Metro Sighting

My sissy, Lala, has the good fortune of living in a metropolis where riding the Metro is the preferred method of transportation. Every now and again Lala will send the fam a text regarding her "metro sighting." I get excited when they are famous peeps. Well, recently my phone buzzed with such a text and it read, "Women in cat suit on metro." And no, Halloween was months ago. So, do we think this falls into the famous person category? Hehe. Thanks Lala for the chuckle and I misssss you! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I hate the groundhog.


  1. Gotta love the eccentric!

  2. Oh my gosh...hilarious! Good for entertainment to keep the commute from being boring :-)

  3. Hilarious!!! Cute cute blog. :)

  4. So funny. I live in New York and text my out-of-town friends whenever I see weird things on the on the subway. They always get a kick out of it.


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