Swearing and Celebrating

You read about my swearing in ceremony last year here: "Let's Play "I Spy"!!!"
I confessed: I wasn't even going to go, but my firm insisted.
I didn't realize it was a big deal. I didn't even tell my family ...
... or invite anyone to join in on the celebration.
This year, I didn't play around. It was out-of-state for me,
so I couldn't attend the big, mass swearing in-ceremony like last year.
Instead, I scheduled it so my husband could join and my wonderful in-laws.
The judge was so accommodating and she too took two bars.
She loved jabbing at my father-in-law which was a hoot.
The clerk was so great and squeezed me in to her full day.
I signed the BIG book in this town that every attorney sworn in has signed.
WOW! The oldest I saw was from 1937 ... before the bar exam. Lucky duck!!!
My in-law's surprised me with a gorige (and sooo delish) cake to celebrate!!!
Who knew we would be celebrating swearing so much!?!
They were too kind to indulge me ALL day and I felt so special.
Man am I glad this is behind me and one thing I cannot say enough:
to God for His unfailing grace ... twice, to my husband for giving up a summer again, to my family for always supporting my dreams, to my friends for letting me go MIA again, and to YOU for your prayers and encouraging words. Last year we celebrated in Greece, this year: LONDON!!! Xoxo-BLC


  1. What a special day for you. I love the cake your in-laws got you, so cute!

  2. congrats girl and you are too cute!


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