Happy Halloween!!!

Mary Phillips Designs says it best:
Happy Halloween to you and yours!!! I hope it's spooooooktacular. Xoxo-BLC

Trick or Treat

We usually have a bazillion trick or treaters but the frightful weather scared the majority off.
Who will eat ALL of this leftover Halloween candy!?! I guess I'll volunteer ...
 The three of us dress up as a lion, tiger, and bear ... 
my husband was the oh my and didn't even know it! :)
This little lioness was TOO stinkin cute the WHOLE day.
Halloween was SOOO much more fun with Squeak!!!

Ween Parade

Our sweet friends invited us to a Halloween parade and 
OH MY was it too much fun!!!
We almost didn't make it ... the weather looked frightful 
and we were soooo L-A-T-E!!!
 These two sleepyheads slept through the WHOLE parade. 
Maybe next year this lion and lamb will actually watch the parade ...
I am so thankful for my friends and these baby friends of Squeaks!!!
And a BIG thanks to E for letting me snag your pictures. :)


Two Months

Squeak is TWO MONTHS today!!! ITime is FLYINGGG and we are having so much fun. She is just the BEST. Her little frog legs are filling out ... we have our best on thunder thighs coming soon. She had her recent check up and is growing perfectly. We did survive those awful shots :(. Squeak LOVES getting out of the house: walks, shopping, you name, it she wants to go. Squeak smiles ALL the time and is a little FLIRT. We just love her to the moon and back!!! She is so much fun and my best girl. Chin chin to the months to come!!! Xoxo-BLC #thesqueakmonthly

Ben Folds Five

I looove this song by Ben Folds Five. Murphy's New Law and I were discussing this song not too long ago. While it's not a lullaby, we decided it is still super sweet.
My dad is pretty hip when it comes to music, but he hadn't heard this one. After we listened to it, he looked up the meaning and found that it was the girlfriend Ben always had to explain. Don't we all have someone like that in our lives!?! Xoxo-BLC


The Ween Scene

 I hate to admit it, but I do looooove Halloween.
It might be all that candy, but who can turn down a good costume party!?!
Hands off ladies --- Willie from Duck Dynasty is all mine.
I went as a flapper ... again. :)
We had such a fun time with our sweet friends!!!


My Favorites

 When I look at this picture, I thank God for giving me my heart's desires: a wonderful husband and a precious daughter. My heart is full and I am beyond thankful. Xoxo-BLC


Fresh Air + Colorful Leaves = ♥

My cousin is getting hitched in the North Carolina mountains and I just don't think there is a prettier place in the Fall. The leaves were STUNNING. The fresh air was wonderful too.
Squeak thoroughly enjoyed the walks, mountain air, and colorful leaves.
I truly get an F for not taking more pictures but it was such a pretty weekend.
My cousin's venue was at a gorgeous farm. She looked ah-mazing and wore our grandmother's fur - just like I did. So sweet!!! I'll steal a picture from her to share. It was such a lovely day celebrating those two lovebirds. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness!!! Xoxo-BLC


First Road Trip ...

My cousin is getting married and its our first road trip as a family of three!!!
Stewart makes one lousy packing buddy but he sure is cute. I wish he could come.
Traveling with a 7 week old baby made me SUPER DUPER nervous.
But baby Squeak did PERFECTLY. She literally slept the entire way.
She woke up twice to eat and then snooooozed.
 I hope no one takes pictures of me sleeping like this ... but she was too cute.
I just couldn't resist!!! 
All that luggage for such a little thing!!! It's hard to know what to pack.
So I just packed it all, just in case. :)

Spooookified Festivities

 Our sweet friends had us over for chili, pumpkin carving, and a fire. 
It doesn't get much more FALL-ish than that!!!
I was beyond impressed with the pumpkins, aren't you!?!
Happy Fall Y'all. Xoxo-BLC


First Playdate

Squeak had her first ever play date!!! Her sweet friend was beyond precious ... Squeak was a tad fussy. And we are clearly working on our manners after this bottom right love-tap. Fingers crossed we have many more playdates soon!!! Xoxo-BLC


Wedded Bliss

I have been beyond excited for this wedding ... 
... its my first real night out since the baby!!!
 My in-laws watched Squeak and it was wonderful knowing she was happy and safe.
It was also lovely primping at ease and getting all gussied up.
Unfortunately, these were the only two pictures I took. I was having TOO much fun!!!
It was such a pretty wedding. And the dance floor ... is covering a pool. 
Never have I ever danced over water. ;)


My Little Lamb

What a lamb!?! She is beyond precious and so happy.
I love her to the moon.

Miss Squeak Photolove

 This face melts my heart!!!
 These two are just beyond precious together.
That smile!!! ♥ Xoxo-BLC


Getting Our 'Ween On ...

Happy October TCSK readers!!! We are getting our 'ween on ...
... every animal is bewitched with a witch hat, the candy corn spookily disappeared (it was me), and my current obsession: purple mums and chasing ghosts!!!
I had too much fun spookifying the front porch!!! All you need is a ceiling fan, scissors, balloons, ribbon, and a round table cloth.
How do you get your 'ween on!?! Fingers crossed the Halloween candy purchased actually lives to see 'ween!!! Xoxo-BLC


Chirp Chirp, Coo-Coo Coo-Coo

It's official: I have been initiated into mommyhood. 
I have been 100% hazed and had the mommy meltdown to prove it. 
 I am exclusively nursing Squeak and two weekish in, she wanted to eat every hour. Talk about exhausting!!! Neither one of us were sleeping and she only wanted a snack ... I was up a creek. I had my meltdown, called my sweet husband home early from work, polled my baby friends, and consulted my baby book. The solution: let her cry it out until the next mealtime. We started with every two hours and eased our way into every three hours. I am happy to report that she has herself on a schedule and we are both VERY happy!!!
So we made it over the hump and then I went off the deep end again: I swear I heard a bird in the house. And it sounded like it was dying. Stewart was NOT helping me locate the birdie, so, again, my sweet husband comes home from work at lunchtime to find this bird. After searching high and low with no bird appearing, he returned the office. The bird kept chirping. Later that night when he was home, the bird chirped again for him to hear ... only to find out it was his tablet alert noise. I felt like the biggest idiot ... and its not like his tablet is new. Palm-face. So can we all agree I have been duly hazed and initiated!?! I thought pregnancy brain left after the baby arrives?!! Do I have baby brain now!?! Either way, Miss Squeak and I will make it and laugh the whole way!!! Xoxo-BLC


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