Don't walk ... RUSH!!!

I have mentioned this before, but it's worth mentioning again: when I meet a Kappa Delta or a Lilly-lover, we automatically have something in common!!! I could chat up a KD or LL alllll day long. Sooo when Lilly Pulitzer recently released this sorority line:
I squealed with delight! Kappa Delta colored my college experience. Mamatella was a KD and I just had to be one too!!! The KD in her taught me to strive for what is honorable, beautiful, and highest. I have lifelong friendships and a passion for philanthropy because of KD. Lilly's would support such an organization! I have many BFFs kin to Tri-Delt, Kappa, and DZ (hiiiii SIL). We are sooo excited about this sorority line. So, don't walk, RUSH is right around the corner. Cheers to going Greek! Xoxo-BLC

PS: I am helping the local KD chapter with Rush this year and the Rush Chair is a MAJOR Lilly Pulitzer fan!!! A Kappa Delta, Lilly-lover ... does it get any better!? :)


  1. too cute, right?? that is awesome you are helping out with rush, i am jealous! i actually just sent in my CAB application for BU: they are colonizing a new chapter this fall. fingers crossed for me!



  2. I'm a new Lilly Lover (Lilly is not available in Canada :( ~ My wonderful BlogFriends introduced me) I recently received my first order consisting of: a Worth Shift 50s Poplin ~ McKim Sandal in white - and of course I had to get the Agenda!!! Well I'm hooked ... I'm currently waiting my Stephanie Shift Engineered , should be in this week - and I am over the moon! And am trying to decide on what my next investment in Lilly will be!!!

    I can imagine how excited you must feel about the sorority line!!! I did not belong to a sorority - but love the designs!!! Congrats on helping out during Rush week - and how wonderful the Chair is a Lilly fan!!! ..XO ..HHL

  3. Love the new lilly line! Looking forward to a Phi Mu pattern soon!

  4. First saw Rush on the Grace Under Pressure tour in 1984, New Haven CT. I was floored and amazed the whole time. I have not missed a tour since. I used to get Rush Tickets easily through Ticketwood.com .I think my favorite one was when I skipped school to go see the Power Windows tour in Mass. Believe me, there is nothing like a Rush show — mind blowing.

  5. Yay for you for helping out a KD chapter! I have advised for years and just finished a 5 year term as a national officer for Pi Phi.. and now figuring out which chapter to help now. Can't wait for Lilly to do a Pi Phi line - I would want the Murfee for sure!


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