Material Girl

This material girl believes ...
Too many pashminas? NEVER!
Frumpy or not ...
I want one in every color.
I purchased my first pashmina ...
In Paris circa 2002 ...
And, it was pink!
Does it get any better?
Do you too share pashmina-love?!



Jubilee Juice just tastes sweeter thanks to the wonderful Tamara of Cancer Sucks Even with Lilly Pulitzer on Your Side. She is blog famous and Lilly Pulitzer famous. Does it get any better? Tamara's remarkable story inspires me beyond words. Cheers to you Tamara and your wonderful cause!! Xoxo-BLC


Here Kitty, Kitty

Animal print ... check.
Wool cardigan ... check.
Not-machine-washable ... check.
Wardrobe staple ... check, check, check!!!
Remind me, why did I try to wash my favorite wool cardigan in the machine? Grrrr! I've hunted high (online) and low (in-stores) for a replacement. Have you spotted this cardigan!? Xoxo-BLC


Upper Crust

I snagged this recipe from Janie and cannot wait to dig in. Mmmm! Do you dare to share your favorite summer recipe!? Xoxo-BLC


Well Read

Many thanks to The Pink Tutu for the bookworm tag! Her novel request, to share my favorite childhood book. I currently sleep within reach of my new found, absolute favorite kiddo-read: This Little Piggy Went to Prada by Amy Allen. I rank these utterly frivolous, yet uber witty nursery rhymes as very-well-read! I tag Life in Fun Size, One Flew Over The Henn's Nest, Family of Riches, Coterie Books, Sweet Tea Diaries, and you! Xoxo-BLC


This Buds For You

This buds for my sweet friend Love Being A Nonny! She asked for a photograph of the beautiful wedding flowers I gushed about. And I definitely took a picture! Aren't they gorgeous!? Also pictured: the guests signed a book spotlighting the undergraduate college where the happy couple met. Precious, right? Thanks Angela for asking and many hugs your way. Xoxo-BLC


Going To The Chapel

... to see Ale's high school buddy marry away in Columbia, South Carolina! Oh la la was the ceremony and reception gorgeous. The pink and green flowers were a huge hit with me! We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with his high school friends and our college pals. Many best wishes to the newlyweds!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Happy Birthday to my hero G-dad!!! I miss you and love you ooooldes.
PSS: Feliz Navidad ... yaya for Christmas in July! :)


The Firing Committee

Instead of working away at the office with the hiring committee, I played allllll day with the firing committee! What did we play!?


Have you ever played? Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Those suckers hurt. But just like gorgeous shoes, worth every bit of pain. Cheers to a day out of the office! Xoxo-BLC


Tworking Out

Tracy Anderson will make you drop and do twenty. Then twenty more. Just because. And this tough cookie might-sort-of-kind-of struggle to keep up! Do you break a sweat with your regimen!? Cheers to tworking out! Xoxo-BLC


You Be The Judge ...

Option 1: It's a cooler.
Option 2: It's a murse, manbag, etc.
Yes, Ale owns this.
But wouldn't pose with it.
I'll just have to sneak a photog! :)
So, you be the judge:
or murse?

PS: In his defense, it really is a cooler (*cough* manbag).


Beach Bummed

Umbrella covered drinks.
Beach reads.
Loooong strolls.
Tons of girlie chit-chat.
All beach bummed out ...
Until next time!!


Belles of the Beach

Pictured: Six Tri-Delts and one KD!
Not pictured: Two KA pledges. Hehe ...Pictured: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama,
Mississippi-bound, and Texas.
Not pictured: How much I miss you girlies!


It's A Shore Thing!

It's a shore thing ... you get it, right!? Xoxo-BLC


Sweet & Salty

Sweet: College BFFs! Salty: Ocean Isle Beach.
The perfect mix of sweet and salty!


Eye Spy

Thanks a lot mom and dad for 20/20 vision!
Until old age gets the best of my eyes, I will not be able sport such fashionable eyewear or look smarter than I really am. Sheesh! Xoxo-BLC


Winner Takes All

Congratulations to Sweet Simplicity for winning the Stella & Dot cuff and the Bead For Life bracelet! Also, many thanks to Heather for co-hosting this fantastic giveaway. Lindsey, please send Heather an email at hpolke@comcast.net and leave the rest up to us! Many thanks to all who participated; Heather and I were soooooo touched. Cheers to living the colorful life and making a difference! Xoxo-BLC


Falling For You

The Lilly Pulitzer Fall Collection.
Their Fall line is always my favorite.
And, this upcoming season ...
Nooooo exception!
It is absolutely d-i-v-i-n-e!


Her Sister's Keeper

On a daily basis, the headlines upset me in some fashion. With no exception, the news of Korea detaining Laura Ling and Euna Lee breaks my heart. I became familiar with the Ling girls via Chanel One News circa 1997. The fight for freedom displayed by Lisa Ling, sister to Laura, proves just as fearless as her approach to international reporting. Godspeed to Laura and Euna for a safe and quick release. Xoxo-BLC



Budget (n.): FUDGE it!

Doesn't b-u-d-g-e-t sound like "budge - it"!? I vote yes for budging my budget, just a tad. To do my duty and support the economy of course! And, I will remove the price tages immediately to make it appear as though I have stayed within my "budget." Tee hee! Do you ever fudge your budget!? Cheers to the best sport around! Xoxo-BLC


Living on a Prayer

Sweet baby Mary Lynne was baptized today. My prayer for her: "May the Lord bless you and keep you as you grow in the wonderful warmth of His love. For in the one Spirit we were all baptized into one body -- and we were all made to drink of one Spirit." 1 Corinthians 12:13. ML celebrated in good company with Life in Fun Size, Family of Riches, her madre: One Flew over the Henn's Nest, yours truly, and mannnnny others. Welcome to the Faith ML!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: Happy Birthday to my Grams!!! She is the definition of elegance and grace. Much love to you Grams and enjoy YOUR day! :)


Happy Birthday Paparazzi!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Paparazzi!! Enjoy your day ... I hope it's nothing short of the very best. I love you! Xoxo-BLC


My Main ...

Remember this post!? Well, it's here!! Yes, you can buy Lilly Pulitzer at the grocery store and support breastcancer.org in the process!!! Want to win the LP dress of your choice? Start snapping ... and enter here! I can't wait to squeeze in on the fun. Xoxo-BLC



Oh la la, my thinspiration is an itsy-bitsy-iny-tiny-bikini with pink bows!!
What motivates your girlish figure? Xoxo-BLC


Hang Ten

Many thanks to Bitsy and Olive and Personalized Sketches and Sentiments for wanting to know ten "unknown" things about me. Here goes: [1] In my morning prayers, I always thank God for coffee. [2] I cannot drive a stick shift, but want to learn. [3] I befriended Allegra Versace in Hawaii circa 1994. [4] I slept through Hurricane Hugo. [5] I want to speak Spanish fluently. [6] I must have a twin because people mistakenly "recognize" me all the time. [7] Call the whambulance because I am a whiner. [8] Tornado's currently terrorize my nightmares. [9] I did not partake in alcoholic festivities until I turned 21. [10] I want to run a full marathon. Calling Life In Fun Size, The Duncan Dialogues, Preppy Sue, Muffy Martini, Landlocked Mermaid, Practically Perfect, Love Being A Nonny, A H.I.T., Politics and Pearls, and Just Lovely to hang ten unknown facts. Cheers! Xoxo-BLC


Confessions of a Shop-a`LAW-ic

I. Am. Becky. Bloomwood!
Only my assignment had something to do with hearsay and I used Wikipedia.

Partner: "Did you just Wikipedia hearsay?"
Me: "Yes, sir ..."
Oh dear me!!! Xoxo-BLC


Match, Set, LOVE

Congratulations to the Wimbledon winners, S. Williams and Federer. The girls put on quite a sister act while the boys put on the longest match ever. Anyone else super excited about the US Open!? I am!!! Remember, should there be a last minute cancellation, count me in ... a girl can dream, right!? Xoxo-BLC


It's Lake Thirty!

Lake time is the best time! Ale's parents kindly hosted a whole crew of friends and family for a weekend on the lake. Oh la la did we have a blast! We enjoyed swimming, eating, reading, eating, floating, eating, sleeping, eating, boating, eating, mooovies, eating, fireworks, eating, ski-dooing, and eating! Aren't fun-filled, lazy summer weekends the best!?? I hope you too enjoyed your holiday weekend. Xoxo-BLC


Happy Fourth of July!

Independence (n.): fact or state of being free from outside control or depending on another's authority. Happy Birthday America! Our freedom is priceless and many many many thanks to those who keep us free! Don't forget to set off those fireworks to c-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e!!!! Cheers to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Xoxo-BLC


Fashion Forward

Did you ever wear a uniform!? I did, wolf! However, Ms. Sheena Matheiken makes wearing the same dress over and over again less Groundhog-Dayish and more of fashion forward statement! The best part, the statement isn't just in the fashion: The Uniform Project supports and fund-raises for the Akanksha Foundation, a grassroots effort to revitalize education in India! Want to further the cause?! Donate accessories to help Sheena stay fashion forward! Xoxo-BLC



Summer is officially here! How do you plan on celebrating this summertime!? I am looking forward to long days, cookouts, beach trips, lake stays, and fun times with friends and family. Cheers to summertime! Xoxo-BLC


Stella & Dot

Many thanks to Heather at Stella & Dot for graciously co-hosting this fantastic g-i-v-e-a-w-a-y! Heather launched her own career and would love to talk shop ... or just shop with you anytime!!! Heather has offered the pictured cuff from Stella & Dot and a three strand bracelet from Bead for Life. Stella & Dot offers irresistible jewelry that will make you want to shop like the bill isn't coming! Bead for Life fights poverty and improves quality of life through colorful beads made by Ugandan women. To enter to win the bracelets, please leave a comment on this post by 07/15/09. Again, thank you Heather. Cheers to living a colorful life and making a difference! Xoxo-BLC