Snow Angels

Confession: my husband has never ever been skiing. Why not learn in Telluride!?!
 While I've skied my whole life, I am nothing to brag about --- with age I've lost speed and guts. As such, we signed up for a private lesson.
I planned to laugh at the beginner, but there was nothing to laugh at ... he was a natural and took right too it. I am still beyond impressed that he learned to ski.
 And he skied well ... like better than me!!! Our instructor Bill was ah-mazing. He helped us learn the mountain and lifts. It was so clutch having his guidance.
We met up with our friends for lunch and skied until close with them. We really enjoyed Double Cabins and Galloping Goose. Both were looong double greens and beyond picturesque. Xoxo-BLC

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  1. I've never gone skiing either! I would probably be terrible at this point but o well!


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