French Bulldog ♥Love♥

Ever since our trip to San Francisco last May, I have been on high-alert and fully-puppy love for all French Bulldogs. I think they are just precious and too cute for words. When my mom forwarded me this article on the frenchie named Lentil, my heart melted faster than butter. This cute pie has rare facial deformities, including a clef palette, that prevents it from eating on its own. It's owner is taking superb care of him and Lentil is expected to live a full, happy, healthy, and normal life post-op. I do think Lentil has the perfect story to remind us that everyone has imperfections and despite those imperfections, we are loved. Hopefully you have lots of loved ones and feel loved, but even if you don't, you are loved by God and nothing can change that. Lentil sure is loved and who knew an imperfection could be so cute!?! Xoxo-BLC


  1. What a sweetie pie! Love that little face...and such an inspiration!

    ~ J


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