Trading Horses for Horsepower

Back in our Clemson days, Carolina Cup was a MUST!!! And oh was it beyond fun. 
Think: big tents, big hats, big tailgates, colorful dresses, oh and horsies too.
This year we attended a different kind of race on Cup day,
but only the "Giddy Up" print from Lilly seemed appropriate.
After adding a Noble House Designs necklace for a bold pop of color
(similar style found here) I just felt ready for the races!!!
Isn't Recipes from Newlyweds cute in her Lilly too!?!
We attended an Indy race of sorts and all I can say is: WOW.
Never have I ever attended a car racing event of any kind, which is such a shame as a Charlotte native --- NASCAR is such a big part of our economy. I found this event to be loads of fun and maybe the loudest event everrr. Whether pulling for a horse or horsepower, going to races is just more fun!!! Xoxo-BLC


Birthday Bash

From February through April there is not a 20 day span that happens without a birthday bash!!! I am always beyond excited for Ale's Birthday as he is my favorite person and sooo much fun to celebrate.
I hosted a little BBQ birthday bash filled with cocktails and cake to welcome his 28th year. I made the tri-layer, dual colored cake and was beyond proud ... until Ale blew out the candles and sprinkles flew EVERYWHERE!!! It was too funny and I hope that Ale's 28th year is just that: fun-filled. Chin chin to Ale, his birthday, and let's eat cake!!! Xoxo-BLC


Noble House Designs + Spring Line + Free Shipping = TDF!!!

It's Springtime and my heart could not be fuller!!! The weather is divine, the birds are back, and the best part: COLOR is everywhere. Noble House Designs is no exception.
The Noble House Designs Spring Line has the perfect pop of color for any outfit. I have three NHD necklaces and not a week goes by I don't sport one (if not all three). It's the perfect statement piece and beyond comfy. Noble House Designs is graciously offering all TCSK readers FREE SHIPPING until April 4th. Just enter "FREESHIP" as the coupon code. How generous and many thanks NHD!!! Fingers crossed the Easter bunny owes you a pressie or two. Happy Shopping to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC



Recipes from Newlyweds and her husband hosted the most ah-mazing Spring Break party. Think airbrushed t-shirts, jorts, and the like. These two know how to host parties and cook. The crawfish bowl was no exception and absolutely delish!!!
They were kind enough to invite Stewart too. It was his first time away from home other than running a short errand with us or visiting the dreaded vet. Anyhoo, we need to work on sharing AND not eating trees. But if Stewart was a kid, all I would say is s-c-h-o-l-a-r-s-h-i-p!!! Our dog can jump like Michael Jordan. Ha! Happy weekending to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC


Bye-Bye For Now

A week ago today, my sweet Grams passed away. It was a tad unexpected and I miss her dearly. I am certain of her salvation in Jesus which is such a sweet gift and I look forward to seeing her again in heaven. My mom gave me this card I wrote to Grams when I was a child. Grams called me her "baby angel" and always gifted me the cutest angel items. She was the original Lilly lover in our family and could always spot a Lilly shift a mile away. I looked up to my Grams: she was stylesetter and tastemaker for me. She wore Revlon's red flip better than anyone. She always let me eat cake for breakfast and thought dessert should be served first. She loved to travel and saw the whole world. She was upbeat, positive, and could win any card game, especially bridge. She successfully raised three children and balanced an impressive career. I am beyond thankful to have such an inspiration grandmother, to have had her in my life for as long as I can remember, and I am so grateful she vibrantly colored my life. She always ended each conversation with "bye-bye for now" which is always so appropriate because it is just bye-bye for now until we meet again. Xoxo-BLC


Let's Swap till we DROP!!!

You know what trumps shop till you drop!?! I'll tell you: swap till you drop!!! Almost a year ago, Recipes from Newlyweds and I hosted our first ever Clothing Swap Soiree. Oh-my-goodness was it FUN!!!  
There is something about Springtime that makes me want to dig deep in my closet and clean it out. This swap is the perfect way to weed out those unworn clothes and send them to a happy home.
It's just more fun shopping friends closets and that's why I updated TCSK II with all the items that still need a good home. Lilly, purses, shoes, oh my!!! Happy shopping to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC


Hello Springtime!!!

Today might be my favorite day ...
... because SPRINGTIME is here to stay!!! How will you celebrate!?!
I'm breaking out the Lilly, eating ice cream, and going barefoot.


I spy ...

I spy the cutest bedbug ever ...
Mamatella and Joeytella came for a visit this weekend and Stewart was part of the
"good morning" greeting party. I love this little bedbug!!! Xoxo-BLC


Free + Spring = ♥

Two of my favorite words: free and Spring.
Both happen this week: free shipping from Cape Madras and SPRINGtime!!!
Jumping for joy and off to shop shop shop. Xoxo-BLC


Coloring at Home

I believe in LOTS of color. Why not!?! Color is the shade of HAPPY.
And a home should definitely be happy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! May your day be filled with laughs, rainbows, pots of gold, leprechauns, corned beef, and cabbage all while wearing something green. Fear the pinch!!! Green beer cheers to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC


Drum Roll Please ...

Give a drum roll for the winner of the Cape Madras tunic giveaway ...
It's The Company of Clever!!! I am so thrilled for ELZ and I am certain she will wear it well. I cannot thank enough all TCSK readers who entered --- I was blown away and completely touched. Many thanks to Cape Madras for hosting this ah-mazing giveaway!!! Happy Friday to all. Xoxo-BLC


It's FURsday --- Meet Toby!!!

My middle sissy just welcomed her furbaby Toby home!!! He is a rescue and could not be ANY cuter!!! I just love him already and cannot wait to meet him, squeeze him, and play play play with him. Neither can Stewart!!! Welcome to the family Toby. Xoxo-BLC


Trunk Show

Open that trunk and let's have a peek:
I adore Devon Baer Designs and am uber jelly if you get to shop her trunk this week.
Cheers to trunk show shopping!!! Xoxo-BLC


Cape Madras {G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y}

Just as promised, it is time for a GIVEAWAY on TCSK!!! Many thanks to  Cape Madras , Queen of the Tunics, for graciously co-hosting this ah-mazing giveawy. One lucky TCSK reader will win the Cape Madras tunic of their choice!!! Oh how divine ... but how will you pick just one!?!
To enter to win, just leave a comment below with your email. For extra entries, please leave an additional comment stating that you follow Cape Madras on Twitter, like Cape Madras on Facebook, follow Cape Madras on Pinterest, and/or blog/tweet/facebook about this giveaway. That's up to seven entries!!! Remember: one comment = one entry or seven comments = seven entries. The winner will be picked via random.org on Friday, March 16th. Until then, thank you to the moon and back for reading TCSK and a BIG thanks to Cape Madras for this generous opportunity. Fingers crossed YOU win!!! Xoxo-BLC


Hey Shorty!!!

This warm weather spell had me saying "hey shorty" as I broke out Lilly shorts for the first time in 2012. Was Groundhog Phil wrong!?! Oh I so hope so!!! Hurry up springtime!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Speaking of Spring, don't forget to SPRING FORWARD today!!! I think loosing an hour of sleep to welcome springtime is the best trade off ever. :)


Shamrock + Castaway Clothing = Rock On

One week from today I will be sporting Castaway's best because I fear the pinch!!!
Going green is a must on St. Patty's!!! Xoxo-BLC


Cape Madras: Queen of the Tunic

I am a huge fan of Cape Madras's entire line --- especially their tunics. Lilly Pulitzer might be Queen of Shifts, but oh-my-goodness does Cape Madras reign over all other tunics!!! I sport these tops year round. Summertime is easy peasy, over a swimsuit or with colorful shorts. Winter is a tad tougher.
Above is my go-to date night outfit. The Cape Madras tunic, a colorful pashmina, a fun clutch, gold flats, and my favorite skinny jeans. It's fun fussing up the tunic with loads of jewels and baubles.
Above is my go-to Saturday outfit. The Cape Madras tunic, thick black leggings (warmer than my ski pants), tall black boots, and my favorite accessory: Stewart!!! If it's a bid chilly, I sport a long sleeve white t-shirt underneath. The Cape Madras tunic adds a good punch of color but is still comfy, casual, and chic.
 Don't you agree!?! I hope so because Cape Madras just so happens to be hosting a giveaway on TCSK come Monday!!! Return then to enter and for all the details. Xoxo-BLC


New York Minute

If you had a New York Minute today, what would you do!? I would be at Elizabeth McKay's sample sale on Lexington Avenue!!! I have an Elizabeth McKay sample from eons ago used in one of their photoshoots and I just ADORE it. Can you imagine all the hidden gems!?! Happy Shopping to you New Yorkers and New York Minute Cheers to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC


Five Minutes ...

If you had five minutes to be still and do anything anywhere in the world, what would you do?
After looking at my Bible Study leader's pictures from her African safari, I do believe I could stop, be still, and stay in awe of our Creator while watching these elephants play. Aren't they stunning!?! Treat yourself and take five minutes to just escape ... I sure am!!! Xoxo-BLC


A Fling With Bling

I've posted this before sans video, but I think it bears repeating: I am having a fling with Ash Hoffman bling!!!
My dear friend Ash is remarkable. My favorite story I tell on her all the time goes like this. After college, she jetted off to Africa to volunteer. I had always described her as the friend who would give me the shirt off her back. And, I still do (because she still would). When it was time for Ash to return to the States, she left everything she had brought with her in Africa. And I mean everything. She truly has a heart of gold. Speaking of gold, I am so excited to support her business ... jewelry making! She finished jewelry school and now owns Ash Hoffman Jewelry. She makes and sells her gorgeous pieces. Aren't they divine!?! Best of luck Ash ... I can't wait to say: I knew you way back when!!! Xoxo-BLC


The "She" Birthday Gift Guide ... on a dime!!!

March is my favorite month because Spring is almost here, the days get longer, and, most of all, it's my birthday month!!! As of lately, my family has voiced that I am one tough cookie to shop for. As a self-professed shopaholic and lover of all things colorful, I find that hard to believe. I can walk into just about any store and find something I want, need, must-have, and cannot live without. Ha!
 When it comes to my birthday, I really do not want a big fuss, fancy presents, or a big-to-do party. Instead, I just want lots of birthday cake!!! Since my family insists on pressies, above are a few of my favorite-wish-list items on a dime: Old Navy PINK jeans $34.00, Fory Burch faux clutch $24.00, Leopard Earrings $18.95, Essie Nail Polish $8.00, Tortoise Shell iPhone Case $34.95, "Love U 2 Much" charm bracelet by Lilly Pulitzer $48.00, Ashley Brooke Designs calendar $8.00, books, and magazine subscriptions. See, shopping for moi isn't too hard!!! My biggest birthday wish: that March may bring everyone more fun, smiles, and happies. Xoxo-BLC