Worth the Walk

Not so long ago, our favorite Queen Bee Swain ventured to Savannah, Georgia for a girls-only weekend. As such, I depended on her expert advice on where to shop and play. And she did not disappoint!!! She led me to Paris Market on Broughton Street ... where alll the good shopping lives.
I left Ale glued to the tellie watching football (yes, I am such the football widow) and I set out on my own. My first stop: making reservations at Paula Deen's famous "The Lady and Sons" in the historic district. I then headed out of town for some pink and green therapy at Palm Avenue!!! I just love love love the new Lilly Pulitzer cocktail line, don't you???
Gasp!!! My real-life-dollhouse does exist!? Ale, you can build me this divine residence if you so wish. I like it very much. :)
Though I sooo enjoyed shopping my heart out, I returned empty handed (all while reading Mini Shopaholic ... how did that happen!???). I walked back to where we were staying at Lafayette Square to pick up Ale and our sweet friends from Clemson. We all then walked to "The Lady and Sons" where I ate through my shopping sorrows. It was just a divine and delish as the hype!!! And so worth the wait. Oh, and my most favorite part about Savannah: the walkability. Every thing is a walk away. We had to walk off that butter somehow, eh!? Xoxo-BLC


  1. i used to live in Savannah and miss it so much. glad you enjoyed your visit. and i really like your "dollhouse." thanks for sharing and take care.

  2. Never thought I'd say it...but I do miss the South! Love the house you picked out :)

  3. sososososososososooooooo jeally! PH and PM are just the best!



  4. What a gorgeous home! I'd love to visit Savannah someday, thanks for the great visiting advice.

  5. Glad y'all had fun! Oh, I love Sav!

  6. Sounds like a great place .. perhaps on ather trip - for some shopping!!! HHL

  7. I aaadore Savannah and I will most def be adding Lady and Son's to my hit list on any future visits. Two thumbs up form you annnd QBS? Pshaw, no brainer...XXOO


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