Trick or Treat

Stewart and I happily greeted neighborhood trick or treaters ...
 ... everyone dressed up: me a mouse, Stew a skeleton ...
 ... even our porcelain staffordshire on the mantel was a witch!!!
Stewart loved his costume sooo much he made its new favorite chew toy.
Hope you had a verrry happy ween!!! Xoxo-BLC

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to you and yours! I hope it is super spoooooktacular. Xoxo-BLC



Fall weather just hit and as such I tidied up my closet.
Thus, new additions at The Clothes She Kept. From Lilly Pulitzer to J.Crew ...
... from size XS to 8 and from $20-$50. Check out all the newbies on TCSK II
Happy shopping to you and yours!!!


Lightening Can Strike Twice

A year ago I was black and blue from pinching myself to see if it was true: I passed the bar exam!!! I was jumping for joy so much that I signed up for another one (what was a I thinking!?!). The second time around was worse: the pressure is just as bad, time was sparse with a big-girl job to juggle, none of my law school bffs were studying, and summertime is too much fun to spend hitting the books. Most of my studying was on the go (evidence above in pictures) and I was w-o-r-r-i-e-d, so I asked you all to pray, pray, pray. Many thanks to your thoughts, prayers, and uplifting words: I passed again!!! This is nothing short of a small miracle and lightening really does strike twice. Thank you thank you thank you: to my husband for everything, to my parents for raising me to believe I can accomplish anything, to my friends for issuing me summertime-rainchecks ... again, for my firm for asking me to undertake this, to YOU for praying, and most of all to God for Philippians 4:13 says: "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." Xoxo-BLC


Picking PINK Pumpkins

It's that time of year to pick a pumpkin or two and, of course, I am always on the hunt for PINK pumpkins. This picture is turning three, but it's too cute not to share again (and again and again):
Many thanks to my sweet college chum for letting me steal the above photog. She is such a talented artist and has displayed these pumpkins outside her darling Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop. Her shop, Pink Boulevard, is nestled outside of Charleston on Johns Island (in-between Seabrook and Kiawah). Pink Boulevard is one of my favorites and is a must see for all South Carolina dwellers or vacationers.
Well, these pink  pumpkins put mine to shame ... how do your pumpkins fair??? 
Happy pink and green haunting!!! Xoxo-BLC



Light of the world, hope for all man, 
You never let me down. 
I can't believe You call me your friend. 

It's turned my whole life around. 
But still it's hard to let go of the wheel, 

no one ever showed me how. 
Maybe this time You can take the lead, 
and I won't try to pull 

You by the sleeve. 
Because every time I think that I know better I lose my way, so God, 

What You wanna do Today? 
You are the King of Heaven and Earth, 

All of creation bows. 
I give you my heart for all that it's worth. 
I'm at Your service now. 

But I always wanna guess just what You need, 
trying to honor my vow. 
Maybe this time You can take the lead, 
and I won't try to pull You by the sleeve. 
Because every time I think that I know better I lose my way, 
so God, what You wanna do Today? 
Maybe we will, spend the hours just being still, 
and knowing You are God. You are God. 
Oh every time I think that I know better I lose my way, 
don't let me lose my way. 
Maybe this time You can take the lead, 
and I won't try to pull 

You by the sleeve. 
Because every time I think that I know better I lose my way, so God, 
What You wanna do Today?

This is my most favorite song of the moment. It's by NewWorldSon and you must hear it on the radio, download it in iTunes, and/or watch it on YouTube ... then tell me what YOU think!!! Xoxo-BLC


Lazy Sundays

Be still, and know that I am God. —Psalm 46:10
Stewart and are being still, snuggling, and knowing more of God.
Lazy Sunday snuggles are the best!!! 
I hope your day is sweet and relaxing as can be.

All Saints

We attended church on Sunday at All Saint's on Sewanee's campus and it was gorgie.
Afterwards, we lunched in downtown Sewanee and visited the cross:
 Another breathtaking view of the mountains!!! It was sad squeezing my cousin goodbye ...
... but we have another trip in the works and I can hardly wait!!! Until then ... Xoxo-BLC


Wedding Crasher ...

So I might-have-sort-of-did-make my cousin cross something off her bucket list:
 CRASH a Sewanee wedding!!! Here is why: my cousin is a student at Sewanee,
the bride and groom graduated from Sewanee, the wedding was at Sewanee, 
it was on her bucket list to crash a Sewanee wedding, and why not!?!
She crashed sooo late in the night, it almost didn't count. So we made rules:
dance dance dance like you belong and a picture with the newlyweds was a must.
 Check and check!!! She was such a trooper and many thanks to the bride for her blessing.
 It was such a lovely wedding. From the ceremony to the first-dance-portriat to Jason Isbell rocking the reception to the delish (and gorgie) wedding cake to seeing the lovebirds so in love, it was just perfect.
Cheers to their love, laughter, and happily ever after!!! We cannot wait to welcome you to the newlywed club when you return from the mooooon. Xoxo-BLC

PS: It's only fair to admit: post-wedding-festivities, I crash a fraternity band party with my cousin and oh-my-goodness was it sooo much FUN ... and oh-my-gosh did I feel soooo old (I'm a good 6-10 years old than those kiddies). The band party was a good time, but I only lasted three songs ... ta-ta to my early 20's and those late, looong nights!!! :)


Rehearse and Dine

This weekend, my husband had a college friend getting married and I had two law school friends marrying each other. We decided to divide and concur: he in South Carolina and me in Tennessee.
Being in Tennessee, I needed a hot wedding date: the only 10 I see to take: Mamatella!!! She was a wonderful wedding date. This is such a special wedding: the bride and groom attended Sewanee undergrad together but didn't fall in love until our law school days. It has been such a joy to see these two lovebirds fall in love and I cannot wait for their "I dos" tomorrow!!! Xoxo-BLC


Take a Hike

Mamatella and I headed for the mountains for a dual purpose:
to visit my cousin and attend a friend's wedding.
 My cousin and her boyfriend took us on the most breathtaking hike.
The gorgie view perfectly matched the beautiful day.
 The three of us are mom-daughter, cousins, and niece-aunt  ...
... and KD sisters!!! I love love love that we are all KDs.
We visited my cousin's KD stomping grounds and got to squeeze 
this teeny, tiny cutie pie:
It was such a fun day exploring the words, my cousin's stomping grounds, 
and being in the company of family. Xoxo-BLC


Sunday Celebrations

Happy Birthday to my ah-mazing mother-in-law, better known as Galebo!!!
Below: my father-in-law, sister-in-law, the birthday girl, and my husband:
I've told her this before, but I just think the world of her.
Wishing her the very best birthday!!! 
Sending her much love and hoping she enjoys her week. 


All Roads Lead to Rome

We had the most fun night on the town ...
... we listened to good, live music ...
 ... in good company. What could be better!?!
 It was so fun being in my husband's childhood home and surrounded by his childhood friends. They are such fun people with great pasts and bright, bright futures. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon ... after all, all roads lead home!!! Xoxo-BLC

10 Years Later ...

I missed my high school reunion in Charlotte due to prior plans ...
... but I got my fix by attending my husband's 10 year reunion.
 The president opened his home and hosted a wonderful reception.
Afterwards, we headed to a schoolmate's house for a dindin.
It was such a wonderful afternoon and WOW ... it's really been 10 years!?!
 Cheers to TEN years and the best yet to come!!!


The Color Purple


My law school bestie invited me to the play The Color Purple and what a treat! 
I was beyond impressed with the talent --- especially the local talent. 
What a moving story --- it's a must see and read.


Smathers & Branson + Stewart = Puppy ♥Love♥!!!

Stewart has been begging and whining and pleading for a new, brighter, and more fun dog collar since this Fall weather hit. Smathers & Branson was his first choice as their needlepoint dog collars look THE best. The easy part was turning to Smathers & Branson, the hard part: which collar to pick ...

... Stewart fiiinally decided on their Duck Duck Goose print. We think he made a super choice. He prefers the belt buckle closure, silver fixings, and leather interior for added comfort. Now that he keeps begging and whining and pleading to go on more walks by Pippa's house ... just to show off his Smathers & Branson collar of course!!! Oh puppy love. Xoxo-BLC


Hear us ROAR!!!

My college chums and I have been planning this weekend get-together for quite some time and, as such, I have verrry much been looking forward to it!!! A 3:30pm kickoff time allowed us all day fun.
 It was such a treat to tailgate in one spot ALL day, sit together, and spend the whole weekend with these girlies. I don't seem them enough and miss them ooooodles. 
It's so much fun being on our old stomping grounds ... it throws us back to that place in time. 
Just pulling into Clemson, I get the same feeling when I pull into my childhood neighborhood: it will always be my home away from home. And these girls (and all my Clemson friends) became my family away from family. It was such a fun-filled weekend. Is it too early to plan our next get together!?! I think not!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I had to snap this picture of our packed-up-PINK tailgate gear ... the girls clearly planned the tailgate and did the packing!!! We were thankful the boys did the heavy lifting. :)


Shhh ... Friends and Fans ONLY!!!

Shhh ... it's Friends and Fans Event at Elizabeth McKay and that means 25% off with FRIENDS2012!!! The best part: their new line just hit. Perrrfect timing to start those shopping engines!!! Xoxo-BLC


Bewitching TCSK!!!

Since Merry-Thanks-O-Ween has descended upon us ...

 ... I found it appropriate to bewitch TCSK!!!
Boo!!! Happy haunting to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC


Devon Baer Trunk Shows

Is there anything better than a good trunk show!? As a trunk show shopaholic, I think not!!! 
Especially when it's a Devon Baer trunk show ...

Calling Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut ... and nearbyers, 
you are cordially invited!!! Don't you wish you could attend? 
I do too, but we can shop our hearts out online at www.devonbaer.com!!!
Happy Shopping to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC