What a happy (lunch) hour!

A trip to San Diego would not be complete without meeting the fabulous Muffy Martini!!! We met at Fashion Valley, where else!? We lunched ... and I could have stayed there for hours and hours and hours. We chatted about everything under the sun. She was just divine!!! She was so tickled by my southern accent ... and I by hers. After lunch, she took me to her Lilly Pulitzer shop. When we walked in, the shopgirls greeted her by name --- too cute!!! We browsed and talked about our favorites from the Fall line. Aren't you just in love with Fall? We are!!! I had the best time meeting Mrs. Muffy and to honor her ... a little martini recipe! Cheers!!! Xoxo-BLC

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  1. OMG! So happy you two got to meet; sounds like the happiest lunch date :) xoxo Hugs to you both!


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