Say It Isn't So!!!

Call the waaaaambulance, because I am terribly upset to hear that ...
Looking on the bright side: (1) "Farewell for now" is not goodbye, (2) I looove a good sale, (3) Camilla is staying with us on the blogosphere. I still have a CK Bradley fashion sized hole in my heart. :(
As this door closes, I looking forward to seeing what other doors open for sweet Camilla. Xoxo-BLC


Making a Difference

Ale reads The Wall Street Journal. I read the New York Social Diary.
His read, educational. Mine, always colorful!!!
Well, I am so glad I do read NYSD because I stumbled upon this powerful video:
"[This] film is an intimate reflection on how four very different people reassemble their broken lives and managed to transcend their tragedies for the greater good." The filmmakers are 20-something. They are making an impact. How inspiring? Being moved from indifference to taking action will make our world a better place. Down with human rights abuse!!! Never forget, take action. Xoxo-BLC


Chop To It

Just as we were fixing to leave Savannah, we saw the Coast Guard practicing.
It was toooo exciting not to share!!! It sure makes my job look tame ...
Many thanks to all the brave men and women of the Coast Guard who keep up safe on the water!!!
Farewell Savannah ... I hope to see you again soon!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Congratulations to ...

Kaitlin from Life of a Busy Wife for entering and winning the mini giveaway: Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella!!! Drop me a line K with your addy.

I was sooo tickled reading all your comments and reading this book while on vacay. I truly appreciate all those who played along and I highly recommend Mini Shopaholic!!!

Cheers to all my fellow shopaholics. :)


Worth the Walk

Not so long ago, our favorite Queen Bee Swain ventured to Savannah, Georgia for a girls-only weekend. As such, I depended on her expert advice on where to shop and play. And she did not disappoint!!! She led me to Paris Market on Broughton Street ... where alll the good shopping lives.
I left Ale glued to the tellie watching football (yes, I am such the football widow) and I set out on my own. My first stop: making reservations at Paula Deen's famous "The Lady and Sons" in the historic district. I then headed out of town for some pink and green therapy at Palm Avenue!!! I just love love love the new Lilly Pulitzer cocktail line, don't you???
Gasp!!! My real-life-dollhouse does exist!? Ale, you can build me this divine residence if you so wish. I like it very much. :)
Though I sooo enjoyed shopping my heart out, I returned empty handed (all while reading Mini Shopaholic ... how did that happen!???). I walked back to where we were staying at Lafayette Square to pick up Ale and our sweet friends from Clemson. We all then walked to "The Lady and Sons" where I ate through my shopping sorrows. It was just a divine and delish as the hype!!! And so worth the wait. Oh, and my most favorite part about Savannah: the walkability. Every thing is a walk away. We had to walk off that butter somehow, eh!? Xoxo-BLC


Off to the Chapel!!!

Ale and I attended the wedding of two Clemson chums in Savannah, Georgia.
The pair had the most adorable cotton theme. 
And every Clemson wedding isn't complete until cadence count:
Cheers to their newlywed love, laughter, and happily ever after!!! Xoxo-BLC


Pretty in the Pink House

Ale and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia for a whirlwind wedding weekend. The first festivity: the rehearsal dindin at the Olde Pink House!!! Pink ... my favorite color!!! The whole night was extra lovely because we were in a pink house celebrating two of our favorite friends. We cannot wait to welcome them to the newlywed club tomorrow!!! Xoxo-BLC 


Mini Shopaholic {Mini Giveaway}

It has arrived!!! Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (aka Madeleine Wickham) is out in bookstores and I just had to snatch it up. I usually patiently wait for books to become available at my local library and then check them out. How old fashion!? Well, when it comes to new Sophie Kinsella or Madeleine Wickham book, I just cannot wait!!! I am one chapter in and I already love it. Life is too short to read dull books.

Anyhoo, Ale and I are traveling again this weekend and I cannot wait to devour the rest of the book. I am sure to be finished by Sunday ... so why not a mini-giveaway!??

Yes, I want to give one lucky TCSK reader my copy. I will mail it first thing Monday morning. To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post by midnight on Sunday, September 26, 2010. I will select the winner via random.org. As always, many thanks for reading TCSK!!! Xoxo-BLC


Falling in Love with FALL!!!

It's the first day of Fall and I am celebrating with a spiced pumpkin latte!!! I am also finallllly allowing myself to window shop for Fall clothing. I am falling in love with Jules Reid, Lilly Pulitzer, and Elizabeth McKay's Fall lines. Thus far, here are my favorites: the Mary dress by Jules Reid; the Sandra dress by Lilly Pulitzer; the Sadie dress also by Lilly Pulitzer; and the Belle de Jour by Elizabeth McKay (this dress is tooo comfy for words and sooo chic!!!!). So do share, how are you celebrating Fall and what Fall line are falling in love with!??? Xoxo-BLC


Shampoo Effect

I have a dirty little secret ...
Her name: Dry Shampoo.
Before we met, I washed my hair everyday.
But now, washing is optional.
I have tried many types.
My favorite: Ojon.
But I haven't met one I didn't like.
Do you wash or dry wash???
Shampoo effect is just more fun dry.
"I can't, I have to wash my hair" is no longer a good excuse.


Maguire-ing at Clemson v. Auburn

Ale and I headed to the heart of dixie for the Clemson v. Auburn game!!! We met loads of friends in Auburn, Alabama ... Clemson fans and Auburn fans alike. After a looong day of tailgating, we entered the game. It was my first SEC game and the hype did not disappoint. From the Auburn shakers to the eagle circling the stadium, we had an absolute blast ... even though we lost in overtime. Can you believe Auburn students tee-pee their own campus after a win!? Well I never!!! Looking forward to a rematch next year in Clemson, South Carolina. Until then, gooo C-L-E-M-S-O-N Tigers!!! Xoxo-BLC



In anticipation of Fall, I tidied up my closet to create more space.
Thus, new additions at  The Clothes She Kept ranging from size 6-14.
Check out the newbies on TCSK II.
Happy shopping to you and yours. Xoxo-BLC

PS: Ale and I off on yet another weekend getaway!!! I will spill the beans on Twitter and here when we return. Off to enjoy the weekend festivities ... :)


Finding Fall {Ashley Brooke Designs Discount Code}

The crisp air and stores packed with candy corn constantly remind me that I must soon bid summertime goodbye because Fall is almost here. Candy corn does sweeten the blow ... doesn't it!? :)
As Fall inches its way nearer, plans are underway for tailgate parties, supper clubs, a Halloween Soiree, and, of course, a not-so-far away Thanksgiving shindig.
I do believe Ashley Brooke Designs has the perrrfect custom tailored paper for any event and Fall events are no exception!!! 
The pictured invitations are being launched TODAY and Ashley said this, "as always all skin color and hair color options are available along with both the Trick or Treat and Costume Party invitations being available as a couple invitation and as just a fabulous single girl." Aren't these invitations just darling???  Ashley Brooke Designs is graciously offering all The Company She Keeps readers 20% with this code: TCSK_ABD20!!! Many thanks Ashley Brooke Designs!!! Trick or treating our way into Fall just got sweeter!!! Xoxo-BLC


Collars Up!!!

Lilly shifts
Cable knit sweaters
And most of all ... collars up!!!
What is a true prep to you!?

PS: A very happy birthday to two of my favorite prepsters: Apsy and my sweet cousin-in-law!!! Wishing you two the very best birthday ever. :)


Downhill From Here

My third year of law school is well under way ... and I cannot believe it!!! I am totally pouting: this time next year I will have a big girl job and be anxiously awaiting my bar results. Yikes!!! And I will really really really miss seeing my law school BFFs everyday.  Law school has been the most exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and unexpected ride. I cannot believe it is almost over. Off to savour every last minute of it!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Guess who passed the MPRE with flying colors!??? Yes, I did!!! Woohooooo!!! I can ethically practice law in every state. :)


Love, Set, Match!!!

The US Open always gives me the itch to play tennis. I am fortunate to have a father-in-law, brother-in-law, and sissy who LOVE to play tennis!!! All three can cream me on the court. The last time I played with my father-in-law, we welcomed a new player: Joeytella!!! He was the best ball boy ever. I had such a blast playing with my father-in-law and Joeytella. Off to practice for the next family tourney!!! Xoxo-BLC


I will always remember.

Today just stinks!!! I will always remember September 11th, 2001. I was a senior in high school. When I heard, I was in the guidance counselor's office having my college applications approved. Everything in my world stopped when the news broke. I panicked because my sweet steppadre, Paparazzi, was out of town on business. He traveled so much; I couldn't remember where he was and if he was suppose to be flying. Mamatella appeased my worries: he was safe in Texas. He caught a ride back to North Carolina with co-workers heading home to Connecticut. I am sooo extremely blessed my family and friends were safe. Regardless, we all lost on that day. My thoughts and prayers go to everyone touched by this tragedy. Godspeed to those who paid with their life for our freedom. Xoxo-BLC


New York Minute

If you had a New York Minute, what would you do? I would be torn between two of my favorite things: shopping or tennis!??? Fashion's Night Out begins Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ... eeeeeek!!! But does shopping trump the US Open!? Blog-bff Murphy's (New) Law assured me we could do both!!! I'd keep my eye on the ball by shopping at Lilly Pulitzer and then heading to Queens for the tennis matches. New York Minute cheers to you and yours!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Murphy's (New) Law is actually doing both ... I am sooo jelly!!! :)


Wearing White ... After Labor Day!

This time last year, I pouting about packing up all my summer white. What was a thinking!??? Sooo silly. This year, I think Mary Phillips cocktail napkin quotes Katharine Hepburn well ...
While I usually do not break rules nor make trouble, I am going to keep on summering in my Lilly frocks and white jeans/skirts/dresses until summer ends on September 22nd. And then maybe I will dare to wear white even a little bit longer!!! Join me and let's keep on summering!!! Xoxo-BLC


Happy Labor Day!!!

Many thanks to the worker bees for alllllll their hard labor. 
All you working girls enjoy today with your feet up!!! 
My favorite lines from Working Girl: "Coffee, tea, or me???" and "I have a head for business ..." Cheers to all the working girls, past and present. Happy Labor Day to you and yours! Xoxo-BLC


Full (Lake)House

We had a fullll lakehouse this weekend:

my parents,

Ale's parents, 

my sister, BIL, two nephews, 

Ale, and I. 

Oh and Joeytella too! :)

The boys fished ...

and fished ...

and fished ...

and fished!!!

Whether dockside or boatside ...

fishing was in fashion.
Then the watersports began ...

My oldest nephew makes

kneeboarding look effortless.

So does my sissy!!!

I wabbled all the way up ...

and swallowed a lot of water 

when I crashed into the wake!!!

After a little tubing ...

we were all ready to rest and relax.

Paparazzi played captain ... and cook!!!

He cooked and we ate, ate, ate. 

I loved the looong weekend on the water.

And most of all, enjoyed good company.



Clemson v. North Texas

Hellooo football season!!! We headed to Clemson, South Carolina for the season opener:
Ale, our sweet nephew, and I had the best time cheering on the Clemson Tigers against North Texas!!! And Clemson won --- woohoo!!! I am so excited my favorite quarterback returned for another season. We are looking forward to a great season. Gooo Tigers!!! Xoxo-BLC


Sale Away

Sale away with this end of summer sale:
Wishing I could swing by and shop Elizabeth McKay's fabulous summer line!!! I am a huge fan of her elegant, chic line. While I am snatching up last minute summer essentials, I am very much looking forward to her Fall collection. Shop your heart out on Saturday all Rhode Islanders!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Can't make it? Shop Elizabeth McKay online and save 50% with "SUMMERFLING"!!! :)