The Big Apple

We've been up since TOO early, but NYC doesn't sleep so why should we!?!?!
We hopped in a cab and headed straight for ... BLOOMIES!!!
 We shopped our hearts out and headed back to primp for dindin.
 We dined at Aqua Grill and mmm mmm was the food delish.
I see why NYC doesn't sleep ... there is TOO much fun to be had.


The Roger is INN STYLE!!!

We drove from Philly into the city and my directionally-challenged-self played co-pilot pooooorly and led us to the wrong hotel. And thank God it was the wrong hotel, because when we fiiinallllly arrived at The Roger, we knew we were safe, home, and going to be living well!!! It was worth the detour.
I absolutely love love loved the decor. It was simple, subtle, elegant but fierce, FUN, and chic.
The location was Madison Avenue and 31st and oh la la was that the perrrrfect location for us.
We immediately dropped our stuff and landed at the Mez level for lunch and mid-day cocktails.
Why not!?! The food was delish the surroundings lavish.
Every nook and cranny was efficiently used and well decorated.
Even the staff and patrons seemed well decorated ...
It is such a small world because guess who was also staying at the SAME hotel!?!?
Ok ... I'll dish: A. Liz Adventures and her girlfriends were nesting here too. SOOO fun.
Needless to say, saying goodbye to the Roger will be tough stuff.
This just means we must meet again ... soon!!!

THE Sale

 I have the sweetest friends who were willing to wake up TOO early to shop the Lilly sale!!!
I've never been the Fall sale and it did not disappoint at all. 
New location, DJ rocking out in a Lilly tie, loads of Lilly Lovers, and 
woooonderful Lilly staff ... it was just as much fun as I remembered. 
Look at all our loot!!! It's hard to say no to such steals.
My friend Stella said it best: the sale gets better and better every year.
Mahel - I lost you in the shuffle but it was TOO much fun squeezing you!!!
I had to mention you because the sale is NOT the same without you. :)
Many many many thanks to my super sweet friends for over indulging me,
forgoing beauty sleep, and shopping in stride. You are the BEST!!!
Lilly: loved the sale, duh. As always, you rock.


What REALLY Matters

Do you read Kelly Korner's Blog? If not, START now!!! Everyone should. She has an amazing heart and such an encourager and inspiration to me. See the original post here, but this is too powerful not to share:

"I hope you won't go another day without knowing Jesus personally.  If you were in a car crash tomorrow or diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - I hope you have the confidence that you would see 1 Cor 2:9 in action - that you would know that you would spend eternity in heaven with Christ. Don't put it off - you never know when you last day will come. And this life is full of good things - but honestly the only thing that REALLY matters is to know Jesus and to make Him known."

Look up 1 Corinthians 2:9 if you do not know it by heart. This is all the really matters. Everything else is fluff. It's fun to dish about, but this is what really matters. As always, I am happy to chit chat with anyone who reads and has questions about Jesus and a personal relationship with Him. Chase what really matters!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: This weekend I am here ... see TCSK post orrrr the Lilly Blog post!!! Come find me if you plan on attending too. I would LOVE to meet YOU!!! :)


Southern Living Idea House

Over Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law showed me the Southern Living Idea House ... it's TDF!!! And she actually was able to walk thru it in-person before it was snatched up as-is. I just loved the whole house.
 I loved it so much, I had to snatch up the bedroom idea above. It's it divine!?!?
Well, come live with us!!! Stewart obviously approves ...
We've been in our house almost a year (wow!!!), and I am almost finished decorating with lots of help to from Southern Living. I cannot wait to show you the WHOLE house in it's final state.
Until then, off to finish decorating!!! Xoxo-BLC


Thankfulness to Merriment!!!

Wasn't it a fun reminder to give thanks ALL month long!?!?!
I hope to be thankful always: for good health, family, friends, love, 
shelter, employment, colorfulness, fun times, and so much more.
Now it's time to celebrate ALL that we are thankful fore with loads of ...
M-E-R-R-I-M-E-N-T!!! It's the most wonderful time of the year.


Happy Small Business Saturday!!!

Wait ... you didn't think the shopping stopped when yesterday ended ... did you!?!?!
Recharge your batteries shoppers because today is Small Business Saturday and that means ...
... it's time to stop by and support your favorite local spots!!!  Spread the love and dish:
name your most favorite places ... we might try and stop there too!!! Share the local ♥.
Mine include: Pink on Main, Twigs, At Home, and the corner coffee shop.


Happy PINK Friday!!!

Yesterday, I hope you ate like no one was watching. I did!!! 
Today, I hope you shop like the bill isn't coming. I definitely will!!!
Get your spiked heels on and elbows out ... this is the biggest shopping day of the year. 
I can just feel the endorphins release!!! Let's support the economy and shop our hearts out!!! 
Happy Pink Friday to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC


#TBT Thanksgiving Edition

It's #throwbackTHURSDAY Thanksgiving edition!!!
What better way to celebrate than with pictures from Thanksgiving pasts!?!
 Above: Thanksgiving 2011 titled "Wishing You Could Come"...
... or "Pop a Cherry Coke and Join Us" ... you had to be there. :)
Below: Thanksgiving 2010 titled "Tryptophan Hangover Hits ALL Ages" ...
... moi, my littlest nephew, and my brother-in-law fell victim.
Happy throwback-Thursday-Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!


I think Lilly says it best above ... wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! It is time to give thanks and be glad it in. I am very thankful for a wonderful family, entertaining friends, good times, and YOU, friends of TCSK!!! Our family celebration requires tryptophan hangovers and breaking out the fat pants. I had my cake (and turkey, and pie, and stuffing) and ate it too!!! Time to run in a Turkey Trot, watch the Macy's Parade, and, of course eat, drink, and be merry. What are you thankful for today??? Enjoy!!! Xoxo-BLC


Thanksgiving Thinspiration

Over-indulge at Thanksgiving? Me? I would never ... 
Just as a precautionary measure, a little pre-Thanksmas thinspiration is in order.
I think I can manage Mary Phillips balanced diet!!! 
I am going to keep the fat pants close by, just in case. :)


Swearing and Celebrating

You read about my swearing in ceremony last year here: "Let's Play "I Spy"!!!"
I confessed: I wasn't even going to go, but my firm insisted.
I didn't realize it was a big deal. I didn't even tell my family ...
... or invite anyone to join in on the celebration.
This year, I didn't play around. It was out-of-state for me,
so I couldn't attend the big, mass swearing in-ceremony like last year.
Instead, I scheduled it so my husband could join and my wonderful in-laws.
The judge was so accommodating and she too took two bars.
She loved jabbing at my father-in-law which was a hoot.
The clerk was so great and squeezed me in to her full day.
I signed the BIG book in this town that every attorney sworn in has signed.
WOW! The oldest I saw was from 1937 ... before the bar exam. Lucky duck!!!
My in-law's surprised me with a gorige (and sooo delish) cake to celebrate!!!
Who knew we would be celebrating swearing so much!?!
They were too kind to indulge me ALL day and I felt so special.
Man am I glad this is behind me and one thing I cannot say enough:
to God for His unfailing grace ... twice, to my husband for giving up a summer again, to my family for always supporting my dreams, to my friends for letting me go MIA again, and to YOU for your prayers and encouraging words. Last year we celebrated in Greece, this year: LONDON!!! Xoxo-BLC


In Print

I spy Recipes From Newlyweds and yours truly ... in print!!!
Kuddos to my husband for the original spy. What fun! Xoxo-BLC


TOO Cute

These lovebugs are TOO cute for words:
Stewart is a 60lb lap dog ...
... and Joeytella approves of our new rug.
Puppy hugs and kisses to you and yours
from our fur-babies!!!


Fall Favorites

J.Crew Dress :: Loren Hope Bracelet :: Ivanka Trump Boots

Longchamp :: Cream Pashmina :: Tory Burch Revas
Noble House Designs Earrings :: Lilly Dress :: Black Tights
Vintage Fur :: Pink Pashmina :: J.Crew Cheetah Dress (pictured --- but my favorite is by GAP)
Noble House Designs Necklaces :: Ruffle Booties :: Loren Hope Bracelet :: Lilly Pulitzer Clutch

Dish: what are your must-have-Fall-favorites!?!?! I am thoroughly enjoying mixing and matching more this season than ever before: high and low or traditional and wild. Chin chin to wearing Fall well!!! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Veterans Day!!!

Happy Veterans Day to you and yours!!! Today I am respectfully honoring and remembering the service our military veterans have generously given to our great country. A special thanks to my grandfather's, stepdad, and my father-in-law for their military commitment and service. To all veterans, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed nor will we ever forget your bravery. I am forever grateful to veterans and their families. We are free because of you. Many thanks all you Veterans!!! Attend a ceremony, parade, or say a prayer to celebrate our veterans!!! Xoxo-BLC



"May the Lord bless you 
and keep you;
the Lord make His face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn His face toward you
and give you peace."
Numbers 6:24-26

For the benediction this Sunday, our minister read the above verse as a blessing to the congregation.

I think it's too wonderful not to share. May you also be blessed this week and always!!! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Happy!!!

Two of my most favorite people are celebrating birthdays today: my childhood best friend and Lilly Pulitzer, the Queen of the Jungle!!! If I could pick to meet one person in the whole world, it'd be Lilly.
I imagine her to be just like Janie Schoenborn, the talented LP design director, eloquently described the ultimate Lilly Pulitzer woman: "She is confident and loves color. She is independent and loves to stand out in her Lilly. She has style and is really chic. It's the woman you want to sit next to at a dinner party."
What better way to celebrate than shop at Pink on Main and receive the above goodies. Wishing my bestie and Mrs. Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau, the very best birthdays!!! Enjoy your day and eats lots and lots and lots of cake. Xoxo-BLC


Gobble, Gobble

Castaway Clothing has an ah-mazing Thanksgiving line that will surely be the talk of your turkey table this November. Gobble it all up before it's allll gone and happy shoppppping!!! Xoxo-BLC


Giving Thanks

Well the vote sure rocked out and, as such, ta ta taaa to this header:
and hellooo to merry thanksmas season:
I'm looking forward to giving thanks this month and having a more thankful heart.
For 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says: "In everything give thanks." 


Today Only ... V-O-T-E!!!

When it comes to politics, 

I think the King said it best: 

"I little less conversation, 

a little more action please." 

Exercise your freedom of choice ...

... and go VOTE today!!! 



East Coast Love

Sending love to the east coast post-Sandy's shakeup. 
Whether near or far, we can find a way to give, support, and help:
sending prayers or volunteering time or giving money are just a few ways.

Shop Devon Baer and she is generously donating proceeds to the American Red Cross.
Do your part and together we can do it!!! Count me in and 
sending BIG prayers to you east coasters.


Dukson or Clemuke ...

I am a huge Clemson fan. And a huge Duke fan.
 Naturally the Duke v. CU game is a tough one ... but a win either way!!!
Two sad blue devils and two happy happy tigers!!!


Fall Stroll

 We visited my parents this weekend. It was lovely being in their neck of the woods and enjoying down time together. We took an easy peasy stroll through the Moravian community. Fall is happening in FULL force and it's gorgie. We enjoyed the farmer's market and kids running wild. It was most enjoyable --- especially the company. Xoxo-BLC


TCSK + Rock the Vote = ♥

Now that ween is over ... ta ta to this header:
And hellooo to this one:
Don't forget to rock the vote this Tuesday!!! Xoxo-BLC