Red Rover, Red Rover

Many thanks SweatPea for sending red rover my way with this tag! Here goes ... seven things you did not know about me: 

1. If my car died tomorrow, I would search high and low to purchase a circa 1984 navy and wooden paneled Wagoneer. It's my dream car. 
2. I was homecoming queen in high school. Toot toot (there I go pressing my own horn again)!
3. I want to be a foster mama to a bazillion kids.
4. I played college tennis. 
5. I am still royally offended by the politician's wife comment. Grrr.
6. I am huge fan of the awkward turtle. Puleaze tell me you've met!
7. My favorite book is still "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss


  1. haha yes - went to law school to be the governor, and got the 1st lady comment. outrageous. do you like school, or hate it? why did you decide to go to law school? email me if you like :)
    pinkpearlsandmuddysneakers at gmail

  2. I used to read that Dr. Seuss book to my seniors at the end of every school year! And it is a for sure grad gift from me to anyone who sends me an invitation!! :-)

  3. lady! thank you thank you!!! what a nice surprise! :) (loved you tidbits, btw :) )


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