The Wedding MARCH

This weekend we headed to The Dash for loads of wedding festivities!!! On the wedding eve, we attended a small pre-wedding fete. It was such a ball, but, sadly, one of the bride's BFFs could not attend, as she was at Paris Fashion Week. I am green with envy; fashion week in Europe just sounds like more fun!!! So, clearly, I had to have my picture taken with the missing-friend's-life-size-cardboard-cut-out (see left)!!! Silly me! Above it the picture from the wedding reception. The newlywed's first danced to "Your Love Lifts Me Higher." Isn't that cute!? Then the bride shag danced with her father at which I teared up because my stepfather and I shagged to The Fantastics "Something Old, Something New." Happy tears of course!!! One unforgettable touch: the newlyweds made a CD with their favorite songs --- we listened to it the WHOLE way home!!! Cheers to the happy couple's love, laughter, and happily ever after!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Many thanks for each and every birthday wish yesterday!!! It made my day beyond special. Thanks a million!!! :)


  1. You look lovely - I adore that fur! Sounds like a fabulously fun wedding! XO

  2. LOVE that jacket -- so sassy!


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