Crawl, Eat, Play, Share ... Repeat

Squeak just learned to crawl and it is the cutest little scoot ever. She wasn't too interested in moving ... and then we put a cell phone in front her and viola. She also is loving Stewart these days. She thinks he is sooo funny. And he thinks she is sooo yummy. I hope they always love each other. Xoxo-BLC


The only twister I like is the game. Tornados scare the willies out of me big time. My husband was out of town on business and I am so thankful a dear friend (and neighbor!) came over to hunker down with us. This was my first tornado with Squeak and Stewart. We stayed close to the TV until the tornado was about 20 miles away. I woke Squeak up, put her in her car seat, and we got comfy in the basement with all the big jumpy bugs. Stewart was a tad nervous which made me even more nervous. I feel like animals sense weather danger better. We were listening to the weather radio and they were calling out a street name not too close to ours and then the nado just disappeared. I have never felt God's protection more. Sending big prayers to all those effected!!! Xoxo-BLC


Squeak is EIGHT months!!!

Squeak is EIGHT months old and SOOO much fun right now: laughing, clapping, waving, crawling. we love her to the MOON and more. Xoxo-BLC #thesqueakmonthly


Girls Night

The best girls nights are CELEBRATIONS! This one is no exception: it's Sussy's birthday!!! We ate at our favorite Italian joint and the birthday girl (and her babbbby) had the best time. We are so thankful for this sweet friend. Xoxo-BLC


Sleeping on the job.

Squeak was having SOOO much fun that she wore her self out mid-jump!!!
This is what we call: sleeping on the job.


SomeBUNNY loves these two!!!

SomeBUNNY loves these two ... ME!!! These two bunnies were so cute this Easter. Squeak wore a precious smocked Petit Ami dress and her appropriately sized headband bow. She did not like Stewart sporting those bunny ears ... he didn't seem to mind giving them back ASAP. These two are just so much fun. Xoxo-BLC


Easter Baskets

Squeak's Easter Basket:
Lilly Pulitzer Dress :: Robeez Pink Bow Shoes :: Gerber Treats 
Bunny Rattle :: Plush Rabbit :: Pink Sunnies :: Bunny Ears
The Runnaway Bunny book :: Guess How Much I Love You book
 Guest's Easter Basket:
WINE :: Tervis Wine-to-go :: Peeps
Mixed Nuts :: Lotion :: Cadberry Eggs :: Bunny
 My Easter Basket:
Faking It and Pretty in Plaid books :: Monkeys Treat
Sofia Champs :: Pink Pelican Koozie :: Bunny
Lilly Pulitzer perfume :: Essie nail polish :: Lotion
Chewbeads :: Peeps :: Animal print scarf :: Chocolates
My husband AND Stewart's Easter Basket:
Vineyard Vines tie :: Guy Harvey t-shirt :: Miller Lite
Camo koozies :: Antler can opener :: Bunny :: Peeps
Reese Eggs :: Tennis bone :: Chew antler :: Frisbee
My mom and her boyfriend came to visit us for Squeak's first Easter. My family always did awesome Easter baskets and I wanted to continue the tradition with Squeak. And it didn't seem like she should have ALL the fun ... so everyone received a basket (even me!). I had so much fun planning, shopping for, and putting these baskets together. They were a big hit and everyone LOVED theirs. Stewart would NOT stop guarding the baskets. I was careful to sneak in the tennis bone and assemble it while he wasn't looking ... he STILL found it immediately. I gave in and let Stewart enjoy part of his basket early. Happy Easter!!! Xoxo-BLC


Baby Love

We are blown away by how much we love this little peanut. She is our baby love!!!

#TBT ... Easter Past

In honor of upcoming Easter ... a good ol' throwback Thursday to that Easter outfit complete with white gloves and a bunny. Xoxo-BLC


So scary.

Unfortunately we had our first children's emergency room visit. Squeak had been running a high fever and then passed out on us - it was beyond frightening. We are so thankful for skilled doctors and attentive nurses. They inspected every inch of her and kept her for observation before letting us go home. My husband did this as a child and I am so thankful my mother in law warned me. It's a reaction to being startled or in a lot of pain and nothing more. We are so blessed with a healthy baby. My heart breaks for families that live in hospitals and have sick babies. Xoxo-BLC



My favorite peeps: Ale, Squeak, and Stew. Xoxo-BLC



Look who LEARNED to smile at the camera!!!!!!!!!

I could just eat her up I love her so much!!! Xoxo-BLC

Master's Weekend

A college friend invited my husband to the Master's and we had the best weekend. He did all things golf with his college friends while Squeak and I played with my college friends. We have missed their company SO MUCh and it was wonderful being in their presence. We laughed and caught up and transported back to college ... but with our babies on our hips. So fun!
 We LOVE our reflection and looking in a mirror ... or reverse picture. 
I hope this never changes. :)
 Selfie smiles!!!
 One of our college friends hosted us in their gorgie home. Squeak wasn't sure what to do with carpet, but she made sure to taste-test it with lots of licks. GROSS!!!
A weekend away was just what the doctor ordered and we loved every bit of it!!!


SATURDAY we love you.

Saturday: we LOVE you!!! We play. We laugh. We have fun. Xoxo-BLC


Be still my heart.

I just don't think there is anything sweeter than a sleeping baby on your chest. The smell of baby, the soft breathing, the stillness it requires. It's just perfection. Xoxo-BLC


Take me out to the ballgame ...

It's safe to say baby Squeak won't remember her first baseball game as she caught her zzzz's through each inning. Instead of "take me out to the ballgame" she was OUT for the whole ballgame. :) We enjoyed the game with two of my husband's friends. They were nice to let us girls tag along.

Our local team just built a beautiful new stadium downtown and it's just more fun. The skyline lights up at night so pretty. The ballpark usually puts on fireworks and the Children's Hospital is in perfect position to see the show every time. What a treat for those sweet kiddos. 

Looking forward to lots of baseball games with baby Squeak as she grows up. 




I try to keep a neat and tidy appearance, house, life, etc. I am embracing this messy new world I live with open arms and wouldn't have it any other way. I love that dinnertime now involves playing with food, lots of color, tons of giggles, and a big mess to clean up. And, I am so thankful Stewart helps lick up lots of spills!!! Xoxo-BLC



Date Night

 We had a fundraiser for Squeak's school and used it as an excuse to have a fun date night. My husband has done such a remarkable job guiding our family as we embarked on babyhood. It's easy to get lost in  the day to day, babyworld, work, and so forth. I am so thankful for his love and making me a priority among everything he has going on (and all the change this year has brought us). He took me to this new bar that was so hip - I didn't even feel like we were in our town. The periodic table behind the bar had all "local elements" which was so fun to read. Date night is always fun with him by my side!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I was reading THIS issue of Southern Living and found THIS spot we visited on our date night featured!!!