Birthday Bash

From February through April there is not a 20 day span that happens without a birthday bash!!! I am always beyond excited for Ale's Birthday as he is my favorite person and sooo much fun to celebrate.
I hosted a little BBQ birthday bash filled with cocktails and cake to welcome his 28th year. I made the tri-layer, dual colored cake and was beyond proud ... until Ale blew out the candles and sprinkles flew EVERYWHERE!!! It was too funny and I hope that Ale's 28th year is just that: fun-filled. Chin chin to Ale, his birthday, and let's eat cake!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. The cake is beautiful!! and it looks delish!!!

  2. Yay happy birthday Ale! I miss you guys so. That cake looks divine, wanna mail me a piece?!

  3. Love the cake! I'm going to be doing a pink version for my co-workers as an Easter treat! Happy Birthday, Ale!

  4. That invitation is adorable! And that cake looks so yummy!


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