Fatten Up Tuesday

It's Fat Tuesday!!!
I actually already celebrated Fat Tuesday.
I was pounding candy,
and a classmate asked what was wrong.
I told them I was "preparing" for Lent.
They reminded me Lent was a month away ...
Ooopsie daisy!!!
And ouchieee ... tummie-ache-city!!!
Sooo, I am re-doing Fat Tuesday.
The pictures to the left represent ...
what I am giving up for Lent.
Can you guess!?!?
One is a totally gimme.
But the other might be a little tougher.
Beantown PrepSummer is a Verb,
Landlocked Mermaid,
and Kappa Prep tried to talk me out of it.
But I am sticking to my guns.
I can do this!!!
Also, I couldn't resist making PANCAKES!!!
Are you eating pancakes too!?
Mine are PINK and green.
They just taste better in color. :)
I am also super tempted to make these:
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.
My tush got bigger just reading the recipe!!!
But I am sure it is worth every bite.
Happy Fat Tuesday to you and yours.

PS: Don't forget to eat pancakes and guess what I am giving up for Lent!!! :)


  1. Sugar and spending money on Lily clothes???!!!:)

  2. haha I just love this! jelly bellies are my downfall as well...when talking candy. Lilly pancakes? They are adorable!

  3. Don't tell me you are giving up Lilly for Lent!!??

  4. I'd say Lilly Pulitzer but I'm totally lost for the second one! Good Luck! Celebrate big today!

  5. Lilly and ????

    Whatever it is, good luck!

  6. Lilly AND candy -- now that's a sacrifice!!! You'll be richer and thinner... i might try it myself! ilyvvm. xoxo

  7. Happy Mardi Gras! I'm thinking of giving up white bread... this might be easier than Lilly! Tee hee.

  8. lilly and candy?! you're a brave girl and clearly much stronger than me!

  9. I gave up Lilly two years ago when working there, it was HARD!!!!


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