Eye Spy

Thanks a lot mom and dad for 20/20 vision!
Until old age gets the best of my eyes, I will not be able sport such fashionable eyewear or look smarter than I really am. Sheesh! Xoxo-BLC


  1. I was not blessed w/ perfect vision-in fact mine is terrible...so I have to wear glasses all day and Rx sunglasses outside...it's a pain!
    I've been thinking of checking out the Lilly eyewear, but my eye dr doesn't carry it...maybe I need a new eye dr!
    Have a great week!

  2. You know, I AM overdue for an eye exam... ;-) These glasses are FAB!

  3. Oh, I so did not get 20/20 vision. I got my dad's astigmatism like no tomorrow vision. Is it wrong that I'm hoping when I go back in December for my yearly check-up I will need new glasses? And I actually love the ones I have!

  4. Why couldn't they have had these back when I was in third grade and all glasses were hideous? Love the sunglasses, too - especially the Veranda ones.

  5. These are such cute glasses!!!

  6. I have the Papaya prescription sunglasses (in tortoise). But, I would MUCH rather have perfect vision! :)

    Hey - you can the frames with non prescription lenses!



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