perrrfect for breakfast. Next time, I will add blueberries: surely that will make it a tad more healthy and breakfast appropriate, right!?!? I highly recommend you give this recipe a try too!!! Xoxo-BLC


Love to Boston

Lilly's print says it best:
You have my heart Boston.
My thoughts.
My prayers.
My concerns.
My well wishes.
I am especially thinking,
and fretting for
my favorite Boston gals:
Beantown Prep (even in UK)
The Company of Clever
Monograms and Martinis.
My prayers go to:
the families who lost loves,
the injured,
the police/FBI,
the marathon runners,
and all Bostonites.
Sending all my heartfelt love.
Godspeed Boston.


French Bulldog ♥Love♥

Ever since our trip to San Francisco last May, I have been on high-alert and fully-puppy love for all French Bulldogs. I think they are just precious and too cute for words. When my mom forwarded me this article on the frenchie named Lentil, my heart melted faster than butter. This cute pie has rare facial deformities, including a clef palette, that prevents it from eating on its own. It's owner is taking superb care of him and Lentil is expected to live a full, happy, healthy, and normal life post-op. I do think Lentil has the perfect story to remind us that everyone has imperfections and despite those imperfections, we are loved. Hopefully you have lots of loved ones and feel loved, but even if you don't, you are loved by God and nothing can change that. Lentil sure is loved and who knew an imperfection could be so cute!?! Xoxo-BLC


Devon Baer + Gift Cards = Best Idea EVER!!!

This is the BEST SHOPPING NEWS EVER!!! No one can ever say I am one tough cookie to buy for again. Devon Baer gift cards are ALWAYS perfect for countless reasons ... but just to name a few: its the perfect size and color; it always fits; its always stylish; and it won't last long!!! Now that's a perrrrfect present. Xoxo-BLC


Spring Bling at Noble House Desings

Every girl news a little Spring Bling to welcome this warm weather!!!
Hope over to Noble House Designs and shop her new Spring line.
Happy shopping to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC


Lilly Pulitzer

Tis so sad to hear of Lilly Pulitzer's passing. The Queen of the Jungle, of all things pink and green, of Lilly Lover's hearts, sure lived such a colorful life. Lilly is by far my favorite style icon.
I love that my grandmother loved her line the first time around and how she could spot a Lilly shift a mile away. I love that Lilly Pulitzer is also a comeback story in many ways. She was always resilient. Lilly shifts are my go to year round and definitely my happiest of wears. Lilly knows why best: it's impossible to be downtrodden and completely blue when wearing such pops of color.
Lilly inspired so many. She has such an amazing story of happenstance and letting life take the colorful path. Her lifestyle and the way about her was easy peasy, chic, timeless, and above all else FUN. She will be oh-so-missed and always carried in our hearts. I think Lilly said it best herself: "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." I am certain there is lots of sunshine and pink in heaven!!! Xoxo-BLC


The Wedding Date

Joeytella looked so dashing and cute right before we left for a college chum's wedding, I almost took him as an extra date. The bride and groom graduated with us from Clemson and oh-la-la was it such a fun wedding!!! It was beyond sweet seeing their "I dos" and dancing into the wee hours of the night. Cheers to their love, laughter, and very happily ever after!!! Xoxo-BLC



The best way to start the weekend ... #tuckernucking!!!
 "Tuckernuck is  an online boutique that puts a fresh spin on classic American style. We feature hand-picked styles from both established icons and up-and-coming brands to celebrate and update the traditional look."
 I'm sporting the Anne Griffin lace top and the Julie Vos Loire Stud Earrings from Tuckernuck. Joeytella obviously approves. :) It was the perfect coverup for a breezy day of sunbathing. I also intend to wear the top with a cami and jeans. The earrings go with everrrrrything and turquoise is the perfect pop with a tan.
Devon Baer first introduced me to Tuckernuck and I am oh-so-glad she did!!! It's a staple go-to for any occasion: weekending to weddings to vacations to causal-kick-arounds. Their style is classic and chic. Dish, have you been #tuckernucking before!?!?! If not ... I dare you!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Tuckernuck is graciously offering TCSK readers 20% off!!! Woohoo. Just enter: TCSK20 at checkout. Happy shopping to you and yours.


Bright Star Celebration

My in-laws came into town to celebrate my husband's birthday 
we had the BEST time!!! 
We laughed, 
we ate delish cake, 
we celebrated Ale's birthday, 
most importantly, 
we spent time together. 
I am beyond thankful for such a loving and kind in-laws. 
I don't tell them enough, but I love them and wish we could spend more time together in each other's company. 
It was so fun celebrating Ale and I am so thankful for him.
I hope this year is brighter than the brightest star.
Happy Birthday to my love!!!