Drum Roll Please ...

... it's time to announce the winner of Elizabeth McKay's Scotland Dress: a BIG congratulations to Stephanie!!! According to random.org, you are commenter 137. Please email me at thecompanyshekeeps@gmail.com to order your very own Scotland Dress. Stephanie said this: "EMK & TCSK??? I love them BOTH! XOXO" Isn't that sweet!?!? I am beyond touched. And, I am sooo touched by everyone who participated. TCSK received the most comments ever on this giveaway. What fun! I truly appreciate everyone who reads and I cannot thank Elizabeth McKay enough for hosting this fabulous giveaway. Cheers to Stephanie ... we know you will wear it well!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Use the coupon code APRILFOOLS for 10% off Elizabeth McKay!!! It's only good for tomorrow ... no joke. :)


Talk Derby

I wish I was still in college at Clemson and that we were loading up on a bus headed to Cup!!!
I've already gushed about Cup here, so I will spare you the repeat. :)
I am still in college-ish: law school counts, right!? It's just like undergrad minus the social calendar (and a whole lot more work). Ha! My husband and I usually make a horse race each year (see 2009 here and 2010 here), but, alas, law school is wrecking all derby fun for 2011. Fingers crossed next year has more horse races in store for us. Until then, make me green and do dish: are you planning on horsing around at any races??? Xoxo-BLC

PS: Today is the LAST day to enter the Elizabeth McKay giveaway below.
It would make the perfect Cup dress, wouldn't it!? :)


Welcome to the Jungle

The moment I saw this adorable face, I was completely smitten!!! This baby cheetah is TOO cute for words.
Quite awhile ago, Murphy's (New) Law introduced me to Zoo Borns. Many thanks CJM!!! I just adore checking in on the itty bitty baby zoo animals all around the world. It's like a mini-zoo visit from the comfort of your desk.
This sweet baby cheetah currently lives at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida. Be sure to watch the super cute video here. It can be a jungle out there ... but it's always a welcoming jungle at Zoo Borns!!! Xoxo-BLC


Neiman Marcus Brownies

One of my favorite cocktail napkins reads: "If I keel over at Walmart, drag my body to Neiman Marcus." Ha!!! I do believe you will have to go to a Walmart-esque place to purchase these ingredients:
So, if I keel over at Walmart, you all know I was just buying Neiman Marcus brownie ingredients, right!? Ha!!! These brownies definitely live up the same standard of the infamous Neiman Marcus cookies I posted almost a year ago. Mmm mmm enjoy!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Since we all ♥ cooking and shopping, one of the best cooks I know, Recipes From Newlyweds, is having a blog sale: Clothes from a Newlywed's Closet. Grab a recipe and shop her closet too!!!


Party Animals

With a socially packed weekend, we acted like total party animals this weekend!!! I just love the print below. Don't you!? "Be there of be square" is one my favorite lines. And I think 100x before the event
"what am I going to wear???" The best part is "going bananas" at the social due to TOO much fun!!!
Ale, friends, and I attended a Kappa Delta fundraiser Friday night and oh la la was it fun. Loads of vendors donated items and the KDs bid on those items to raise money for a local charity. The items range from original art to a weekend getaway at the lake to gorgie jewelry to signed footballs and so on. I bid on and won an ah-mazing Chanel gift set and a gift certificate to a local boutique that I adore. I feel so green with greed that Mamatella is going to take the Chanel gift set off my hands. Phew!!! On Saturday, I attended a Ball with my law school besties. It was sooo much fun getting gussied up and celebrating good times with my two favorite law school friends. Since I had too much fun going bananas, I neglected to take any pictures!!! Oopsie!!! Well, this weekend has me looking forward to next weekend. Is it Friday yet!? Xoxo-BLC


Dwell Yeah

Elle Decor must have read my post "Mi Casa Es Tu Casa" because they featured the Lilly Pulitzer line in their April issue. Isn't that fun!? I think Elle Decor has the best nesting tips.
Ever since my bestie saw the showcased Lilly furniture line at market in January and GUSHED and GUSHED and GUSHED about it, I have been itching to see it in full. It has not disappointed at all.
The above number might be my favorite. It appears to just be an ottoman, but it has a secret: it stores shoes inside. How perfect!? What better way to sneak all those new shoe purchases in past my husband??? Ha! See snippets of the Lilly Pulitzer furniture line in Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and HFI Brands. Have you caught the Lilly Pulitzer decorating bug too!??? Xoxo-BLC

PS: Speaking of decorating, I did a little facelift on TCSK. Whatcha think!? :)


Elizabeth McKay {G-I-V-E-A-W-A-Y}

 Elizabeth McKay is graciously giving away the Scotland Dress from their new 
Spring line to one lucky TCSK reader!!! Oh la la!!! Isn't it gorgeous!?
 This is what EM says about this frock: "Our best selling dress with ruffles down the front and around the neckline.  Fitted front and overlap creates a classic V-neckline.  Shipped with two interchangeable belts - one to tie around waist with bow closure and the other with two gold buttons to dress the outfit up.  The Scotland Wrap Dress is versatile enough for any occasion. Cap sleeve. 100% printed silk twill; 100% printed silk voile; 100% men’s cotton shirting; 97% cotton/ 3% spandex. Dry clean only. Sizes 0-14."
 If you win, you pick the color and size. A colorful style would be the perfect Easter dress, 
while the solids could be office appropriate or perfect for a night on the town!!!
 The nitty, gritty: to enter to win, simply leave a comment. No blog? No problem, just leave your email so I can contact you should you win! For optional entries, leave an extra comment for each of the following: like Elizabeth McKay on Facebook, follow Elizabeth McKay on Twitter, and/or blog/tweet/facebook about this.
The reader will be picked via random.org on March 31st, 2011. As always, many thanks to Elizabeth McKay for hosting this giveaway. I just adore her entire line!!! A big thanks to all TCSK readers: for for reading this little blog and for participating in this fantastic giveaway. Chin chin to wearing it well!!! Xoxo-BLC

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed and the winner will be announced shortly. :)


Something to Sing About

For our last night, we ate dindin at Bourbon House and headed to Preservation Hall afterwards. Stepping into Preservation Hall is how I imagined New Orleans looking, feeling, and smelling in the 1950's. The authentic Jazz music is loud and absolutely wonderful ... but this kitty cat sure slept right through it all:
Isn't this kitty cat just precious!??? I can sleep through anything too so I felt like a kindred spirit with her. We were beyond impressed with the music in New Orleans. The street performers we saw while shopping on Royal were ah-mazing. We also heard grammy nominated Bryan Lee & the Blues Power Band, and they blew us out of the water singing the blues. And, he's blind!!! How remarkable? Still, Preservation Hall was our favorite by far and must see. It's time to head home, but we miss Nola already!!! Xoxo-BLC


Brunch Bunch: Partie Deux

Guess who we ate brunch with today!? I'm A Nola Girl and Pink Preppy Lilly Lover!!!
They are both such a riot and it was just the best time. Funny enough, I previously won giveaways hosted by Nola Girl (see here) and Trish (see here). Both girls are New Orleans natives and it was so fun to hear from them about their city. Per their recommendation, we shopped Magazine Street in the Garden District.
We saw this cute PINK bookshop: one house housed new books, the other, old books. This was our favorite area of Nola. Many thanks for meeting up for brunch girlies and let's do it again soon!!! Xoxo-BLC


I ♥ beignets.

For our first full day in Nola, we slept in!!!
What a luxury!?
We took it easy and moseyed on down to
Cafe du Monde.
The lines were unbelievably long.
Approximately an entire city block.
One line was to sit down,
the other to take out.
Both lines move extremely quick.
And it's worth a wait!!!
The menu includes only:
beignets and coffee.
Breakfast perfection!!!
Once we sat down,
we ordered beignets and cafe au laits.
It was out in a jiffy!!! Best breakfast ever.
As such, I bought three too many boxes of beignets. Ooopsie!!!
That just means I must give away all three boxes. If you want to make this most ah-mazing breakfast ever sans lines or traveling to Nola, just leave a comment or email me at thecompanyshekeeps@gmail.com.
Just like Cafe du Monde, it's first come, first serve so hurry up!!! Xoxo-BLC


Taking it Easy in the Big Easy

We headed to New Orleans, Louisiana for a mini-vacay!!! It's easy to take it easy in the Big Easy. For our first night, we ate dindin at Antoine's: absolutely phenomenal. Above see the royal courts of Mardis Gras through the years. Just gorgie!!!
We nested at Mansion Dupuy in the French Quarter. Its a perfect walk to just about anywhere. Cheers to taking it easy!!! Xoxo-BLC


Luck o' Lilly!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and yours!!! Today, I am in pursuit of rainbows, pots of gold, leprechauns, everything green, and, of course, the Queen of Green herself: Lilly Pulitzer!!!
Classic AnnieAdventures of a Southern Newlywed, and I met up and attended this mid-day soiree. Oh la la was it FUN!!! Below: Annie, Me, Janie (the Fashion Director at Lilly Pulitzer), and Lauren.
It was impeccably decorated with huge pink flowers; serving punch, cake, and treats galore; and Janie was even painting mini-masterpieces!!! Normally I would have shopped up a storm, but I was fully warned that giving up Lilly for Lent would be uber tough. Sans any purchases (gooood girl), I still feel as though I've been stuck by the Luck o' Lilly!!! May you have a stuck of luck today too. Xoxo-BLC


Bikini Bombshell

In 1946, engineer Louis Reard brought sexy back to Cote d'Azur. Just like those ugly nukes being tested that year on Bikini Atoll, he knew his haute new two-piece design would explode onto the fashion scene. Boom, boom and the B-I-K-I-N-I was born!!! Some say Mr. Reard created an anti-tan-line swimsuit, while others believe he was going for the most scantly clad swimsuit ever. Maybe it's a two fold purpose? Either way, it's still an itty bitty sensation!!! The advertisements Mr. Reard ran claimed it wasn't a bikini unless it could be pulled through a wedding ring. Well, packing won't be a worry, now will it!? Without Mr. Reard's little invention, how would I ever get my bikini season thinspiration!? Bikini bombshell cheers to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC


Paradise or Parrot-dise?

If everything went as planned, Mamatella and I would be in paradise right now. I can just feel the warm sun, smell the sea breeze, hear the ocean waving, and, of course, taste that umbrella covered cocktail!!!
But, true to life, life does not always go as planned (You can read about that here. Joeytella is back in the doghouse as far as I am concerned. Oh, who am I kidding? He's too stinking cute!!!). So instead of being in actual paradise, we are in parrot-dise. You know pretend paradise. It's where you put the heat on 80 degrees, play Jimmy Buffett too loud, and dance around the kitchen in your favorite resortwear dress. I am also pretending Joeytella is a parrot, not a dog. I think we all need a little fun in the sun along with a side of rest and relaxation, don't you!??? Join us in parrot-dise!??? Xoxo-BLC


Mrs. Beantown Prepster

Monograms and Manicures and I flew in 
this weekend to attend Beantown Prepster's wedding!!! 
It was B--E--Y--O--N--D fun!!!
I am itching to share 
each and every 
single detail with you ... 
but that is ALL hers to share. 
Of course she is too busy honeymooning right now, 
but I can assure you it's well worth the wait.
Hopsy and I had absolute BLAST!!! 
And this little Duke fan even wore 
(*cringe*) Carolina Blue (*gasp*) 
to support my Beantown Prepster. :)
Wishing BP and PB a lifetime of happiness, ♥ love ♥, and, of course, FUNNN!!! Cheers to their wedded bliss.

Brunch Bunch

Today is such a fun day: Beantown Prepster gets hitched (eeeeek!!!!) and I had the pleasure of having brunch with these amazing girls (from left to right): A. Liz AdventuresMonograms and Manicures, Dee's Adventures, Classic Annie, The Mrs. and Mister, me, and Adventures of a Southern Newlywed.
I still cannot believe someone besides my mom reads TCSK or the fact that this little blog has afforded me opportunities such as today. I have enjoyed reading these ladies blogs for some time and it was beyond fun meeting them. We enjoyed laughing, getting to know each other, talking a little nerdy html, and, of course, planning to get together again soon!!! Chin chin to life's fun, expected happies. Xoxo-BLC



When I do the wash, I may or may not always-sort-of-do an all PINK load:
I ♥ laundry!!! Especially PINK loads. Xoxo-BLC


Ash Hump Day

Happy Ash Wednesday to you and yours!!! Ash Wednesday kicks off Lent, a time a prayer and reflection, that leads us to Easter. What a great time of year that is!!! This season I am giving up purchasing any Lilly Pulitzer (gasp!!!) and ALL candy. Did you guess correct yesterday??? Tis going to be SUPER-duper tough!!! When I get the itch to shop Lilly or my sweettooth begs for sugar, I am going to pray, pray, pray. I am going to pray for our world, our country, those suffering, our leaders, my family, my friends, and YOU, just to name a few. Are you praying or reflecting or giving up or taking on something in particular??? Big blessings to you through Lent!!! Xoxo-BLC


Fatten Up Tuesday

It's Fat Tuesday!!!
I actually already celebrated Fat Tuesday.
I was pounding candy,
and a classmate asked what was wrong.
I told them I was "preparing" for Lent.
They reminded me Lent was a month away ...
Ooopsie daisy!!!
And ouchieee ... tummie-ache-city!!!
Sooo, I am re-doing Fat Tuesday.
The pictures to the left represent ...
what I am giving up for Lent.
Can you guess!?!?
One is a totally gimme.
But the other might be a little tougher.
Beantown PrepSummer is a Verb,
Landlocked Mermaid,
and Kappa Prep tried to talk me out of it.
But I am sticking to my guns.
I can do this!!!
Also, I couldn't resist making PANCAKES!!!
Are you eating pancakes too!?
Mine are PINK and green.
They just taste better in color. :)
I am also super tempted to make these:
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.
My tush got bigger just reading the recipe!!!
But I am sure it is worth every bite.
Happy Fat Tuesday to you and yours.

PS: Don't forget to eat pancakes and guess what I am giving up for Lent!!! :)


The Wedding MARCH

This weekend we headed to The Dash for loads of wedding festivities!!! On the wedding eve, we attended a small pre-wedding fete. It was such a ball, but, sadly, one of the bride's BFFs could not attend, as she was at Paris Fashion Week. I am green with envy; fashion week in Europe just sounds like more fun!!! So, clearly, I had to have my picture taken with the missing-friend's-life-size-cardboard-cut-out (see left)!!! Silly me! Above it the picture from the wedding reception. The newlywed's first danced to "Your Love Lifts Me Higher." Isn't that cute!? Then the bride shag danced with her father at which I teared up because my stepfather and I shagged to The Fantastics "Something Old, Something New." Happy tears of course!!! One unforgettable touch: the newlyweds made a CD with their favorite songs --- we listened to it the WHOLE way home!!! Cheers to the happy couple's love, laughter, and happily ever after!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Many thanks for each and every birthday wish yesterday!!! It made my day beyond special. Thanks a million!!! :)


It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

It's my birthday alllll day!! I am one year older --- 27 to be exact. Time flies when you're having FUN!!! My childhood birthdays were filled with family, friends, balloons, hats, pizza, cake, ice cream, games, presents, and goodie bags ... oh what fun!! Nowadays, my big girl birthdays entail ... the same essentials! Ha!! I believe everyone should get the chance once a year to close their eyes, make a wish, and eat way too much cake!! Indulge a little today too!!! Xoxo-BLC


Take a Ride ... Again!!!

... in the Lilly Pulitzer cruiser!!! It's back and I am sooo excited: stuffed shells is one of my FAVORITE prints. With flip-flop friendly pedals this ride is perfect "at beaches, around town, along boardwalks, to farmer's markets, to wherever your stylish life takes you." So, do share, where would you pedal to the medal in your colorful life!? Xoxo-BLC


Where The Wild Things Are

Blame it on the Bachelor for reminding me that this summer my husband made a BIG mistake. Like REAL big. He promise to take me on an African Safari. A real one. In Africa. Ha! It came about after I abandoned my wish to visit the San Diego Safari and opted to go to their zoo instead. Both are absolutely magnificent must-sees!!! The zoo has every animal imaginable. At the safari park, you can feed hippos and giraffes and all sorts of wild things. It's remarkable. I just love exotic animals. So you can imagine my excitement that my husband made this mistake. I love to travel. It doesn't matter whether it's near or far, I just want to go!!! And ou can always tell I am excited about something when I start thinking of what to wear. It's the most important part, right!? Hehe. So, these items are my short-list-must-haves: L.L.Bean totebag, J.Crew pink shorts, OR hat, J.Crew tux shirt, J.Crew stripped dress, J.Crew ruffle bathing suit, Frye boots, Lilly Pulitzer scarf, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, and, of course, a killer Cannon camera (not pictured musts: Chacos, gold Toms, and a Patagonia vest). Just like Max from "Where The Wild Things Are," I want to stare into all their yellow eyes without blinking once and we queen of all the wild things. And the queen of the wild things must look safari chic, right!? Honey, I am ready to go when you are!!! ;) Xoxo-BLC


Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, rabbit!!!
Robert Lynd stirred up a little superstition when he wrote "Solomon In All His Glory,"...  it goes  a little like this,

"'Why,' the man in the brown hat laughed at him, 'I thought everybody knew 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.' If you say 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit'--three times, just like that--first thing in the morning on the first of the month, even before you say your prayers, you'll get a present before the end of the month." 

So at the beginning of each month,

I am going to start saying a little "rabbit, rabbit." 
Wishing you and yours a
very rabbit, rabbit month 
filled with lots and lots of sunfun, and smiles!!!