Fab`ra-holic: (n.) My mother! During my childhood, the soft hum of the sewing machine is the lullaby I fell asleep to most nights. My love for LP is to her love for fabric. She has hoards of it! Much to her liking, my sweet friend Sophie sent this website, Spoon Flower. It allows you to design your own fabric. How fun!? What would your fabric look like? Let your creative juices flow! Xoxo-BLC


LP + MS = <3

So, are you going?! Do share ... how exciting!! Whether you watch live or on air, get festive in your lilly-clad!!! Wishing you and yours a very Martha-Lilly-Stewart-Pulitzer time! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Birthday Padre!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! I love you and am wishing you the very best day. Happppppppppppppppy Birthday! Xoxo-BLC


Ash Hump Day

Ash Wednesday kicks off Lent, a time of prayer and reflection, that leads us to Easter. And, oh what a great time of year that is!! Are you praying or reflecting on something in particular? Blessings to you and yours today! Xoxo-BLC


Fatten Up Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! Are you eating your pancakes today? Mmm. Pancakes always trigger one of my favorite childhood memories. My sweet friend Mere was the queen of fabulous slumber parties. Before sending us home, her dad (who played college football with my padre, how cute) always fixed the most scrumptious pancakes. The best part ... they were Mickey Mouse pancakes. We begged for them straight through high school. Oh, those were such good times! Enjoy your pancakes today!! Xoxo-BLC


Pug and Kisses

I do believe this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. More cutie pies available here. I mean, how can today be a bad day when you've seen this!? Cheers to licking away the case of the Mondays! Xoxo-BLC


The Oscar Party

Cocktail dress, check. Champagne, check. Chocolates for the host, check.
Going for the gold, checkkkkk mate. Xoxo-BLC


Laser Tag!

Okay, no real laser tag, but special thanks to Pearls and Bows for playing tag. Here goes! THE RULES: Step 1: Answer all, replace if you don't like, and add one of your own. Step 2: Tag eight others!

Wearing right now: PJ's.
Biggest fear: Stacy and Clinton forcing me to give up my wardrobe.
Ever nap: Never ... I wish I did.
Last person you hugged: Ale ... awe!!
Must-visit-websites: Gmail, Lilly Pulitzer, and Blogspot
Last purchase: Zoo tickets (I heart the zooooo).
If I were on the Oregon Trail ... Omg, not starving to death. The game never played nice with me.
If I turned into a boy, I would: Call Beyonce, she should have some advice.
Celeb haircut that influenced mine:
Me and every other girl in 6th grade (it was the Jennifer Anniston layered look).
Most embarrassing moment:
Senior Prom. As the group and I left my house after the major photo op, my steppadre yells, "BLC, don't eat too much." Don't eat too much!? WHAT!??? He still hasn't lived that one down (thanks Mom!).
Age you were at first kiss:
Does tackling a boy and forcing him to stay still long enough for me to lay a wet one on count!? If so, kindergarden. Yep, I was a whor-iffic 6 year-old.
If you had a whole day to yourself, no work, commitments, interruptions, what would you do? Visit my two living heros ... my Grandad and my sister Elsie. I don't see enough of either of them.
If you were able to see into the future, would you look? Absolutely. My grave will totally read, "Curiosity killed the cat."


Redneck High Heel

The redneck high heel. Thanks for the laugh Ale. Xoxo-BLC


Red Rover, Red Rover

Many thanks SweatPea for sending red rover my way with this tag! Here goes ... seven things you did not know about me: 

1. If my car died tomorrow, I would search high and low to purchase a circa 1984 navy and wooden paneled Wagoneer. It's my dream car. 
2. I was homecoming queen in high school. Toot toot (there I go pressing my own horn again)!
3. I want to be a foster mama to a bazillion kids.
4. I played college tennis. 
5. I am still royally offended by the politician's wife comment. Grrr.
6. I am huge fan of the awkward turtle. Puleaze tell me you've met!
7. My favorite book is still "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss


Paid Forward!

And the winner is ... Prep in the Big Apple! Congratulations MRM! You know the drill, email me your address to send you the Lilly Pulitzer Address Book. And don't forget to pay it forward! Xoxo-BLC

Mark Twain wrote, "Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."



Oh la la, more thinspiration. So do share, how are your impossolutions going? Mine are fabulous (if you don't count that one fall off the wagon ... teehee). Don't fret, I have reformed and even made up for it. Wishing you the best on your resolutions! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Don't forget to comment or email because today is the last day to enter my "Pay It Forward"!


Oh dear me ...

Dear "Socials,"

This little letter is our "come to Jesus" meeting. We could be friends. Right now, we aren't. I think you are rude, pretentious, and disgraceful. As a result, I want to challenge you. The challenge: if you want whine or complain, do so, but about real problems. This excludes gossiping about frenemies, ranting about missing one party for another, and most of all ... nooooo talking about money. Jenny from the Block could teach you a thing or two about being real. So, are you up for it!? I am game. 

Much love and xoxo,

PS: Jenny and I are going for BBQ tonight, want to come?
PSS: Please tell me someone else watches "The City"!?


Happy Birthday Madre!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mom!! Enjoy your 50th (again? haha) birthday!! I love you! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Valentines's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Ale and I had a lazy morning followed by eating lunch with his sweet mother, sister, her boyfriend, and caught up later with his cousin and her husband. We had a fun filled afternoon of laughter, sweets, and shopping (is there anything better!?). Ale and I caught the sunset (pictured) before heading to our favorite BBQ joint. We splurged on cocktails and dessert before calling it a night. All around, the perfect Valentine's Day. I am sending my love to those I am not with today but I am holding you all in my heart. I hope you had a marvelous day filled with love. Hugs and kisses!! Xoxo-BLC


Shop-pu`ho-lik, Partie Deux

Sho-pu`ho-lik (n.): Me. The book series about me. The movie released today about me ...

And, I am oh so so so excited!!! I have my super cute outfit ready to go and even Ale agreed to make me a kid in a candy shop by accompanying me. Awe! I hope you enjoy this as much as me! Xoxo-BLC

PS: There is a pink mac!? Where can I get one!? :)
PSS: I made no reference to it being Friday the 13th ... muahaha, I hope it's spppooookie!



I  fessed-up about my secret keeping ability. And to demonstrate my good graces, I am the proud holder of Ken's secret. Yes, I am sharing it with you because the cat is out of the bag (or they are in route). He is taking Nelly   here    ...    can    you   guess
where!? She hasn't as of yet, but she should know before boarding her flight!! Thanks Ken for letting be in on the big secret and I hope you two have a fabulous weekend getaway! Xoxo-BLC

PS: UNC, I don't even want to go there. I heart DUKE!


Cracking Jokes

Butt seriously? Sorry for the crude post, but omg was this funny. Wren thanks for always making me laugh. My belly still hurts. Xoxo-BLC


Marry a Jackie ...

As the saying goes ... date a Marilyn, but marry a Jackie. Not you silly, the boy politicians. Both are beautiful icons, but my style will always be more Jackiesque. Anyhoo, a friend I respect very much recently paid me a "compliment." It went a little something like this ... "L.C., you would make a great politician's wife." WIFE. Wife!? Why not a great politician? Oh, fuel the fire. I am in law school, not finishing school (the difference: I will have way more wrinkles). And, since Ale doesn't want to be a politician ... I, well, neither do I. Hehe. Just unruffling my feathers and mentally blocking out the word wife from the "compliment." Xoxo-BLC


Paying It Forward

It is time ... for me to pay it forward! Coterie, who is on a blog hiatus, hosted a "Pay It Forward" that I won and I am now passing on the baton. The way it works is simple, leave a comment or email me and you have entered to win. If you win, you too must pay it forward. Acts of kindness make the world a better place. Oh, and the prize? From the new stationary line of Lilly Pulitzer ... the "Yeah Baby" Address and Phone Book!! Drawing will occur next Wednesday, February 18th, 2009. I promise not to drool on it before sending it to you. Xoxo-BLC


Lean on Me

The boys to the left are going to kill me. Picture story: we were putt-putting, a kid threw his mother's wallet in the "river," and those two were heros. I just appreciate the fact that the pictures shows Knox supporting Chris. Friends watch out for friends and right now, two of my friends are very heavy on my heart. S&Z both just found out they have cancer. One is a friend I babysat for (wife and young mother of three) and the other a fellow classmate (newly married Iraq vet). I am bothered by their trial, but believe in miracles. Lean on me, my prayers will surround you, God will always comfort you, and I love you both. I am here for you S&Z. Pray with me? Xoxo-BLC


Lake Dreams

When the parent's beach dream dried up, they headed for the lake- full of relaxation, charm, and still-waters-running deep. Oh, and fish for him. The vision is in the works ... and I couldn't be more thrilled!! Lake time is my kind of time, steady, slow, and easy. M&B, I am so happy for you two and have loved hearing about this dream, and now ... seeing it come to life! Oh, and your first housewarming present from me, this lovely framed picture! Love you two. Xoxo-BLC


Mock(ery) Interviews

The mock interviews are over and PHEW! This girlie needs a summer clerkship. Doesn't Lilly Pulitzer have in-house counsel? Pulllllleazzeeee say YES! Wish me better luck next week. Xoxo-BLC


The Pink Swap, Partie Deux

Acts 20: 35 (KJV) reads, "It is more blessed to give then to receive." But wait! I received way more than I gave or ever anticipated. Thanks H for hosting the event and many many many thanks MB for being the best swaper ever! I absolutely love my pink presents and have enjoyed getting to know you via 
email. I had been studying very late and was thrilled to pieces when I arrived home to my box. The peanuts were event pink and green (I mean, how cute!?). The wrapping, adorable. The contents were: a birthday calendar, notepad, stationary, diary, purse notepad, 
candle, picture frame, and bikini bag. I mean, does MB know my style and likings or what!? Again, many thanks MB!!! Toodles for now! Xoxo-BLC


Starve the Fever

Chills and sweats. Remember, I have the fever. And, it is baaaad! I just read the leaked version of "Midnight Sun" on Stephenie Meyer's website (you can too, here) and omgoodness was it fabulous! Reading 264 pages in one sitting is not healthy. This fever is out-of-control and I am totally channeling my inner tween. Regardless, I am willing to beg Stephenie Meyer to pullleaaaze keep writing from Edward's perspective!!! Off to starve my fever ... wish me well! Xoxo-BLC


Ti`bi or Not To Be

Yes, I cheat on Lilly Pulitzer sometimes. Some of my other favorite designers are Trina Turk, Milly, and Tibi, who makes the ruffled frock pictured. Be honest, do you like it or not? Sometimes I think I am channeling my grandmother, who does have fabulous taste. For example, she gave me clothes for Christmas that I mistaken left at her house. I know, poor etiquette! She called to let me know and agreed to mail them. But, before sending them, she asked if she could wear a piece or two. Does that mean that I am frumpy or that she is hip?? So, Tibi or not Tibi? Help! Xoxo-BLC


Metro Sighting

My sissy, Lala, has the good fortune of living in a metropolis where riding the Metro is the preferred method of transportation. Every now and again Lala will send the fam a text regarding her "metro sighting." I get excited when they are famous peeps. Well, recently my phone buzzed with such a text and it read, "Women in cat suit on metro." And no, Halloween was months ago. So, do we think this falls into the famous person category? Hehe. Thanks Lala for the chuckle and I misssss you! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I hate the groundhog.


The Super Bowl

It's Super Bowl Sunday! Steelers or Cardinals? You decide, because I could care less (thanks a lot Panthers). Today, I can guarantee you will find me anyplace but a sports bar. In real sporting news, I hear the sales are going to be outrageous. Now that is my kind of fantasy football. Xoxo-BLC