Happy 30th Birthday!!!

Happiest 30th Birthday to my love!!! My husband isn't into his birthday which is a shame because this one is a BIG deal!!! We celebrate HIS way per HIS request because it is HIS day. He actually had a work trip to Chicago and had the BEST time (and left me to polish off his cake!). And, he alllllmost got away with no one knowing it was even his birthday. Squeak learned to clap for happy birthday - she loves him so much it is the cutest thing to see her light up at him. I feel the same way Squeak! He is my favorite and I am beyond thankful to walk this life with him. Chin chin to your 30th YOUR way and may this year treat you wonderfully!!! Xoxo-BLC

PS: We had a little wardrobe change mid-birthday celebration ... someone took the expression "birthday blowout" literal --- but she sure does look cute!!! :)

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