THE Sale

 I have the sweetest friends who were willing to wake up TOO early to shop the Lilly sale!!!
I've never been the Fall sale and it did not disappoint at all. 
New location, DJ rocking out in a Lilly tie, loads of Lilly Lovers, and 
woooonderful Lilly staff ... it was just as much fun as I remembered. 
Look at all our loot!!! It's hard to say no to such steals.
My friend Stella said it best: the sale gets better and better every year.
Mahel - I lost you in the shuffle but it was TOO much fun squeezing you!!!
I had to mention you because the sale is NOT the same without you. :)
Many many many thanks to my super sweet friends for over indulging me,
forgoing beauty sleep, and shopping in stride. You are the BEST!!!
Lilly: loved the sale, duh. As always, you rock.

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