Full (Lake)House

We had a fullll lakehouse this weekend:

my parents,

Ale's parents, 

my sister, BIL, two nephews, 

Ale, and I. 

Oh and Joeytella too! :)

The boys fished ...

and fished ...

and fished ...

and fished!!!

Whether dockside or boatside ...

fishing was in fashion.
Then the watersports began ...

My oldest nephew makes

kneeboarding look effortless.

So does my sissy!!!

I wabbled all the way up ...

and swallowed a lot of water 

when I crashed into the wake!!!

After a little tubing ...

we were all ready to rest and relax.

Paparazzi played captain ... and cook!!!

He cooked and we ate, ate, ate. 

I loved the looong weekend on the water.

And most of all, enjoyed good company.


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