Lilly Pulitzer

Tis so sad to hear of Lilly Pulitzer's passing. The Queen of the Jungle, of all things pink and green, of Lilly Lover's hearts, sure lived such a colorful life. Lilly is by far my favorite style icon.
I love that my grandmother loved her line the first time around and how she could spot a Lilly shift a mile away. I love that Lilly Pulitzer is also a comeback story in many ways. She was always resilient. Lilly shifts are my go to year round and definitely my happiest of wears. Lilly knows why best: it's impossible to be downtrodden and completely blue when wearing such pops of color.
Lilly inspired so many. She has such an amazing story of happenstance and letting life take the colorful path. Her lifestyle and the way about her was easy peasy, chic, timeless, and above all else FUN. She will be oh-so-missed and always carried in our hearts. I think Lilly said it best herself: "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." I am certain there is lots of sunshine and pink in heaven!!! Xoxo-BLC

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  1. She really embodied the colorful life. I really loved the Palm Beach Post obit which included quotes from her children, most of whom still lived there near their mother. It made me feel at peace over her passing (surrounded by family, comfortable, etc.).


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