Chirp Chirp, Coo-Coo Coo-Coo

It's official: I have been initiated into mommyhood. 
I have been 100% hazed and had the mommy meltdown to prove it. 
 I am exclusively nursing Squeak and two weekish in, she wanted to eat every hour. Talk about exhausting!!! Neither one of us were sleeping and she only wanted a snack ... I was up a creek. I had my meltdown, called my sweet husband home early from work, polled my baby friends, and consulted my baby book. The solution: let her cry it out until the next mealtime. We started with every two hours and eased our way into every three hours. I am happy to report that she has herself on a schedule and we are both VERY happy!!!
So we made it over the hump and then I went off the deep end again: I swear I heard a bird in the house. And it sounded like it was dying. Stewart was NOT helping me locate the birdie, so, again, my sweet husband comes home from work at lunchtime to find this bird. After searching high and low with no bird appearing, he returned the office. The bird kept chirping. Later that night when he was home, the bird chirped again for him to hear ... only to find out it was his tablet alert noise. I felt like the biggest idiot ... and its not like his tablet is new. Palm-face. So can we all agree I have been duly hazed and initiated!?! I thought pregnancy brain left after the baby arrives?!! Do I have baby brain now!?! Either way, Miss Squeak and I will make it and laugh the whole way!!! Xoxo-BLC

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  1. Maybe your pregnancy brain quickly transitioned to Mommy brain?

    And I would think a bird was in the house as well. I'd go crazy if our tablets had their noise on all the time!


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